5 Ways to Successfully Unlock Your iCloud Account

After more than 20 hours research and testing out numerous iCloud Unlocking Services, we found that the best option for most people is the Official iPhone Unlock out of the 17 different providers we tested.

Purchased a phone off one of those garage sale sites, Craigslist, or Ebay just to find out you couldn’t use it because they have an iCloud lock?

Well, this article will tell you how you can go about getting an iPhone iCloud unlock mainly with Official iPhone Unlock. We will also look at a few other options.

Before we get started, I just wanted to point out what an iCloud lock is.

The way the iPhones are set up is that the phones are blocked to a person’s iCloud account. If you buy the phone secondhand and the person doesn’t unlock iCloud then you won’t have any access to the phone.

Another thing to point out is that not only iPhone phones can get locked. Other service providers, such as Verizon or AT&T, can lock their phones from being able to use them on other networks. The way you unlock these phones for use with other service providers is the same way you unlock iPhones: with a code.

The good thing is that many of these providers that we’re about to discuss unlock these phones in addition to iPhones. Just to be advised, though, is that when you are unlocking phones that aren’t iPhones, the prices will vary quite a bit.

When people first started trying to get around this and figure out how to do an iPhone iCloud unlock, there were a lot of methods and loopholes that were closed down by Apple. Not only did you waste your money but you also wasted time that could have been used getting your phone unlocked legitimately. Eventually, there were surefire ways for iCloud removal.

With that being said, we are going to go over some methods on how to get past the phone lock and unlock iCloud activation lock. There are many things to look for when trying to figure out what provider you want to use to bypass and unlock iCloud activation lock. With that being said, there are 4 main things that people look for. Those 4 things are price, customer service, success, and speed.

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We will also look at some other information for each provider.

When it comes to price, the different providers vary greatly. Most people want to make sure they are getting this service done for a fair price that they can afford. They will look around for the best possible price.

When talking about customer service, people want to make sure the reps for the company are trustworthy. After all, they are giving them personal information and cash. They would rather have people who are helpful and want to help than talk to someone who acts like they don’t care about anything.

The next biggest thing is the success. People don’t want to pay for a service that doesn’t even work. If that happens, not only did they waste their time but they also wasted money. This is where a lot of people read reviews and honestly, reviews can make or break a company.

The last thing they look at is speed. Obviously, since people are paying for this service they want it to be done in a certain amount of time. They don’t want to have to wait for weeks before they can use their phone. They want it done as soon as possible and they will look around to see who will get their phones unlocked the quickest.

Top Icloud Unlock Service providers

#1. iPhoneIMEI.net

The first method is by using iPhoneIMEI.net. First, I want to say that their website is set up very well. Not only is it very easy to navigate and get to where you want but it also has real reviews that you can read from other customers. These reviews will help you be able to decide whether or not this is a provider you would like to use.


When looking at the price for this website, it says it will cost $56. This is the cheapest price you can find from an actual, reputable website that works. The best part about this site compared to others is that it’s just one flat fee no matter what phone you are getting unlocked.

Customer Service

This website has amazing customer service. Not only are they polite and helpful but you don’t have to wait very long to hear back from them. Some sites will take days to reply but iPhoneIMEI.net usually replies within hours, if that.

They truly care about their customers and they want to help. They make sure they try to answer all of your questions thoroughly.


This website does a really good job at unlocking. One of the best things about this provider is that they don’t just unlock certain iPhones. They can do anything from an iPad to iPhone 6S. You can go on the website and see all of the great reviews praising them for their success.


Speed is one of the biggest things that people are looking for. This provider can get your phone done in as little as 1-3 days. Even if they don’t get it done in that time, the longest time most people have to wait is 5-6 days. That’s pretty good considering that they are one of the top sites and have a lot of people wanting their service.

Other Important Information

With this provider, if your phone is iOS 7 or higher, you can unlock your phone just by connecting to Wi-Fi. If it isn’t then you have to connect to iTunes to unlock. Of course, this won’t work without having a notification email saying your phone is ready to be unlocked.

Like these other sites, there are only a few reasons why you could actually get a refund and those reasons are:

  • If the provider can’t unlock your phone when it meets all the specifications that are listed on the site
  • If your phone can’t be unlocked and results in a incompatible/invalid Sim message–in this case you need to send photo or video proof to prove that you aren’t lying.
  • If an unlock notification isn’t sent within 30 days after payment. By this I mean if you pay for the code and you don’t receive it within 30 days then they will either give you a new code or a refund

Another thing to note is that refunds will NOT be given in any of these instances:

  • If you used a different provider to unlock your phone after paying this provider
  • If you ordered from many providers to see which was fastest to unlock your phone and then ask for a refund from the providers that didn’t send you an unlock code or confirmation email.
  • If you ordered an unlock code for a network that didn’t meet all of the specifications–This one is an important one because all the standards are explained right on the site before ordering!
  • If the IMEI number you gave wasn’t correct or was invalid
  • If you placed an unlock order with the wrong carrier and/or network
  • If your IMEI number is blacklisted, stolen, lost, or blocked
  • If you IMEI number is delayed

Another thing that the provider is very adamant about is that you make sure that the phone isn’t lost or stolen. There are websites to check the status. If the phone is found to be lost or stolen, they will report it and the phone will be blocked and no longer able to be used.

One last thing I want to point out is if you are suspected of fraud, this provider DOES save your I.P. address and they DO investigate. Since they have your I.P. address, they will be able to find you easily and you could face legal consequences.

#2. Official iPhone Unlock

The second method is by using a provider called Official iPhone Unlock. When you first go to the website, you can look to the left side of the page and easily find what you are looking for. Something that is cool is that the website shows how many phones were unlocked today and how many have been unlocked up until today.


For this provider, the price wasn’t automatically shown and you have to enter your country and it tells the price based on which network you use. One thing I did notice, is that even though the provider services many different countries, all prices are in British pounds ranging from £209($24.34) to almost £200($245.35) It wouldn’t be to hard to convert it using Google though.

Customer Service

The customer service for this provider leaves a lot to be desired. Before you place an order the only way to contact them is through email and there is no phone number on their support page so if you do have issues before ordering you are kind of out of luck. It says after you order you can check your unlock progress and contact customer service through the order status page.


When I went to look at the reviews for this site to see the success rate, the link didn’t work and said that the page had been moved or changed. Since it didn’t work, I decided to try and google the provider so I could see reviews and once I found them I saw that they have a lot of good reviews. Most people said that they got their phone unlocked and had no other problems.


The speed of getting your phone unlocked varies a little bit. There isn’t one specific time frame. For example, AT&T takes 24-48 hours to unlock while T-Mobile takes 5-15 days to unlock so it really just depends on what phone and network provider the phone is locked to.

Other Important Information

The first piece of additional information that is important is about the moment you go to buy an unlock and it says unavailable but available for pre-order. What this means is that the provider is still coming to a contract with the network and Apple. You can pre-order and have your unlock already paid for once the unlock becomes available.

The next thing I want to bring up is that on the right side of the home page, they show a list of known scam sites. This is good because it can save you from wasting money. They also state that if you’ve been scammed by another provider and/or website let them know and they will post that name and/or website on the known scammer page so nobody else gets scammed.

One last thing I want to point out is that they have bulk unlocks available. This would be helpful if you own a business that unlocks phones. They offer a discount and you just open up a trade account with this provider.

With the trade account you deposit funds into your account and you get a discount based on how much you deposit. For example, if you deposit £200 or less you get a £5 discount per unlock and if you deposit £1000-£1999 you get a £15 per unlock. That’s much better than paying the full price.

#3. IMEI Codes

The next provider is IMEI Codes. When you first go to the website, you can see that everything flows together well and it’s very easy to find exactly what you need. It has many different options including FAQ and order tracking.


With this provider, the prices are in British pounds but, again, you could easily convert these numbers using Google. The price depends on the country, the type of phone, and the network that the phone is locked to. The price has a really broad range so it could be anywhere from £5($6.08) to £125($152.09). It just really depends on the model, country, and network.

Customer Service

This website has a lot of different ways to contact them, which is a really good thing. The options they have available are: using the helpdesk, live chat, calling them, and actually visiting them. With all these options, you’re bound to get all your answers questioned.


After looking all over the website, I couldn’t find a review or testimonials section. With that being the case, I googled reviews for them. After using Google, I actually couldn’t find any reviews from actual customers and that was a really big red flag for me. There were a few done by blogs but that was it.


When it comes to speed, this provider’s time frame also depends on phone model, country, and provider that the phone is locked to. The speed can be anywhere from instantly to 25 working days. The good thing is that a lot of them have time frame ranges. For examples it might be done in 1-7 working days which means it might not take the full 7 days.

Other Important Information

This provider, similar to the other ones, has the option of having a trade account. The price for this is £150 and that gives you 150 credits. You can add more money whenever you want to get your balance back up so you don’t run out of credits.

Something awesome about this provider’s trade in account is that you can view and manage all the codes that you get. Not only do you submit the IMEI’s yourself but you can view any codes that are pending. That way you can know the exact status of any codes and you will be able to tell your client exactly what you see. Not only are the codes emailed to you with input instructions included, but you can send the email to your customer and if you happen to delete the email you can see the code results right online.

Once you have your trade account all set up, you can start unlocking right away. Different phone unlock codes cost different amounts and have different time-frames for getting them unlocked. It also depends on country and network provider. For example, an iPhone from Denmark costs 15 credits and takes 1-24 hours to unlock while an iPhone from the US on T-mobile costs 90 credits and takes 1-7 working days. You can also do stuff like a blacklist check for 1 credit and that takes 1-3 hours.

One last piece of important information about this provider is that you can go to the latest news section and see any updates that they post. This is where they would post information about new phone brands and networks they can unlock and stuff about improving the unlock times.

#4. Cellunlocker

This is the next website for unlocking phones. Not only does it have a very clean and organized look to it but it’s very easy to navigate as well. You can find everything you need to quickly and efficiently.


Like the other sites, price varies by phone model, country, and network that the phone is locked to. One thing I noticed was that the prices aren’t listed. You have to put your phone model, network it’s locked to, and the IMEI. That is kind of an inconvenience because if you decide you don’t want to use this provider you wasted all that time entering all your information.

Customer Service

For customer service, they have a few different ways to contact them. The first is by submitting a question online. While you have to wait up to 24 hours for a response, you can submit the question at anytime-day or night. The next is by calling in. This is only available between certain times because there isn’t always representatives there to answer your phone calls.

There is also a FAQ page and support center. These are good for questions that have already been asked and have answers readily available.


They have a testimonials page and almost all of them are praising how well this worked. They said it worked great and they didn’t have any other problems. One thing I did notice while looking at the information is that some phone models and phones on certain networks aren’t able to be unlocked through them but you will be able to find out all that information before you submit your order.


It doesn’t say exactly how long it will take to unlock your phone. It does say, however, that once they get payment they will begin processing your order to get you your code. Once they send the code to your email all you have to do is put it in and it should unlock your phone right then and there.

I just wanted to point out that if it doesn’t work and you have picture or video proof, they will send you a new code. Just make sure that you do send in that proof because without it they will NOT issue you a new code.

Other Important Information

It is important to note that once an order has been sent in for processing and have been put into transit, then they can NOT be cancelled. If, for some reason, you need to cancel make sure it is done before this happens!

If they send you a code and your phone wasn’t able to be unlocked, you have to send in video proof so they know that you aren’t trying to scam them or be untruthful. If you don’t have actual proof then it’s pretty much just your word that they have to go on. Since they unlock phones as a business, they don’t want to lose money without knowing for sure if you are being untruthful or not.

If the provider unlocks your phone and, for some reason, payment doesn’t go through then they can and will re-lock your device. If you think that this was done by mistake then make sure you get in touch with them because if you don’t say anything then they won’t know!

If the customer is wanting a refund and they don’t get in touch with the provider before getting their phone unlocked somewhere else then a refund will NOT be issued. It’s set up like this because the provider can’t be sure that you didn’t use THEIR code to unlock your phone.

There are a few things that this provider is very adamant about. Those things are:

  • The provider guarantees a 100% unlock of the phone AS LONG AS the phone and network is compatible to be unlocked. This is the buyer’s responsibility to check all of that BEFORE making the purchase!
  • Some devices may need a non-accepted sim card in order for the phone to be unlocked. A non-accepted sim card is one that doesn’t go with the network provider. The card does NOT have to be active in order to get the phone unlocked.
  • The provider can refuse a refund if the IMEI was incorrect or if the phone has since been unlocked by a different provider. This, too, is the buyer’s responsibility!
  • No refunds will be given if the phone was previously hardlocked so make sure your phone never was-especially if you bought it secondhand from a site like Ebay or Craigslist.
  • If the phone has a custom ROM installed, the phone may have to be restored back to the original ROM in order for it to be unlocked. If this is a problem then you might want to just buy a new phone because sometimes the custom ROM just won’t let the unlock go through.
  • The provider isn’t at fault if the phone can’t be used after unlock because of a previous blacklist, being barred, or if reported lost or stolen. Make sure that you check all of this BEFORE you pay to have your phone unlocked!


This provider usually only gives refunds is a few instances. No matter what you MUST submit video proof. The video must show the following:

  • When you press *#06#, your phone should show your IMEI number clearly
  • Inputting the unlock code on your phone and the phone not unlockin

Without this video proof, you will NOT get a refund. If you don’t show the proof then they have no real way of knowing whether or not you are being truthful.

These are instances in which refunds will NOT be granted:

  • If any information given while ordering is incorrect as this is the buyer’s responsibility to double check ALL information.
  • If the phone is hardlocked
  • If no video proof is provided
  • If you unlocked the phone elsewhere and tried to pass if off for this provider
  • If you put the unlock code in AFTER the stated amount of time–for instance if the code is good for 30 days and you access it 40 days after then you will NOT get a refund
  • If your phone was unlocked but the network you are using isn’t compatible because, again, this is the buyer’s responsibility!
  • If you don’t want your phone unlocked anymore. This is also true even if you return the code without using it.

One last thing I want to note and bring up again is that it’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure their phone is not hard locked. Depending on the phone provider, you could have between 3 and 10 attempts to unlock it. Once your attempts are up then that’s it and you won’t be able to try anymore.

#5. DoctorSIM

This is the next provider that we’re going to talk about using to unlock your phone. Similar to the other sites, this provider website flows very well. This one is also easy to navigate and get where you need to without much hassle at all.


The price to get your phone unlocked varies with this provider. Similar to the others, it depends on the make of your phone, as well as the network it’s locked to and the country. For example, a Samsung phone can be unlocked for $12.95 while an Iphone can be unlocked for $2.95.

Customer Service

There are a few different ways that you can contact this provider. These ways are: live chat, email, phone, and help desk. The way you will get the quickest response is either live chat or by calling since there will be someone there consistently through the business hours.


This provider has quite a few reviews. There are some bad reviews but most people say they are happy with their purchase.They say that it was easy and they have had no problems with their phones.


The speed on when your phone will be unlocked varies. Similar to the price, it depends on the phone, country, and network. For example, an Iphone can be unlocked in 31 minutes while an Asus can be unlocked in 1 day and 11 hours. The times vary quite a bit so make sure you take note of the quoted time frame.

Other Important Information

Like the other sites, you can sign up for a reseller account. Instead of depositing a certain amount of money, you buy one of the credit packages. They offer 20, 50, 200, and 500 credits. When using your reseller account, you can get up to a 55% discount on unlock codes.

Not only can you use this account to unlock phones, but this provider offers 4 additional checks that you can run. Those checks are:

  • Locked/Unlocked Status: You can check if the phone has already been unlocked. This saves you time and money.
  • Original Operator: You can view who the original operator of the phone was. This also helps to see if the phone is stolen or not.
  • Blacklist Status: You can see if the phone has been blacklisted because of loss, theft, or even an unpaid bill. Again, this can help save you time and money.
  • iCloud Activation Status: You can see if the iCloud Activation Lock is enabled or disabled. This can also help you save time.

Another important piece of information about this provider is that it accepts many different payment methods. These methods include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • AMEX
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Bank deposit or transfer

Just to note, this provider DOES use SSL to help keep you and your information secure!

Another thing that this provider points out is that, as long as the phone can’t be unlocked because of something on THEIR end, then they will give a full refund. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE IF YOU DON’T MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE ISN’T HARDLOCKED OR BLACKLISTED! This also doesn’t apply if you send the wrong information or if you use a different service to get your phone unlocked. There has to be an actual, verified reason as to why a refund needs to be issued.

Something else that I wanted to point out is that you can unlock in bulk. For instance, say you want to unlock your phone, your husband’s phone, your parent’s phones, and your sibling’s phone. If you email this provider and provide the IMEI numbers along with the networks that the phones are locked on, they will email you back with a price. This works well if you want to get a better price on multiple phones instead of paying more by doing them separately and doing this way will also save you money since it’s priced in bulk and not individually.

Now that we have looked at all of the most important information, we will compare the top points to see who comes out on top and to see which provider will give you the most bang for you buck.


When seeing what the best price is, you can go ahead and cross Cellunblocker off the list because it doesn’t even give the price without going through everything. As for DoctorSIM, IMEI Codes, and Official Iphone Unlock has a wide range of prices. iPhoneIMEI.net has the amount you need to pay right where you can see it and it’s just a flat fee so it is better than the others when it comes to price.

Customer Service

When evaluating which provider has the best customer service, we have to look at which one replies the quickest and which one has the best means of contact. With Official iPhone Unlock, you only have 1 way of contacting them before you order and that can be a huge inconvenience. With Cellunblocker, DoctorSIM, and IMEI Codes and iPhoneIMEI.net, they all have multiple ways to contact them but iPhoneIMEI.net wins over the others because not only do they get back very quickly but they are very nice and helpful.


Although some of the websites didn’t have an area to look at reviews right on the website, I was able to look up reviews on Google. All of the providers have good reviews except for IMEI Codes because they didn’t have any reviews at all that came from actual customers. With this I think it is a toss up between the remaining 3 since they all have good reviews and the customers were happy with the outcome of them.


When looking at speed, all the providers varied a great deal. Most of the providers will have your phone unlocked within about a week. With that being said, iPhoneIMEI.net takes around 1-3 days for cloud removal. That brings them out on top.

Other Important Information

When it comes to the other important information, all of the providers are pretty much equal. They all have specific guidelines for getting refunds and guidelines that will prevent you from getting refunds. They also have specific things you need to do, such as checking that your phone isn’t blacklisted, to make sure that you aren’t wasting your money and that the phone can definitely be unlocked.

If you are just picking the best provider for setting up a reseller account, then you could really choose any of them. They all have pretty much the same guidelines for getting discounts. They also have pretty much the same guidelines for credits and deposits.

With that being said, the only factor that would really matter when setting up a reseller account is how much the credits are. For example, if you can get 200 credits for $200 on one provider site but on another you can get the same 200 credits for $185 then you should pick the cheaper option. It’s not like the credits are different products that have different quality because they are all used to do the same thing.

Final Words

After looking at all of the information and evaluating these 5 providers, the provider that really stands out as the absolute best is Official iPhone Unlock. They have great customer service and an extremely high success rate. Their prices and speed are better than the others. For iCloud removal, your best bet is to go to Official iPhone Unlock for most reliable service.

All of these iPhones can be iCloud Unlock:

  1. iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  2. iPhone 6s & 6s Plus
  3. iPhone 6 & 6s
  4. iPhone SE
  5. iPhone 5 c/s
  6. iPhone 4s

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