85 Professional Bloggers Share Their 3 Favorite Laptop Accessories

As a professional blogger, my laptop is the most important tool that I have. Thanks to it, I can work wherever I want, without being tied to a certain location. I work full-time online so it’s necessary for me that my laptop runs smoothly.

To get the most benefit, I use different accessories that help me in my work. For example, I use a mouse, headsets for listening to music late at night, a bag so I can easily carry my laptop with me, etc. I also have a microphone to use when I am interviewed on Skype for podcasts.

If you spend long hours on a laptop, either for work or for fun, you too need some accessories to help you.

That is why we decided to reach out to 85 professional bloggers and ask them:

What Is Your Top 3 Favorite Laptop Accessories And Why Do You Recommend Them?

As an average person or consumer, I’ve been overwhelmed by all top 10, 20 or even 100 lists of Best Laptop Accessories. All I wanted to know the simple and plain gadgets which I must have. That’s why we decided to reach out to other bloggers seeking their favorite accessories. Here are the results:

Top 5 Best Laptop Accessories (as voted by 85 bloggers!)

#1. Wireless Mouse – 39 votes

#2. Hard Drive – 25 votes

#3. Headphones – 24 votes

#4. Laptop Bag – 22 votes

#5. Cooler – 21 votes

Continue reading if you want to discover the favorite accessories of each blogger. Well, if you are short on time, you can skip to your favorite blogger too using the link below.

Evan CarmichaelEvan Carmichael – Evan Carmichael

1) SD Card External Hard Drive. I use a Mac Air and space is really limited. There are some great external hard drives that can fit right into your SD Card slot that can give you a great space boost and let you keep all your files locally.

2) Logitech HD Webcam. I do a lot of hangouts, live streaming, and video recording. If you’re doing videos for your business you can’t rely on the built-in webcam. The Logitech is under $100 and a huge boost in quality.

3) Earbuds. This sounds basic but it’s important to have earbuds or a headset if you’re doing video interviews. Otherwise, there will be an echo on your live stream that will be annoying for your audience and for you 🙂

Ben Richardson – Acuity Training Ben Richardson

I have three things that go in my bag wherever I take my laptop. They are:

1. USB to Lightning lead for my iPhone.

I’m on my phone a lot. Being able to charge my phone from my laptop battery makes my life a lot easier and simpler. The cable weighs almost nothing so it goes everywhere with me. Strangely my iPhone seems to charge much more quickly from my laptop using this lead than from a standard mains socket. A useful tip if you need to charge your phone in a hurry.

2. Sennheiser Earbuds

I’m on Skype a lot as well. To have a decent conversation you need to cut out background noise and so I use earbuds. I’ve tried a few over the year and Sennheiser works best for me. They have the best combination of cutting out background noise, a good microphone that picks up my voice well and being light and durable.

3. Light Logitech Mouse

I find touchpads fiddly and so always carry a mouse with me. I use a small light Logitech mouse. One of its key benefits is a low profile USB receiver for my laptop. This means that I can leave it in my laptop and it catches far less often than for many of the other mice that I’ve bought over the years.

Dennis Seymour – Leap Froggr

Dennis Seymour

1. Mstand for my Macbook. It adjusts the height of the laptop, allows you to use wireless keyboard and mouse if you have them. You can easily hook it up to another monitor as well!

2. Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse – full keyboard with great battery life per full charge. It just works.

3. Logitech Webcam C615 or higher – You’ll need a great webcam when recording webinars and tutorials. Be sure to buy an external one.

Gazmir Cani – Cydia Posts

Gazmir CaniMy top 3 favorite laptop accessories are:

1) External Power Bank

Since I am focused a lot on making my living online, I use my laptop a lot. My laptop is probably the first thing I pack to take with me if I am traveling or even if I decide to go to the park.

There are times when I ran out of battery and there isn’t any power source near me, so my external power bank is a life saver.
They are very cheap, lightweight, portable and very useful. I use a 10,000 mAh power bank for my laptop and I recommend you to get one if you are in the same situation.

2) Multi-Function Laptop Bag

I know that most of the users use a laptop bag to hold their computer but I like to hold a multi-function bag. My bag has enough space to hold my laptop, some other extra accessories and a few books.

There are a lot of option to choose from online and they are all very compact and useful.

3) External Mouse

It may sound a bit strange but I always hold an external mouse with me. I don’t like the built-in laptop mouse/touchpad, so I have bought an external one. If you are using your laptop for a few hours every day, using an external mouse will save you a lot of time. At least, that’s what I think. The built-in mouse is hard to use when compare to a traditional mouse, so you may consider buying one.

You don’t need to buy a big, heavy mouse. Just pick a small, cheap and wireless mouse and you will notice a major increase in your laptop work efficiency.

George SmithGeorge Smith – Duo Call

Laptops are an integral part of many of our lives. We use them for work as well as entertainment, so there’s no wonder why we spend so much time and money on these portable computers. But to truly get the best experience from using our laptops, we need to utilize a variety of accessories. Here are my top three:

GoGroove USB Sound Bar

Admittedly this accessory isn’t going to be of use to everyone, but it’s one piece of tech movie lovers won’t be able to live without. This sound bar requires no installation whatsoever and has a simple clip-on mount meaning it can be set up quickly and easily via USB.

The audio is extremely crisp and rich for an affordable laptop sound bar too. The GoGroove USB Sound Bar is perfect for those who want to kick-back and watch movies, listen to music and play games on their travels.

Logitech Marathon M705 wireless mouse

All laptop users understand the struggles of using a trackpad for certain tasks; that’s why I couldn’t leave a decent mouse off my top 3. The Logitech Marathon M705 is an excellent choice when it comes to mice thanks to its versatility, the comfortable shape, and low power consumption.

The USB receiver is small enough to keep plugged into your laptop at all times, and the mouse itself can be used effectively on many different surfaces. You simply can’t get a much more responsive wireless mouse for the price of this one.

Kensington ComboSaver Portable computer lock

As we all know, laptops can be expensive pieces of equipment, so making sure they’re safe is in every owner’s best interest. Laptop locks can be extremely useful if you regularly do your work on the train or in coffee shops (or anywhere in public for that matter) as they prevent thieves from being able to snatch your laptop when you’re away from it.

My lock of choice is the Kensington ComboSaver. This lock is a self-coiling cable that extends from 3-ft to 6-ft and it’s exceptionally easy to use. The cable is thin meaning it isn’t too bulky when you’re on the move and it’s been safe-tested to make sure it’s strong enough to keep your laptop secure.

Aaron LeeAaron Lee – Ask Aaron Lee

I can’t live without my laptop. It’s my bread and butter. I have a few accessories that compliment my laptop perfectly too. My top three are:

1. My Passport Ultra – Portable Hard Drive

It’s a lightweight and portable hard drive that’ll keep my data backed up. It helps free storage on my Mac air too. I’ve been using this for a few years and it’s still working.

2. Vmoda headphones

Laptop headphones is a MUST. I use it to watch my favorite movie, listen to my favorite songs, or watch courses without disturbing anyone whether I’m outside or traveling. I love V-moda because of the audio quality, it’s also stylish and comfortable.

3. A good leather sleeve

When it comes to a protective laptop sleeve, I will go with a real leather sleeve for that extra protection. I’ve been traveling with my laptop for years, and I don’t see the need for a hard, ugly case. I got my leather sleeve from Etsy.

Cielo de la Paz – TheStoryoGraphistCielo de la Paz

The top 3 accessories for my laptop:

1. 4TB Western Digital External Hard Drive – My Macbook Pro only has 1TB of hard disk storage so I can’t keep all of my photos and videos stored on my laptop. But Ioften need to retrieve photos from a shoot a few months back or offload video footage from my Macbook. So I carry around a 4TB external hard disk with all the files I need. I have a second one I keep at home as a backup. And another 4TB one to use as my Time Machine backup for my Macbook.

2. Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Display – When working from my laptop at home, I like to edit my photos and videos using a larger screen. So I connect to my laptop to the 27″ Thunderbolt Display.

3. Beats Solo3 Wireless – No work gets done without music! I recently went wireless with my headphones and got the new Beats Solo3 Wireless. These truly do go for almost 40 hours without needing to be charged. I often have my headphones on for 5 hours+ throughout the day and it is a sad situation when the music runs out after 4 hours with other headphones. Not with these! And the new Beats Solo3 pair almost magically with my Mac.

Gini Dietrich – Arment Dietrich
Gini Dietrich

I spend a lot of time on the road, speaking at marketing and PR conferences, and don’t leave home without these three laptop accessories:

1. Mac Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. This allows my Mac to use a PC projector, which is what I encounter in most conference rooms and keynote presentation settings.

2. Logitech Wireless Presenter. I hate being stuck behind a podium when I’m presenting. Bringing my own slide advancer lets me move around the room and better engage with my audience.

3. Duet Display. This app, created by former Apple engineers, allows my iPad to become a second screen when I’m working on the road. So helpful!

Dave Schneider – Ninja Outreach

  1. Headset with mic – I have regular virtual meetings with my team and clients, so this is absolutely necessary
  2. Portable hard drive – I mainly keep my stuff on the cloud, but I use this as a backup so I have a copy of everything in case the cloud service I use get in trouble (highly unlikely, but better to be prepared)
  3. Laptop bag – I travel a lot so I can’t go without a heavy duty but comfy carrier for my work machine – I travel a lot so I can’t go without a heavy duty but comfy carrier for my work machine

David KrauterDavid Krauter – Websites That Sell

My top 3 laptop accessories that make life easier and help me do business faster and more efficient:

Portable 2TB Harddrive – when running a web firm you’re constantly travelling and doing work on the go – and you don’t always have an internet connection. So having a back up of all your files that you’re working on is super handy when it comes to working on the road and still needing access to all big files to complete jobs on time.

USB DVD Super Drive – even though most laptops don’t come with a CD drive anymore, it’s still something that I use all the time. That’s why my 2nd top accessory is my USB Super Drive – it lets me view DVD content, install software and create back up discs to send to clients. Again this works without an internet connection, so it’s VERY handy to have “on the road” to complete things that have to get done.

Laptop Case – it’s simple yet has saved my bacon too many times not to mention it on my list here. Having a case is essential to preserve the life of any laptop. So while it’s super simple – it’s a must-have accessory.

Matthew Loomis – Build Your Own BlogMATTHEW LOOMIS

Here are my three favorite laptop accessories that I can’t live without! Especially while traveling.

I affectionately call this My Digital Nomad Trifecta:

1. TG Lap Desk with Built in Cushion, LED Light, and Cup Holder

I like to work everywhere, especially while traveling (on car trips my wife prefers driving or she gets car sick) and this nifty little lap desk works great. It’s comfortable, the cup holder is convenient and I like the blue color. Not sure if it comes in any other color. You can find these at Staples.com.

2. I have a Universal Leather Backpack that holds a 20 inch laptop.

I prefer having both hands free as I’m walking through a conference or bringing luggage into the hotel. And I like the vintage look of this backpack.

3. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (OLD MODEL)

These headphones are the third piece to my digital nomadic trifecta. AT has been a favorite brand of mine for years. They still offer a microphone for beginner podcasters that’s a quality deal.

But I digress….these headphones are comfortable and easy to travel with because they’re collapsable, so I can easily pack and unpack them. They also block out most, if not all of your room noise and the sound quality is excellent!

James CaveJames Cave – Portugalist

I get a sore neck and back if I’m hunched over the laptop too much, so an essential gadget for me is a laptop stand. In practice, this means I then need several other gadgets like a keyboard and mouse so my essential gadget is really three things.

When I’m traveling, I tend to use the Kensington Easy Riser as it’s fairly small and easy to transport. If I’m at home, I tend to use a Lavolta Portable Folding Laptop Table as it gets a much better height.

Zac Johnson – ZacJohnson

In terms of productivity and preference, I definitely like using my home desktop over a laptop… but when I am on the go, I have the following laptop accessories handy.

Rain Design mStand is great for making your laptop much higher in the air so you don’t put so much stress on your next.

LapGear XL Executive LapDesk can quickly turn your legs into a small desk area. This is also great if you prefer using a wireless mouse over a trackpad.

Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Computer Backpack holds everything I need when going on travel. Perfect for clothing and everything you need to keep your laptop safe.

Nicola Bernardi – Nicola Bernardi

Nicola Bernardi

There’s actually exactly three laptop accessories I couldn’t live with, especially since I upgraded my older MacBook to a late 2016 MacBook pro with touch bar.

1. The HyperDrive USB Type-C 5-in-1 Hub: with the new MacBook pro having nothing but USB-C ports, my life was a jungle of dongles. The Hyperdrive has all the ports I could ever need, plus it’s stylish and sleek. Because the eye wants its part too!

2. The Wacom Intuos Pro Creative (medium) Pen Tablet: I started using a pen tablet for editing photos and they slowly took over my world. Nowadays I don’t ever use a mouse or the trackpad anymore, I’m stupidly in love with navigating my mac with nothing but a pen!

3. The Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: I can’t work without music. And when I say that, I mean it. These Headphones are on me and pumping music every single moment I am in front of my computer.

Richard Lowe Jr

Richard Lowe Jr – TheWritingKing

One of my responsibilities as Director of Computer Operations at Trader Joe’s was all desktop and laptop systems in the corporate area, and I am still kind of a computer nut. 🙂

Laptops generally don’t have a lot of USB ports (mine has two) so when I travel I carry an Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 hub. It has plenty of ports for all my peripherals, and three of them can be used to recharge devices such as tablets and smartphones. It also looks cool and costs under $40 on Amazon.

I’m also a photographer and I am always having to download pictures off my camera or smartphone onto my laptop. The IOGear USB-C 3-Slot Card reader works well for me. It supports the SD card used by my camera and the MicroSD card used in my Smartphone.It’s only $16 from Amazon.

When I write, I dictate my words into Microsoft Word using Dragon Naturally. The Jabra UC Voice 550 Duo works well. It’s a USB headset – I’ve found the wireless headsets don’t work as well for dictation – small and light. It’s $37 from Amazon.

You didn’t ask this, but I wouldn’t dream of using a laptop around town without a good backup solution. I use Carbonite because it backs up over the internet to a safe location ion the cloud. This means all of my work gets saved daily (when I plug it into my wired network at home) without me having to worry about it. At $60 a year, it’s cheap insurance.

Montgomery Peterson – Original Coloring PagesMontgomery Peterson

Being a creative artist and drawing through my laptop when on the go, I have a specific set of accessories I always make sure I have handy.

1. Logitech MX Master – Simply my favorite wireless mouse.

2. Wacom Intuos Pro – My preferred tablet for drawing

3. Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub – Best way for me to connect multiple chargers and devices in one simple port.

Victoria PavlovaVictoria Pavlova – Star Light MG

In my area of work, even the most sophisticated laptops often lack capabilities that are important for development purposes. Luckily, there are plenty of accessories that can extend capabilities of your laptop.

1. The portable external hard drive is a must-have accessory to backup and protects your data. I am using the 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim. It’s one of the lightest, thinnest, and fastest hard drives I’ve ever had. The most important – it’s reliable.

2. Another accessory that I use all the time is the Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub. I love it. It allows me to connect and charge 10 external devices simultaneously. It has an amazing transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, so you don’t have to wait for syncing and you can actual work the data from different external devices at the same time.

It’s not just a powerful connector for data transfer, but a great charger too. Anker 10-Port USB 3.0 Hub offers fast charges of up to 1.5 amps with BC 1.2 charging-compliant devices while transferring data at the same time.

3. The cooler is an “old friend” of every developer who travels a lot and has to work remotely. I am using LotFancy Laptop Cooling Pad. It’s very comfortable, super quiet and easy to use. You just plug it through USB port to your laptop, and you are ready to go. It comes with 1 extra USB port to connect another external device which is very helpful.

David Head – David Head

1. The Mac 27″ Thunderbolt display. It’s great for when I’m designing, developing, or working with spreadsheets.

2. The Speck hardshell case for my MacBook Pro. It helps keep it protected from the harsh environment I put it through.

3. My Logitech Wireless Presenter R400. It helps me prep and deliver presentations. It has a timer, which is great for the more structured, high-pressure events. The most valuable feature is it’s laser pointer–because who doesn’t love laser pointers?

Mikhail KhorevMikhail Khorev – I Know SEO

I switched to laptop from desktop at home and work many years ago, and never looked back. I can work from any room, outside or on a couch but to have the same productivity level I had to add a few accessories and here they are:

Webcam cover

A small and simple piece of plastic that sticks to the laptop and slides to cover the webcam. No more awkward moments during the meeting when it can be on without you knowing and I always sure my privacy is protected.

Docking station with 2 monitors

When I’m at my desk I connect my laptop to the docking station and use 2 monitors to extend my desktop. I found it very productive and it helps in multitasking and data analysis. Also, I can simultaneously get my work done while enjoying my favorite TV show.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Wireless mice and keyboard are incredibly handy and a great way to keep my desk wire free and get a full desktop experience on my laptop. The USB receiver I have is very tiny and don’t take any space so I almost never take it out.

With all these accessories I always have a cost-effective way to create a simpler but highly functional workstation and can me mobile when I need it.

Jaime Buckley – Jaime BuckleyJaime Buckley

#1 would be my external HD…always twice as much memory of the laptop.
write a few lines at each one to explain why do you recommend it

#2 would be my CANNON LiDE flatbed scanner-–specifically because it’s USB powered and fits in a laptop bag.

The advantage is, it’s just a scanner, not an “all-in-one” (which always seem to break down). It just scans and does it perfectly–plus it’s only $65!

I could make comic books by scanning in hand drawn artwork, sketches, etc. LOVE my scanner…

(Back info for the HD…)

You MUST have backup and no matter what a company tells you, do NOT rely on someone else to back up your information. I paid a premium price for server backups, and when the servers crashed, lost nine YEARS of work…because the company lied.

Thanks, Siteground.

The external HD should be USB powered because you’re on the move.

#3 Would be my Snowball mic to do podcasts.

For under $150 you get one of the best mics for mobile podcasting in the industry, right behind Rode (which I own as well).

Again, this is USB powered and for me, a Mac person, it’s perfect to use with Garageband and has 3 settings for a single person, duo, and group.

I conducted hundreds of interviews on the go and at conventions with that lovely device, so I can’t recommend it enough!

Paul O’Byrne – Jack’s AdvicePaul O’Byrne

1) Satechi Slim Multi-Port Adapter: In particular, for Mac users having to substitute a number of ports they were used to, compared to the new MacBook models, the Satechi Sim Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter provides ample connectivity for USB-C inputs. It contains a HDMI Port, a USB-C charging port and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. The Satechi Slim Multi-Port Adapter retails for $60.

2) Slidenjoy: If one screen just won’t cut it, and you want to expand the viewing capabilities of your laptop, the Slidenjoy does just that. By attaching the device to your laptop, you can add 2 extra screens (1 on either side of the main screen).

Slidenjoy was featured on Kickstarter and is now accepting pre-orders through their site with prices starting at $349. There are also options to customize the display in multiple colors to match your current laptop.

3) Udee Backpack: The Udee Backpack isn’t just any backpack and its launch is imminent (I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a while). It stands apart from the competition and boring backpacks out there with over 19 features including a portable cooler, a USB port to charge your electronics, a built-in earphone port, a LED light on the strap and even an anti-theft lock.

All of this while being fully waterproof and incredibly stylish makes it the perfect accessory for laptop owners. Udee are accepting pre-orders on IndieGoGo with an expect launch date of May this year. Pricing starts at $109.

Note: If waiting for the Udee Backpack isn’t a suitable option for your article, the following is a good alternative:

4) Ghostek NRGbag: With a rechargeable 7000MAH removable battery and a stylish water-resistant design, the Ghostek NRGbag is a serious contender in the smart bag category. It’s adaptable for Micro-USB and USB 2.0 which is ideal for smartphones and tablets.

The battery level indicator at the front of the bag can be accessed by utilizing a one-touch button functionality to check on the charge status. And to charge the Ghostek NRGbag, you simply plug it into any wall outlet. The Ghostek NRGbag starts at $89.95 .

Vinay Chandra – A Quest For LifeVinay Chandra

1. Two additional power adapters… One power adapter comes with the laptop so I use total 3 of them… one in the bag, one in office, and one at home.

2. Power battery… to extend battery time to more than 6 hours for use at airports and flights.

3. Headset… to enable VoIP calls from the laptop using Skype etc. in public places or listen to conference calls or webinars.

Neil Sheth – Your Brand FoundNeil Sheth

My 3 favorite laptop accessories:

USB Port 6 – lets me connect my keyword, mouse and even add additional screens when I need them. I’ve recently connected an external mic as well.

Slimline 1 TB Hard Drive – to maintain the performance of my laptop I ensure large files like videos and images are stored on an external hard drive. The fact that it’s so slim makes it easy to take everywhere with me.

Apple Keyboard – this was my most recent purchase and I didn’t expect it to be so slim and light. I can’t live without this when I’m working from the office.

Russell LoboRussell Lobo – Russ Lobo

My laptop is my most favorite device other than my phone. Since I am a full-time Internet Marketer, I spend over 15 hours per day on my laptop. My favorite laptop accessories are:

External Number Pad

If you do a lot of calculations and type a lot or have a business or activity which involves using numbers a lot, its good to have an external number pad. I use the Logitech Wireless Number Pad N305. It has a small receiver and can connect easily with other Logitech devices so you don’t need to use a USB port. Since the keys are large, you can type on it fast.

Tablet/E-Reader/Phone Stand

I use my stand to prop up my laptop when I am reading. I use the Belkin Flip Blade Stand. It is good, light, durable and easy to use.

USB Light

Since I work over 15 hours per day, members of my family get disturbed with the bright light on. To avoid that, I use an inexpensive Portable USB LED. It is a Flexible Work Light which you can use for Laptops/Notebooks. You can easily do an all nighter without disturbing anybody.

Cassidy Williams – Cassidoo.coCassidy Williams

– Evoluent mouse

I’m a huge fan of my Evoluent mouse. What’s special about it is that it’s vertical, so when you use it, your hand is in a very ergonomic, natural state. It comes both wired and wireless, I personally use wired so that I don’t have to think about charging batteries.

– Mechanical keyboard

I LOVE mechanical keyboards. I actually have several of them (my current one is one that I built myself). They’re almost all purely for aesthetics, and I love the way they look and feel.

– Audiotechnica headphones

I got my Audiotechnica headphones as a gift, and I love them. They’re comfortable, have great sound, and don’t look too obnoxious.

Ankit Singla Blogger Tips TricksAnkit Singla

I believe my laptop is my virtual office. It is where I run my entire business so yes I do take help of certain accessories to make it even more robust and powerful.

Here are the top 3 accessories that you’ll always find with me.

An external keyboard: Since I blog a lot I prefer an external bluetooth keyboard for comfort.

An external hard drive: This is to store my sensitive business data, site backups (I also keep a copy in my cloud drive) and other essential things. I currently use a Toshiba 1TB external hard drive.

A backpack: Since I do take part in a lot of seminars and conferences related to blogging and online entrepreneurship, I use the victoria Tourist backpack. It is great and houses all my essential stuff for traveling. I am recently considering upgrading to the Minaal backpacks. They are sexy and ergonomic too.

Luqman KhanLuqman Khan – 10Beasts

When it comes to laptops, the things are somewhat different than full sized computers. Laptops are made for being portable, in order to fully maximize the portability, it’s also important for us to have laptop accessories that are portable enough to be easily carried around.

Now when it comes to laptops, everyone now and then asks about the accessories that I personally find the best when I’m on the move, or even when I’m just busy working at home. To be fairly honest, having spent most of my life with computers, it was a bit difficult for me to adjust to the lifestyle that’s presented to you by laptops.

However, the good thing is that once you get used, the remaining process becomes a lot easier than you could imagine. As for my top 3 favorite laptop accessories, they’re listed below.

Wireless Earbuds:

Bluetooth is something that is present in even the entry-level laptops, and when it comes to a laptop, having a pair of wireless earbuds is nothing more than a blessing. Especially if you’re a person who’s always going out of station, and even if you are working at home, or just watching movies, the wire-free nature of wireless earbuds is amazing nonetheless.

External Hard Drive:

Sure, your laptop can easily have a terabyte of storage and even more, however, one thing that you should know is that if you are a person with heavy workloads or something similar, it’s incredibly important for you to make sure that you have an external hard drive.

Believe it or not, an external hard drive is a godsend because it allows the users to easily offload all the large amounts of data that may be creeping up inside their laptop.


There’s no denying that most people prefer laptop sleeves and thanks to modern laptops being even slimmer, the carrying process becomes a lot easier. However, if you are someone who likes to maximize the space you’re given, having a good laptop backpack is basically an essential one can’t live without.
After all, why wouldn’t you want a good laptop backpack with enough capacity to keep your phone accessories as well?

James McAllister – Help Start My SiteJames McAllister

1. The right carrying case. Not only does it make traveling with a laptop so much easier but it also allows you to carry around all of the other accessories you need. I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten things before getting a quality case for my laptop.

2. A USB 3 hub. Smaller laptops especially will benefit from having one, as they simply may not have enough USB ports for everything they need.

3. External storage. Lastly, having an external storage drive can really come in handy for storing things like heavy media. Storage is getting cheaper and cheaper every year and if you keep it in your laptop case, it will always be right there when you need it.

Harry Goyal – Best Geeky TricksHarry Goyal

USB Mouse

Having a mouse for a laptop is very important according to me because it helps to do work faster. As you can access the files fast and if you work at the office then you will surely love to have one. Also, it all depends on you to get a wired or wireless mouse but I prefer a wireless mouse.

Laptop Backpack

It is must have accessory for a laptop as it helps you to keep your laptop safe and clean. You can also carry the laptop to other places easily with the help of backpack and can place the other documents and gadgets too in the backpack.

USB Flash Drive

If you are working with a team then having USB flash drive will really help you. It helps you to share the data with your team-mates easily or you can also store your extra files on that drive. USB flash drive can be easily fit into your pocket and it can store up to 128gb data.

Kash LalkaKash Lalka – Trail Camera Reviews

Though there are many things that I use the below are the best laptop accessories that come to my mind

TV-Tuner Card

This helps you make your laptop into a TV. You can even record programs to your hard drive. I use the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1500.You just need to add the card into your laptop’s card slot. This will allow you to access live HDTV and cable TV.

Second Monitor

From the time I have bought a second monitor, my productivity has gone off the charts. There are many people wo swear by using two monitors. You can research on one and type on the other. This saves loads of toggle time. I use the 21.5-inch Dell ST2220L monitor

Port Replicator

A port replicator helps you save a lot of time. when you leave the room you generally unplug all the accessories and then replug it when you come back. Using a port replicator, you plug all your accessories to the port replicator and with just one cord link it to the laptop.

I use the Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station which has ports for your ethernet cord, speakers, an external monitor and four USB accessories.

Caleb Chen – Private Internet AccessCaleb Chen

My absolute number one laptop accessory is my VPN, which is the first thing I install on every new laptop

The VPN allows me to change my IP address to any of 31 locations around the world. Additionally, I’m able to encrypt my Internet traffic and hide it from prying eyes including nearby hackers or my ISP. It’s important to have a VPN when every internet provider is ready to sell your private browsing history for profit.

My number two laptop accessory is a giant power brick that I usually keep in my backpack. It has regular USB and USB-C, which is sufficient to power my laptop. That’s right, while most people have a power brick for their phone, there are now others that can use it for their (non-gaming) laptops.

My number three laptop accessory is actually arguably more important and used to be number one on the list. It’s a Pelican S100 backpack which features a waterproof, crushproof laptop case built right into the backpack. The backpack has lasted me for years and multiple laptops. That’s how you know you have a good laptop accessory… when it survives your laptops.

Carter Razink – Popular Reviews

1. A stable external hard drive: Extremely important for business as well as just very useful in transporting extensive amounts of data at ease

2. Laptop cooling fan/pad: Currently, I am using the ThermalTake cooling fan. It looks cool, is easy to use, and is vital for laptop owners that want to extend the life of their laptop. Without one, laptops overheat which causes hardware failure over time.

3. External Speakers: Works especially well for long periods of work or times you just want to listen to music louder than default laptop speakers.

Pradeep Kumar – Device BarPradeep Kumar

I got the recent MacBook Pro Touchbar version, and I love it a lot. But since it’s USB Type-C, I don’t really have that much of cool accessories to play around, but these 3 are my favorite and most used ones.

1. Bluetooth Speaker: I have the JBL Charge model. Even though my laptop’s speaker is pretty good, I still prefer a 3rd party speaker, so that I can keep it anywhere I want and get the sound experience.

2. USB Type-C Pendrive: I purchased the 128GB Kingston USB Type-C pen drive recently. This is handy, and I can carry it in my purse as well. I’m a movie freak, so whenever I go to my friends’ house, I used to collect movies from them.

3. Wireless Mouse: This is something I can’t honestly live without. This mouse is a performance monster and you can do multi-tasking with this easily. Yes, I’m talking about “Logitech MX Master” wireless mouse.

Adhip Ray – Techie SavvyAdhip Ray

1. Lap Desk: I am not a firm believer in Laptop Stands because one can find a table to keep the laptop on almost everywhere. A lap desk, on the contrary, doesn’t hinder the portability of a laptop and is perfect to let one use his laptop and an external mouse on his lap with ease.

These laptop desks have built-in cooling pans so as to ensure your laptop does not heat up and may also have side panels which can be extended to keep laptop accessories like external hard drive and/or external mouse. However, I find laptop stands essential to give presentations in seminars or in front of a crowd.

2. Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0: Since most laptops do not have much of a storage, I find a portable hard drive *A MUST* for having in it my video games, movies, and stuff so that I don’t clog my laptop’s minute SSD storage! Even if your laptop is generous with storage options, a Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0 preferably by Toshiba or Seagate is highly important.

3. Adapters (including Chargers): A laptop sucks off a great deal of power so adapters including chargers are quite important as well as my favorite choice as it enables me to let the laptop suck on a quick juice when I am at the passenger seat of a car or in any other country.

I consider a *laptop bag *most important as obviously no one is going to carry their laptop and its accessories in their arms! But I don’t quite consider it as an accessory so as to say.

Jonathan Kerns – Comparakeet.com

1. Portable USB Monitor

– I bought the ASUS MB168B+ in early 2014 and it may have been the most useful accessory I have ever bought in my life (Its cost has gone up since release!).

While a second screen does not double your productivity, it definitely increases it by a large margin. There are some great portable monitors in the marketplace, just make sure that you snag one which is USB and does not require a power outlet.

2. DeathAdder Chroma Optical Mouse

– This mouse can be summed up in three words: Simple, elegant, and reliable. I would argue that it is cheap as well. I have been using this mouse for two years now and I have never had it give me a single problem. Its ergonomic design feels just right in my hand and boy do I love the neon colors (which you can adjust with the Razer app).

3. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

– Laptop screens and keyboards attract a ton of dirt and grime through general usage. Make sure you’re prepared to clean them with a quality cloth rather than what you can find. It will help protect your screen from scratches and help clean in the cracks of your keyboard and touchpad. Highly recommend this brand!

Ritesh AgrawalRitesh Agrawal – Dashlux

1. 15.6-inch Screen Guard from Generic

Your laptop is important and the screen is the most sensitive part and hence, you must make sure that it is safe and protected; Generic brings your range of screen guards which will keep your laptop free from scratches.

This 15.6 inches screen guard can easily fit on the screen of your laptop and is a perfect choice for laptops of the brand HP, Compact, Lenovo, Acer, and Sony. The most striking feature of the screen guard is that it is gum free making it easily to install and remove without affecting the screen of your laptop.

You definitely need this screen guard from Generic if you want to keep your laptop screen as good as it was when you bought it.

Anti-theft Laptop Backpack – Well, this backpack doesn’t really need and introduction or specification, known for it’s high-quality and theft protection. Designed for comfort and storage, this bag is light-weighed thereby reducing the burden on your shoulder. The bag is made of high-quality microfibre which is waterproof and dust resistant

It comes with 3 compartments, where you 1 main compartment for keeping your laptop, and other 2 are for storing accessories and other papers.

The bag weighs 1500 gms and comes in black/ gray color. The size of the bag is 17.3-inch x 11.8-inch x 5.5 inch, and thus, it can easily store your 15.6-inch laptop. Get here: https://dashlux.com/products/anti-theft-laptop-backpack

Laptop Skin– If you want to do a little makeover of your archaic looking laptop, adding a laptop skin to it is a perfect solution. This not only protects your laptop but at the same time, it also increases the resale value of your laptop.

mSleep bring you its range of laptop skins available in a different theme, from abstract to sci-fi and much more.
The compatible screen size for this screen guard ranges from 14.1 inches to 15.6 inches.
So, don’t wait for any more if you want to make your laptop look more lively.

Abhishek Singh Bailoo – BlogaciousAbhishek Singh Bailoo

The things about laptop accessories are that the more you have, the more you need! I have a total of 94 USB powered laptop accessories but most of them are a little too weird. The top 3 would be the following:

I cannot leave my city without MS-200 USB keyboard. It emits light behind the keys (so typing in the dark of night like a dark knight), is waterproof and allows me to place the laptop screen at eye level.

Next is my JBL Go portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. It has got amazing bass sound and lasts 6 hours on a full charge. I can charge it whenever I want from my laptop USB port.

Logitech M235 Wireless mouse lets me remotely watch movies or play songs on my laptop. In the rare case, I use it to show power point presentations.

Shobhit Aggarwal – Gadgets ParadeShobhit Aggarwal

I am a blogger for almost 2 years now and I always use my laptop as my workstation. So, I keep exploring accessories for my laptop to ease out my routine. Here are the top 3 tech gadgets I use with my laptop:

Logitech M557

This is a wireless mouse from Logitech. It is not just any ordinary mouse, there are a couple things I like about this mouse. Firstly, it does not break the bank and cost only $23 which is very affordable from a reputable brand like Logitech. Secondly, it use Bluetooth, to connect to the laptop and does not require a dongle, hence I can save a USB port of my Laptop. Lastly, it has a start key on top of the mouse, which is really handy while working.

WD 1TB Passport External Hard Drive

There is nothing fancier than to talk about a hard disk, I use it to back my data on a regular basis. The fact, it is external, I can carry it anywhere. Additionally, it supports USB 3.0, so data transfer speeds are very fast.

Sony MDR XB950BT Headphones

There is so much to say about these headphones. They are wireless and can connect to 2 devices simultaneously, so I can connect my laptop and phone at the same time. The headphones are comfortable to wear, even during long durations. The headphones come with extra bass, hence the multimedia experience is top-notch. It is a great investment if you are a music lover.

Sachin Yadav – Techno LogersSachin Yadav

Having a good laptop is never enough. Pairing it up with the right accessories is a must. My top 3 favorite Laptop accessories are:

Laptop Bag: A good supportive laptop bag is a must have. Protecting your laptop from accidents and carrying your laptop with ease and comfort is what an ideal laptop bag should provide.

It should be spacious so that apart from your laptop, you can also keep its charger and other stuff along with it. I have found laptop bags of Skybag and American Tourister as the best. You can also go for leather messenger bags which give a casual look.

Laptop cooling pad: You must have noticed that with increased usage your laptop begins to heat up. It hampers your laptop’s processing speed and its performance is compromised. That’s the reason I always keep my laptop cooling pad handy. It helps in cooling off my laptop and keeps its performance intact.

Portable Laptop desk: Working on you laptop by keeping it on your lap heats it up and it is also got a healthy habit. That’s why you should always keep your laptop on a portable laptop desk while working on bed. The table should be light in weight and it would be preferable to go for the ones with a cooling fan attached in them.

Deepak SharmaDeepak Sharma – Taurus Knight

I mostly use my laptop in office so don’t really use too many accessories but the below are the ones which are a must for me.

USB Flash Drive

When I need to share information, material for a project or make a presentation, the best thing for me to use are cheap USB drives. You get 16GB SanDisk USB Flash drive for about $20 which are great for storage, small enough to give to someone else and in case they don’t return it, it’s not a big dent to your pocket. It’s also great as a backup for your data.

Ethernet Cable

Though my office has Wi-Fi, I prefer to carry an ethernet cable especially when I am traveling. I use the Global Wireless retractable ethernet cable, which costs about $4 and can be wound up so doesn’t take much space.

Surge Protector and Power Strip

Since I have an issue with having too many electronics and very few outlets near my workstation, I use a power strip to juice up my gear. The one I use is the Kensington SmartSockets circular power strip and surge protector. It is good, cheap and I can plug in many devices at the same time.

Ajay PandeyAjay Pandey – LetzReviewz

Laptop Power bank:

A Laptop Power bank which will help you to charge your Laptop battery anywhere and help you in the case of emergency. Most of the Power banks works with only 24 volts from your laptop to smartphone, iPhone, iPod. This is very easily usable device, you just need to connect it with your device then it will start work. You can also charge other devices simultaneously through this.


It is always hard to work on laptop for hours by carrying it on the lap, So This is a useful accessory for professionals and businesspersons working all day long on laptops to access their day to day processes using technology. Whether it is a car trip or you are relaxing in bed, a lapdesk is perfect for computing, reading or writing. Even if you want to watch movies for hours, this is sure to provide a comfortable set up for you.

Wireless Mouse:

Most laptop touchpads are not a comfortable option for longer periods of use thus making a wireless mouse a must have laptop accessory according to me. Wireless mouse will make the computing much easier and Handy. Using a mouse is a solid option for compiling reports, doing office work and a serves as a cool laptop accessory for gamers after a long day of work.

Pranay Anumula – TechInformerzPranay Anumula

Here are my top 3 favorite laptop accessories.

1 – Keyboard Cover

This will be the first one and the most important one. My laptop usually faces some issue with dust, so I prefer to cover my laptop keyboard with a cover. They are plenty available on amazon, just check them out and try to buy a thin and transparent one.

2 – Wired USB Optical Gaming Mouse

This will be not on everyone’s list but for gamers you need to go for an Optical gaming mouse. Actually, wireless is preferred over wired but again cost vs necessity things pop up, so I thought of buying the better one in wired category.

3 – Laptop Stand

This is something most of them wouldn’t be habituated about. Laptop stand holds the laptop screen at an elevation which can be adjustable. But the main disadvantage of this stand is you need to use portable Mouse & keyboard to work with it. I still prefer it because of its portability & convenience.

Navin Rao – QuestionCageNavin Rao

Generally, laptop accessories are a fundamental need for anyone. And when it comes to techies and bloggers you can find a bunch of lying around. But, everyone has few favorites and if I have to list only three of them, those would be.

1. An External Drive – I use Seagate 2TB External Drive is an awesome product one could have. This is my partner, I carry it all the time, as it helps me to manage my data with an ease.

2. HeadPhone – Most of the time I love listening music, whether I am in the office or home and fortunately, my boss has no problem with it at all. You might think of it could be a distraction. But, I would say give a try, you can be more productive. I use Sennheiser HD 180 headphone.

3. Cooling Pad – A Cooling pad is a must have if one would like to work in peace. Take care of your laptop and feed it with some cool air, that’s all it needs right. Just by spending $20-30 can make you relaxed.

Shrivant Saxena – Geek DiscoverShrivant Saxena

– Although there are many accessories which you can buy for your Laptop, my top 3 favorite laptop accessories are:

1. Cooling Pad

I usually play games on my Laptop, and I work on the table most of the time. I always use a cooling pad to keep my laptop cool. One should remember that consistent overheating of your Laptop may reduce its life. Hence, a cooling pad will always keep your Laptop’s temperature down and will increase the lifespan of its motherboard.

2. Laptop Sleeve

A Laptop Sleeve is very useful in protecting your Laptop from scratches, minor physical damages and even from the dust. If you don’t want to keep it in your Laptop bag, a laptop sleeve can be a great option. They are very cheap and are easily available.

3. Bluetooth Mouse

If you’re a laptop user, it’s better to go for a Bluetooth mouse than a Wireless or Wired mouse. The touchpad may not be comfortable to use when you are using designing or editing applications such as Photoshop, 3D Studio, etc. A Bluetooth mouse instead of Wireless or Wired mouse will give you an advantage of not sacrificing one of your USB ports.

Santanu Debnath – Mr Tech TricksSantanu Debnath

A laptop is the best friend of every blogger or internet marketer. Besides my laptop, I can’t live without few essential laptop accessories. My favorite 3 laptop accessories are

1) Portable hard drive: A portable hard drive is a must for every blogger as one can carry the necessary data, collect important files from friends and entertainment staffs wherever they go along. I think Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 is the best one.

2) USB optical gaming mouse: A good USB mouse is also a must to have device and if you are a gaming freak then why not a gaming mouse. Checkout Zelotes THINKTANK T90 9200 DPI 8 Buttons, Wired USB Gaming Mouse, if you are looking to buy the best one.

3) Stereo headset: A well covered high sound quality with a good microphone headset is good. If you are looking to buy a new one, then you can check out Honstek A5 Portable Headphones Stereo Bass Headset with Volume Control and In-line which will perfectly work for your need.

Ajit Ray – Tricks GalaxyAjit Ray

My all time favorite top 3 Laptop accessories are:

1) Wireless Mouse: No doubt we can perform all the things with Laptop’s default Track-pads (TouchPad) but I still prefer to use a Mouse (especially Wireless Mouse) for clicking & scrolling purposes. Believe me, computing becomes lighting fast when a Mouse is in your hand.

2) USB Flash Drive: Most of the Laptops come with huge storage capacity (500GB, 1TB or more) but data transfer is still most important that I do on daily basis. So, USB PenDrive is the good thing to keep with when I go anywhere no matter whatever the reason is – business presentation, study/training and also for personal uses. Even, I own a USB 3.0 External HDD that easily fits in my pocket and I periodically save my important data from Laptop to External HDD.

So, USB PenDrive is the good thing to keep with when I go anywhere no matter whatever the reason is – business presentation, study/training and also for personal uses. Even, I own a USB 3.0 External HDD that easily fits in my pocket and I periodically save my important data from Laptop to External HDD.

3) Stereo Headset: I’m a person who loves watching movies, listening music and also watch many tech related YouTube Videos on daily basis. So, I use a good quality Stereo Headset which gives me the clear & awesome sound experience without disturbing anyone. It also works with Smartphones.

These accessories cost just a few $$ and are the most useful Laptop Accessories that boost my productivity when I use my laptop.

Aashirvad Kumar – Tele Trick ManiaAashirvad Kumar

WI-FI Modem – It helps you in many ways, for example, if you are traveling and you just need an internet connection for doing your
urgent work then it will be helpful. If you don’t have an internet
connection, then you have to wander here and there for completing your task on time. For me, it is important as food for me.


These two accessories are most important thing for us because sometimes we
have to write something in large no of words and we can’t use mouse and
touchpad at the same time. Many times you will see that while typing we do

Many times you will see that while typing we do not feel comfortable using keyboard and touchpad then their wireless mouse will be helpful. These two devices are more effective when you are an image designer or graphic designer.

SSD/HDD: – Many times it will be helpful and mostly when you are traveling you can’t access your some important files. Storing all things on your PC or Laptop is not a good thing. You can save your important files in place and use them when you want to use. It’s easy to carry with you personal data.

Manav Sharma – TechonloopManav Sharma

Top 3 laptop accessories.

Laptop Bag:

People underestimate the use of a good laptop bag.If you’re carrying your laptop around in a bag that’s not even made for laptops then shame on you. You need to treat your baby right. Get a bag for it. Seriously.

Now I’m not saying that one needs to shell out $200 for a bag with a built-in power supply (Yes, they exist) but at least get a proper bag to carry it around.

A good bag not only keeps your laptop safe but also give you loads of space to carry your essentials around.

Wireless Mouse:

Let’s all just admit it. Using the trackpad sucks.

At least in my opinion. Understood, that the removal of the mouse has worked wonders in sense of the overall space required to use a laptop but I’ve never personally like using a trackpad. It’s tiring after hours of browsing on the interweb, THERE IS NO WHEEL and it just never provides a good enough experience.

A mouse, better so if a wireless one, is a must.

Audio accessories (Headphones and/or Speakers):

Now here’s an essential that not many people overlook. And that’s for good reason.
In a media dependent age, one’s audio equipment turns to be one of the most sought-after pieces of technology.
Whether it be speakers or headphones. You need it and you need it often. So why not get a good pair for the sake of it?

Ellen BiggsEllen Biggs – Pretty Home

I use my laptop a lot due to which it gets hot and I am more visual so I like to take prints when I work so the below accessories are lifesavers for me.

Laptop Cooling Pad

I keep my laptop on my lap while I work so it tends to get hot and irritate me. To avoid this, I use the Targus Lap Chill Mat which has two USB-powered fans which get my laptop nice and cool. Also, my thighs feel good with the cooling pads exterior. It helps me focus on my work.

All-in-One Wireless Printer

I use the Canon Pixma MP495 compact printer. It helps a lot when I want to print things to read or to check details. Also since it’s compact, I can use it when I am traveling. An added benefit is that it has Wi-Fi.

External Speakers

My laptop speakers are horrible, Also I love to listen to music when I work especially with surround sound. So I went for a Logitech USB Laptop Speaker Z305. It is compact so I can travel with it but also has great audio quality.

Swadhin Agrawal – QuickLinkoSwadhin Agrawal

As an online entrepreneur, I spent more time with my laptop than my bed so yes laptop accessories are a must have for me. I use these three laptop accessories the most.

Seagate 2TB external hard drive: I cannot express how this has been a saviour. I have been there at a moment when I lost all my data was lost by a laptop crash. I had to start over again since most of my hard earned docs and other stuff got lost with the damaged HD. Now, I backup all my work almost every 2 days.

An external keyboard: Doesn’t matter which one as far as it is soft on the fingertips and doesn’t make much sound.

An external mouse. I find the laptop touchpad quite uncomfortable so an external mouse works best. I use a dell mouse if that matters.

Jerry Lee – Story LeatherJerry Lee

Here are my top 3 favorite laptop accessories:

1. The Anker USB-C to 3-Port USB — perfect for newer Macbook Pro with few expansion ports.

2. 3M™ Privacy and Screen Protectors — I like these applied on my laptops simply for privacy reasons, this is especially critical when I bring my laptop and work in the public coffee shops and cafes

3. Our very own Story Leather laptop sleeves — custom made with my favorite color and personalized with my name and company logo

Shea Stamper – Safer TechShea Stamper

1) Orange Glasses for e-reading at 2 hours before bed to cancel out blue light emissions that cause insomnia. (They’re cheap – $10)

2) Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices in White. (We don’t promote the use of Wireless headphones )

3) CreepBlockers – Snowden-style privacy emblems that both block webcam and muffle microphones on your laptop.

Rajat Dora – The Viral TechsRajat Dora

So here are my top three laptop accessories

1. Wireless mouse

If you’re going to get a mouse for your laptop, make sure it’s wireless. If you’re a gamer then they’re great for total freedom of movement and with most gaming mice having a battery life of between 25 and 50 hours you don’t have to worry about them running out of juice. For non-gamers, they’re just well…a lot more convenient!

2. PowerStick USB charger

Your laptop is capable of performing all sorts of tasks and serves as your best friend at most times. Unfortunately, its batteries drain down pretty fast—what do you do?

It’s true; there is nothing more annoying than seeing your battery life run out when you happen to be far from your charger, which is the reason why a PowerStick USB charger proves to be a welcome device. You just need to plug it into your laptop via the USB port and your internal battery is charged.

This very useful laptop accessory comes packaged with a standard USB port for charging your device and also contains a Mini USB, Micro USB and an Apple 32-pin connector that helps in charging iPhones and iPads. It can double up as a USB memory stick boasts a storage capacity of 4GB to 16GB.

3. Laptop Cooler Pad/Podium

Despite the fact that today’s laptop processors run generally cool; they’re still equipped for creating a considerable measure of warmth.

In the event that you put your tablet through extend periods of time of utilization, it doesn’t hurt one piece to keep it cooler by setting it on top of a laptop cooler podium.

Indeed on the off chance that you have the propensity for setting your portable workstation on a bed, floor covering or other surfaces that can possibly hinder the vents bringing the laptop to run sultrier, we particularly suggest you get a cooling platform. Most are lightweight and genuinely versatile like today’s laptops, and there are huge amounts of decisions out there.

Bradley Shaw – SEO Expert BradBradley Shaw

I use my laptop all day, every day. My favorite three gadgets are:

A cooling device is a must! I use this one from Bestek.

I use Laptuk Pro at my desk. It helps me to keep my desktop clean and clutter-free.

I love the solar charging Logitech wireless keyword. Is there anything worse than getting to work and your keyboard battery is dead!

Happy Raj – Happy Raj

I work on my laptop several hours a day. Earlier, I would lay it on the table and work like that throughout. After a while, I began to feel a strain in the neck and arms. That is when I decided I will try out a laptop stand.

I bought the Lapcare Laptop stand with a cooling pad. It cost me less than $20 but took care of the discomfort almost instantly. It elevates the laptop and positions it ergonomically at the eye level. It is now my perfect companion through those crunching hours.

Thanks to my friend who suggested I bought a wireless keyboard as it would be difficult to use the elevated laptop keypad. It occurred to me that reaching out to the touchpad on a raised laptop will also be a tough task and I needed a wireless mouse.

While scouring Amazon and eBay I stumbled upon Logitech’s Keyboard & Mouse combo MK270. Priced at around $22 and with great customer reviews, it seemed like a viable purchase. I will only say that I am more than satisfied with these accessories. I work more comfortably and stress my arms, neck, back, and eyes less.

Jitendra Dabhi – Tech Tip TrickJitendra Dabhi

Laptop accessories like Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth Soundbar, and laptop Skins are my favorite accessories because they enhance the user experience and make my laptop stand out from the crowd.

Also, a Bluetooth mouse and a sound bar make sure my mobility is increased and I can enjoy great entertainment content on the laptop.

I am big on media consumption and as such my movies and TV series sound great with the sound bar plus I can control the playback from a distance with a Bluetooth mouse.

The skin is for aesthetic and safety purposes. Not only the laptop looks nice and different from the rest but it even protects from scratches, drops and more.

Although so many laptops look the same, mine always catches attention because of the Dbrand skin that it adorns. The additional expense is all worth it considering the improved user experience these accessories provide.

Gagan Kamboj – Trick JunctionGagan Kamboj

I love gadgets and their accessories but as a student, my favorite laptop accessories are:

1. Portable hard disk

In my opinion, a Portable hard disk is must have accessory if you have a laptop or desktop. Old days are gone when we use small 4-8 GB memory sticks to take data from one device to other. With portable hard disk, I can carry my important stuff (notes, movies, and games) with me anywhere.

2. Headphones

Headphones are my 2nd most favorite accessory. With the headphones, I can watch my favorite movies and listen to music whenever I want without disturbing others. The family behind me has absolutely no idea about what I am listening.

3. Wireless gaming mouse

Being a gamer a wireless mouse is an essential accessory for me. With a wireless mouse, I get the freedom of movement. Battery life of a wireless mouse is also around 25-35 hours so I don’t need to worry about them. Now gamers can also use a wireless mouse as it is a good option instead of that trackpad.

Swaraj Nandedkar – Techno BonesSwaraj Nandedkar

My Acer Laptop is the only way I can do blogging as of now. So having fabulous accessories to improve my productivity and efficiency is important. Here are top 3 best laptop accessories that I use.

1. Laptop Cooler

The heat is one of the biggest enemies of the laptops. In India, the scorching heat of summers is sufficient to increase the temperature of the laptop, decreasing its performance and damaging internal components slowly.

So, I bought a small generic laptop cooler, which keeps my laptop cool by keeping heat out of the heat.

2. Wireless Mouse

Most of the laptops don’t have the good trackpad. It is quite difficult when you are a graphic designer or gamer to use the trackpad. So, having a Wireless Mouse gives you extra precision in using the laptop. I use HP X3500 Wireless Mouse.

3. External Hard Disk

Laptop Storage is never sufficient for my needs. I have a 1TB internal Hard drive, but it is not enough for my storage needs. So, I use the Western Digital 2.5 in 1 TB External Hard Disk for extra storage and portability.

Shubham Habib – Hackerz TrickzShubham Habib

Well, there are many must have laptop accessories which make our using experience better and useful. But if you ask me about top 3 laptop accessories than I have mentioned my list below.

1. A laptop power bank 

Whenever you are away from your charger and your laptop’s battery is dead than a Laptop power bank becomes a savior for you in suck tough times so you can charge your laptop and continue your work.

2. Waterproof Laptop Bag

Traditional laptop bags are good, but they do have their limitations, they can protect your laptop from dust and stain but not from rainwater that’s the time a when a waterproof laptop bag becomes very important. It is waterproof as well as it has all the features of a traditional laptop bag.

3. Laptop Cooling Pad 

A laptop cooling pad keeps your laptop safe and cooler because you will keep your laptop on it and that will protect your laptop from the extracting heat from inside.

Aditya Mishra – Gadgets GrabAditya Mishra

My favorite accessory that I use on my laptop is wireless headphones because I love to listen to music when I work and wired headphones get me irritated.

The second accessory is a laptop cooling fan cum stand which gives me long lasting work free from heating issues. Along with this it also makes me feel comfortable while writing.

The third accessory is a laptop bag which helps me a lot in securing my laptop in journeys because I travel often. And the bag plays a very important role in it.

I hope these laptop accessories will suit you also and fulfill your needs.

Nikhil Makwana – MegeByteNikhil Makwana

Laptops have made the life of professionals incredibly easy. Nowadays we see many laptops around than what it was just five years back. Laptops too need some accessories to boost its usability and to get comfort for its users. Today I am going to list my top favorite laptop accessories.

#1. Wireless Headphone

First thing comes to my mind is wireless headphone when I think about my favorite laptop accessories. I love music and prefer to listen to my favorite music playlists when I work. Music makes me feel active while I work, and this is why wireless headphone is a must accessory for me. I prefer Logitech H800 wireless headphone over wired one. It is very easy to connect and gives me noise-cancellation mic for crystal clear sound of music as well. Apart from that, I need not worry about bundling the wires after the use.

#2. Cooling Pad

Using an HAVIT cooling pad for my laptop, not only helps me to work for a long time but it also allows to keep my laptop cool. Ultra-quite fans keep noise free environment, which is needed at any job place. I work smart, but my laptop works hard. So many active apps increase the temperature of the machine. But this cooling pad help to reduce the heat and keep my laptop cool. As a result, I get a speedy process to work.

#3. Mouse

Every laptop has a touchpad. But with an external mouse, I get more comfort to work for longer period. To get all these benefits, I use a VicTsing wireless mouse, which has five adjustable DPI levels and allows me to extend my arm whenever I want to.
So, these are my top three favorite laptop accessories, which I believe are the same for most of us here as well.

Vivek Kumar – The247techVivek Kumar

I love these 3 laptop accessories.

1. A ‘Laptop stand’ to make working more comfortable.

2. A multi-device keyboard which is comfortable with other devices too.

3. A gamer wireless mouse for the best working experience.

Bhanu Chander Bathini – The Computer GenBhanu Chander Bathini

A laptop is really a sensitive gadget, rough/poor usage might end up damaging your laptop. You can use laptop accessories to make your gadget more productive and effective. My list of favorite laptop accessories includes cooling pad, wireless mouse, backpack and cleaner kit.

1. Cooling Pad: A Cooling Pad is a must have accessory for a laptop as it’s extremely useful. With intense usage, laptops usually start heating, and overheating may damage the motherboard. I usually do heavy tasks on my laptop, (sometimes gaming too), by doing all these, my laptop starts heating up, with the help of cooling pad, the temperature of my laptop becomes normal.

Keeping the temperature cool is very much required as I don’t want to end up damaging my motherboard due to heating.

2. Wireless Mouse: A wireless mouse isn’t necessary but it’ll help you to get more work done in less time. I really like a wireless mouse, as I’m not comfortable with the touchpad. And of course, for gaming, the touchpad doesn’t work. So for me, a wireless mouse is a much-needed accessory to carry on my work on my laptop. And it also helps me in speeding the pace of my work.

3. Laptop Bag: In case, if you don’t have a backpack to safely carry your laptop, then you better get one. I travel a lot (especially in summer) exploring new places etc. I need to carry my laptop with me all the time, back pack helps me in carrying the laptop safely without any damage to its body.

4. Cleaner Kit: Well, everyone might not carry a cleaner kit but it’s quite useful and can save your laptop at certain times from damages which are caused due to dust. And with time, dust accumulates in the sensitive areas of a laptop. You can’t just directly clean the dust by using any cloth or something. So in order to remove the dust and keep my laptop clean, I use the cleaner kit.

Raza Vakil – All Gaming EverythingRaza Vakil

My 3 favorite laptop accessories are:

1. A Laptop Cooler: We all know about how laptops are compact and little powerhouses but technically they can get toasty when you get it to do tasks that are intensive like video editing or gaming.

A USB Laptop cooler can help to keep it cool when under this kind of workloads, thus improving performance and also increasing the longevity of the hardware inside the laptop.

2. Laptop Skins: Whether it’s for getting rid of the old look or just for giving it a texture that you prefer, skins are an addition to your laptop. They won’t exactly tank anything when you drop the laptop, but will certainly provide a layer of protection against dust and scratches. While we’re on the subject, a combination of that and a keyboard cover is a perfect way to keep those nasty oil stains on the keys and other parts of the laptop from forming up.

3. Mouse: It goes without saying that the trackpad on your laptop can only do so much. When it comes to getting work done quickly and when on the go, a mouse is pretty much the tool for speed and accuracy, not to mention that they’re pretty cheap and reliable.

Krishna Prajapati – AmazingdroidKrishna Prajapati

So laptops are my favorite gadgets as they provide complete access to the digital world. If you are the geek or any fan of this thing I bet you would have that lust of getting the best out of it.. from software to hardware. And you can improve and upgrade by adding accessories.

The best thing about accessories is that it allows you to get new or better things to you laptop instantly and the things come in budget too.

If you look at software update they take time while hardware money. If you want to instantly make some cool customization in your laptop accessories are the ideal way.

So with this being known let me list out my favorite laptop accessories.

1) Privacy filter

This is for you if you are concerned about your privacy or using that laptop in public or in office and not want anyone to have a peek at your screen. Applying this filter will let your screen visible from straight only if anyone trying to look at it will see nothing just a blank screen.

2) WD 1TB hard drive with USB 3.0

Believe it or not space matters a lot. Ever you found out yourself in the situation where you want to have some data collection and you are out of space? So here’s your solution. As you know more modern laptops are a coming out with smaller drive space because they have a challenge with design to keep it light and many factors so. This helps you keep your laptop clean, fast and more spacious.Agreed?

3) Keyboard keyguard cover

This is the most basic of all and I think you must have it. I know most of the modern laptops coming with a quality keyboard but if you not own that one then this is the must. It helps you keep your laptop keyboard clean and protected from the food you enjoy besides it, dust and some even water.

Soham Banker – AppsPrisonSoham Banker

When it comes to buying laptop accessories, portability and entertainment are the top priorities for me since I am an avid traveller.

I own an Apple Macbook Air which is a fantastic laptop and works great since I always work when I am on the move. Given the superb performance of Macbook in all aspects, the 3 things that I always carry with it are; a Laptop Backpack, Headphones & an External Hard Drive.

I recently bought myself a new backpack and headphones which I wouldn’t mind sharing with you all.

American Tourister Encarta: This is surely one of the best laptop backpacks with 2 large compartments and 2 pouches to store small equipments like your External Hard Drive or headphones. It’s super portable and the material is quite durable as well.

SkullCandy 2XL Phase On-Ear Headphones: ASTOUNDING! This is the one word I would use to describe these. It’s been just a couple of weeks I started using these headphones and it’s just bliss to listen to any kind of music or watch movies. They advertise them as the DJ headphones, so they can help people who are into producing music as well.

WD Elements 1TB Potable External Hard Drive: Western Digital has been always my top choice when I am looking for an external hard drive. WD promises a super fast transfer, compact design and a 3 year warranty as well. This has been a work horse on a daily basis since 3 months. A little bulky but the quality suffices that.

I hope this helps you in some way or the other, these options are super affordable and provide exactly the performance/quality you are looking for.

Teja Pagidimarri – Save It Or Not

Teja Pagidimarri

GoGroove USB Laptop Computer Speaker With Clip-On Portable Soundbar Design

Improve your Laptop’s sound with the GOgroove SonaVERSE USB Laptop Speaker in red. This speaker can be clipped onto any surface under 1/2″ thick, making it appropriate for the highest points of Notebooks and desktop screens, work areas, and much more.

It’s double high-excursion drivers pumps huge sound in a little bundle, and the speaker helpfully associates by means of USB. Included with the SonaVERSE USB Laptop Speaker, a clip to attach to the screens and standalone use clip.

Laptop Privacy Screen

Rather than holding up and using your Laptop when individuals aren’t around, fixing a privacy screen which acts as a filter that will minimize the viewing angles is the best choice. It’ll twist any view from the side or from above and darken your screen to everybody except you. Frequently found in banks, financial institutions, and medical offices, a privacy screen can protect your valuable details by adding an extra layer of security particularly in broad daylight places.

Drawing Tablets

Drawing tablets can be helpful for making lectures, presentations, or building a YouTube video. You can do free hand on this gadget, with a stylus you can draw unreservedly and exhibit your work better. It is additionally an extraordinary apparatus for you on the off chance that you are into drawing.

Pavan Kulkarni – Info2incPavan Kulkarni

Laptops are the computers of the new generation which changed the concept of fixed desktop for a fixed place. The success mantra behind the laptop is that its handy nature can be used in any place, no hassle of tangling wires, long-running battery capacity for a professional person.

It has also had its landmarks in gaming also laptops like Alienware, and some very high-end laptops are now specially built for gaming these all things put together gave success for laptops.

Alienware and some very high-end laptops are now specially built for gaming these all things put together gave success for laptops.

So when laptops were a success they created some kind of hindrances like as USB slots, Backlight for laptops keypad and may like that so to overcome these all problems there was the introduction of accessories for laptops which would take the performance of one person to another level from current level.

These are our 3 Favorite Laptop accessories,


USB HUB is one of our favorite accessories because it would give me a number of slots for connecting USB drives, Flash Drives, and many other things. There was a time when we had only 2 USB slots available on a laptop but now they have increased in numbers up to 4 maximum so a person who needs a number of slots like us it became our favorite accessory.


This is on our list because we regularly work at night and in dark place, where we will not have enough light for our keypad and our laptop doesn’t have a backlighted keypad so this makes us necessary and also a favorite one. We are using MI’s UBS Light for this purpose.

USB Power Stick Charger:

This is my favorite among all the other accessories in the list of ours, you have used power bank for charging a phone and you might have used a laptop’s battery to charge a phone, but now things have changed now we can charge our laptop using this USB Power Stick Charger. This acts as a very powerful backup option when you are away from a charging point.

So these were our 3 most favorite laptop accessories which we are using for a long time, it might feel that all are USB devices but they are essential as well as our favorite accessories.

Scott PurcellScott Purcell – Man of Many

My three favorite tech accessories are basically tools that make your work on a laptop more productive.

1. Samsung T3 Portable SSD – With thinner laptops and limited stories, it’s great to be able to have your larger files with you on the go, or even a few high-res movies or TV series to watch when you’re traveling. The Samsung T3 SSD meets all of these goals and is compact, portable and has incredibly high transfer speeds.

2. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mobile Mouse – A touchpad is all well and good, but if you’re going to get some serious work done, you really need the versatility of a mouse. The MX Anywhere mouse delivers accuracy in a compact form factor.

3. If you’re using your laptop on regularly on the go, you need to take care good care of it. Enter the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve with a microfiber lining for added protection and durability.

Hemant Mendiratta – TechUntoldHemant Mendiratta

My top favorite laptop accessories are:

Foldable laptop tables:

Nowadays most of the people vouch for laptops than the old-fashioned desktops; since the laptops are portable and more convenient for usage.

Though they are called laptops but it is too hard to work on your laptop by putting it on your lap. It is highly painful to sit in a fixed posture with the laptop on your lap. You can also think of placing your laptop on the bed and use it.

But that’s not something very convenient since you need to bend down to work on your device and that can be the cause of shoulder or back pain. Thus the portable laptop tables, which provide you with a stable platform; where you can just put your laptop and work without causing pain to your body. The laptop tables come in various sizes and shapes; moreover in a different material.

One can also make the favorite pick from numerous designs that are available in the market. They are completely portable and you can even put them on your bed to work without any hassle.

Cooling Pads:

If you are a gamer or you work for a long time on your laptop then you must know how hot your laptop gets when you are playing games or working for a long time. This heating problem is very common in the laptops and has been a nuisance for the laptop owners ever since.

Thus, the cooling pads which help you to maintain the temperature of your laptop. The cooling pads are equipped with powerful fans and heat sinks which channel the heat outside your system and help it cool down without being damaged by overheating. These pads are available in different prices and qualities from which you can easily choose the perfect one for yourself.

Screen Protector:

How does it feel when your laptop screen gets all dusty and full of hand imprints? Surely, it irritates every laptop user and there is a subtle way to get rid of this problem. Yes! A laptop screen protector is all you will need to bid farewell to this nuisance. The laptop screen protectors protect your laptop from dust particles, scratches and finger imprints.

Thereby, they protect the clarity and quality of your laptop screen. There is a myriad of screen protectors available in the market from which you can easily choose the best for yourself.

These top accessories for laptops will ensure a longer life of your device. Pick the best brands and quality products for the safety of the laptop.

Joseph Thomas A Bit AboveJoseph Thomas

My three favorite laptop accessories are situational, but I’d hate to be without any of them:

#1. 10-Key USB Numpad

The compact form factor of ultrabooks usually forces us to sacrifice our precious Numpad, long acclaimed for data entry. Luckily, remedying this problem is cheap and simple: most USB 2.0 numpads cost less than $20 and will last you for years to come.

A caveat, though: check to make sure that the Numpad you’ve selected encodes its input in the native hexadecimal codes for your OS’s existing number keys. Having to remap your numpad’s input every time you plug it into another device is never fun.

#2. Laptop Cooling Pad

This alleviates two big problems you see with laptops:

The first has to do with when you actually use your laptop on your lap. Normally, hot spots (underneath the CPU and GPU) build up on the underside of the laptop after continued use. These hot spots are then pressed against your body, which yields a distracting, uncomfortable sensation. Our body also acts like an insulating layer against the laptop’s chassis, causing further heat build-up, and making a bad situation even worse. A laptop cooling pad prevents this

Our body also acts like an insulating layer against the laptop’s chassis, causing further heat build-up, and making a bad situation even worse. A laptop cooling pad prevents this uncomfortably, for one.

But perhaps more importantly, it keeps our laptop’s fans unobstructed and moving as much air as possible. Obstructed air intake and exhaust ports result in our laptop running significantly hotter. These high temperatures bottleneck our laptop’s performance and reduce the lifespan of its components. This is an especially important issue for our laptops’ GPUs, which are known for frequently and irreversibly failing in response to periods of high heat.

Because most laptop GPUs are integrated with the motherboard and CPU, repairing your computer after such a failure means you’d be forced to replace the three most expensive components at the same time. This usually costs about as much as a new laptop and should be avoided at all costs.

For these reasons, a $25 laptop cooling pad is a prudent investment in your comfortability and your laptop’s longevity.

#3. USB Hub

Most laptop accessories require one or more USB ports for power and data transfer. The continued reduction in the size of consumer laptops, unfortunately, also reduces the number of USB ports available to us. More often than not, we’ve left with two or three USB 2.0 ports and a single, highly-coveted USB 3.0 port. This forces us to choose between our beloved accessories. Why does it have to be that way?

In short, it doesn’t! A USB hub reduces the scarcity of our valuable ports and also prevents damage to our motherboard in case a USB device ever gets stuck or damaged. It’s a dream come true for the accessories aficionado.

Manidipa Bhaumik – WPBlogging360.comManidipa Bhaumik

My laptop is that one thing, I spend most of my time with. So it becomes essential to make it complete with some must-have accessories. There are many which I use from time to time, however, below are those ones which are needed on regular basis.

Stereo Headset: A good headset is much needed for any professional blogger. Whether it is about watching some video tutorial or attending any online meeting, clear sound is indeed needed. So it makes sense to invest on some good stereo headsets.

External Hard Drive: It can be termed as a life-saver for anyone. An external hard drive allows you to create a backup for your entire system and frees up space.

Cooling Pads: Being a full-time blogger, I need to use my laptop for longer hours. Cooling pads have become a necessity in such situations. This helps to keep the laptop cool and avoid some serious heating issues.

Shahnawaz Sadique – Common Stupid ManShahnawaz Sadique

I do not buy many laptop accessories but there are some which I use daily and can’t image my work without those accessories.

1. To concentrate more on my work, I listen to music by using this awesome headphone, I have become a fan of wireless accessories now, wireless things gives much freedom and comfort.

2. As I write a lot on my laptop and work at least 7-8 hours daily, that;s why I need a wireless mouse and keyboard. I picked this one and enjoying my working daily.

3. I also release info products time to time for my readers. And to provide excellent voice quality I started using a microphone and just loving it.

Gaurav KumarGaurav Kumar – eAskMe.com

When I buy a laptop, it is not just the laptop that I buy, there are some other important accessories that I must buy with a laptop. These accessories are very necessary for a laptop user. Let`s see what are these must have laptop accessories:

How can you carry a laptop for long distance if you do not have a bag? A laptop makes you go mobile. You can take it anywhere are work from anywhere, but to carry it you need a laptop bag which is not just good but waterproof also.

Ethernet Cable:
There is no doubt that you can connect your laptop with wireless connection. But what if, you stay in a hotel and find an Ethernet connection in your room? In that case, you need an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is must have accessories for a laptop user.

Stereo Headset:
No matter where you go, music always feed your mind. It is always good to carry a stereo headset with you from day one, not only to listen music or movie audio but also to attend client`s calls. This also helps you to enjoy without interrupting others.

These are the few must-have accessories that I always keep with me.

Kelly KennedyKelly Kennedy – Colamco

My favorite laptop accessory has to be a wireless mouse. For me, the trackpad doesn’t cut it. I like the ergonomic fit of a wireless mouse and the long battery life. My personal favorite is the Logitech Wireless Mouse M310, the scroll wheel is perfect for reading online. It also comes with 18 months of battery life, so there’s no need to constantly change the battery. It’s also perfect for both right and left-handed people.

While the wireless mouse is an absolute necessity, I also like periodically use my laptop as a desktop with a docking station. The convenience of plugging in my laptop to a dock and instantly turning it into a desktop is a time saver and a space saver. I’m currently using a Microsoft Surface tablet and find that the Targus Universal USB 3.0 DV2K Docking Station is a perfect fit. With an unbeatable 3 year warranty, it’s definitely worth a try with nothing to lose. It’s compatible with PCs, Macs and Android Devices.

Finally, to complete my workstation, I’ve invested in dual monitors. The HP V244h 23.8 LED LCD Monitor is a great affordable choice. It’s widescreen resolution of 16:9 is perfect for watching movies or for achieving maximum productivity during work. It’s also compatible with the VESA mount so you can choose to mount on the wall or have on your desk.

Max Jacobs – Future SharksMax Jacobs

Here are my top 3 laptop accessories:

Flux Charger Plus to use as an external battery for my USB-C Laptop. I love the Flux Charger Plus because I can carry it with me at all times and it’s 10,000 mah provides me with a full laptop charge for my Macbook. It is the best investment that I’ve made as far as laptop accessories go.

Level8 Laptop Case. This case is nothing out of the ordinary but it gets the job done of protecting my laptop while still being at an affordable price. Bonus points for the handles.

Call me old-school but I still like to use a mouse when working on my laptop. I’m a bit geeky so I like to use the Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse. You can configure the set of 6 buttons that it comes with so that you can do a lot of handy shortcuts not just related to gaming.

Shivam Goel – NerdsDeskShivam Goel

When it comes to laptop accessories I always prefer these products and also use it personally.

Well, my first pick is a Keyboard Cover. This is my favorite accessory and I can’t stress how important and profitable this little accessory is in long run. I have seen many folks who mistakenly spills a little water and damage the whole laptop. So, it’s always better to use a keyboard cover plus you can buy one at dirt cheap price.

My second pick would be a good quality cooling pad. There are time’s when you use your laptop extensively, be it for watching movies or doing research. Soon you won’t be able to keep it on your lap as the bottom portion will start to heat up. Me being a blogger always use my laptop continuously so this thing is a savior for me.

My third and last pick would be a laptop bag. Everyone looking for laptop accessories should invest in a good quality laptop bag. Personally, I like to travel a lot and laptop bag is a must for me. A good quality laptop bag will protect your laptop from dust and will make carrying the laptop while traveling easier for you. Without a proper bag all accessories and laptop would be difficult to carry, therefore you should buy one.

Nikhlesh Kumar Gupta – Tricks BiteNikhlesh Kumar Gupta

1.) Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your laptop may not seem like a big deal to some people, but a clean screen is easier to read.

2.) A laptop sleeve is a must if you plan to carry your laptop and textbooks in the same bag. A good sleeve will protect your laptop from damage.

3.) Laptop Cooling Pad

Most laptops get so hot that you need a cooling pad, not just for comfortably using the laptop on your lap but also for extending the notebook’s lifespan and preventing overheating.

Blair Urquhart – Best SEO Companies

Blair Urquhart

Zelotes mouse

You may wonder why I don’t use the inbuilt laptop mouse for me laptop mouses inbuilt ones are normally slow and break easy, stop you getting work done but on my Zelotes it gives me great speed and if you play games like me it can be good use to use on plus it does change colours which for me is nice to watch sometimes

Laptop Fans

A lot of people don’t know that having a laptop on all the time will normally make it go warm and in fairness if it overheats it end up breaking it most laptops contain an inbuilt fan, but for me some of them are poor quality which is why I buy an external one to keep attached to my laptop, so it stays cool attached to one of my laptop USB ports


I like many people enjoy listening to music when I do work on anything more less so I always have speakers on when I am doing SEO jobs which for makes me work faster overall.

Mi Muba – Be A Money BloggerMi Muba

Working from home is fun but equally, it needs a lot of things to do to work smoothly without any hindrance.

So your working tools should be fully functional and also of high quality else you would be either getting them repaired again and again or replacing them with new one quite frequently.

My favorite laptop accessories are many as I don’t compromise on comfort while working because it may affect your productivity if you are not happy while working.

I use a simple and easy to hand cooling pad to stay comfortable while working on my laptop and never feel its heat and that’ why I work for longer hours quite happily.

I live in a west open flat (in Karachi Pakistan wind direction is from the west) and in the evening I prefer to enjoy natural weather instead of working in an AC-chilled environment. So I open the windows of my room and they also bring dust from outside.

To keep my laptop clean I use a cleaning brush that’s made for electronics items’ cleaning. It reaches to every narrow space of your gadget and removes the dust from it.

To work for lengthy hours it is not possible to do all my work while sitting. I use a laptop stand to work a few hours while standing else I feel a little pain in my back sitting static on a chair.

Rohin Dua – ImTechie.in

Rohin Dua

Heyya All Technocrats

All of us are so much surrounded by the Technology these days and that it’s impossible to thrive without it in the modern age and it’d be naïve to be not aware of most basic of gadgets for increased efficiency. Almost everybody in the world owns a laptop to attend to their needs be it commercial, educational or communication.

But laptops, like computers, too have their certain limitations which may keep you from attending to your required seamless needs. So here I list the three most important Laptop accessories to carry around to enjoy using it without any hindrance.

Power Backup: First & Foremost on the list, a good power bank is the one accessory, which has a universal appeal & need for all the gadget lovers. Laptop, Phone & Tabs tend to lose power at important time junctures and that’s where a Power Bank comes handy. A 20000 mAh power bank should be safe bet seeing the requirements today. It can charge a laptop a couple of times. Phone or Tab may even be charged four to five times as well.

USB Note Book Light: This is another gem if you are fond of working late nights without disturbing your partner. The light illuminates your keyboard as well as work as a good antiglare against laptop screen. It can also be used with Kindle. Its light weight and is super space efficient.

Laptop Carrying Case: It looks alien to carry big leather Laptop Bags or kits, instead you can look for nice, compact and colorful laptop carrying case. With a decent storing capacity, cool looks & compact size, laptop carrying cases are a perfect accessory to have.

Arjun Sarin – The Fair OpinionArjun Sarin

Charger – A charger is a lifeline of the Laptop. When choosing I charger I prefer a lightweight charger with a long chord so that I can have room to move around.

Mouse – I spend a lot of time doing excel work and other told. Due to this, I prefer using the mouse. When I buy a mouse I prefer to use a wireless mouse which is light weight.

Bag – A good bag is a necessity. I need a lightweight backpack which should be water resistant, strong and with a lot of pockets to keep papers & stuff.

Mihir Gadhvi – 3nionsMIHIR GADHVI

Well, when it comes to a laptop accessories, I become serious about it as it is one of the devices that I use daily. Below are some of the hardwares that I use daily along with my Laptop.


70 % of my work includes branding and designing. We all know that Laptop’s TouchPad doesn’t work the way we want specially if you are a graphic designer. Thus using an optical mouse my job becomes pretty easy.

External Hard drive

The Laptop usually comes with 1TB or 2TB drive storage (Which is not enough if you’re running a 2 websites). I usually take backup of my site every week and keep them in my external HDD. On the other hand, it helps me keeping my Laptop free from extra large files.

USB cable

It’s is one of the most important device for me. It helps me out to move my file from my cellphone to PC faster. I always carry the USB cable with me in my bag.

Hussain OmarHussain Omar – Cost Effective SEO

Actually, I spend a lot of time on my laptop, that’s why I should make this time comfortable, and this is where the accessories come in, I usually use these ones:

Headphone, yeah it is so important, most of the laptops don’t provide great audio quality with their internal speakers when compared to the headphones, or the external speaker, that’s why I always prefer to have a headphone somewhere very close to the laptop.

External Hard Disk, is another important thing for me, I always have it as a backup solution for me when it comes to those huge files I need to keep safe.

My 12 Cells laptop battery, is another thing I love, being on a laptop you need to feel that you are not connected to the power source as long as it can be, this is the real joy of it, no one want to have the headache of looking for the power source all the time. And this is why I love it! It gives me constantly 7-8 hours when I do my ordinary tasks, playing YouTube, and browsing the Facebook blogger groups I’m a member in, and that’s a lot of fun for me.

These are the accessories that I always care to have.

Karthik MuraliKarthik Murali – Murali Karthik

Practically living with my laptop for more than 16 hours a day (be it work/blogging/watching movies), there are a few accessories that are pretty vital to me.

Here are top 3 things that I really recommend everyone should have

1. Audio Technica ATH M20X: A professional studio quality headphones, this can deliver you the highest quality of sound and effects, esp when you are watching a movie or listening to songs. These headphones are designed for comfort to ensure it doesn’t hurt you, even during long usage.

2. Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse: Essential for both gaming and work, it’s extremely difficult without using a wireless mouse. Despite a smooth tracking pad in the laptop, the comfort of a wireless is way better.

3. Cooling Pad: Extended hours of working on the laptop can really cause it to heat. Despite a small internal fan inside the laptop, it’s not sufficient for the laptop to get cooled. Very soon, you might experience a “Thermal Overheating” issue. To avoid this, it’s good to use a proper cooling pad underneath with adjustable height. Tip: Go for a dual fan model for better cooling efficiency than the single fan placed in the center.

Navneet GoelNavneet Goel – Android Tutorials

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard:

I love “Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard” ($29) keyboard. It is easily available on Amazon. It is Very basic but very comfortable and more productive. Easy to set-up of this Bluetooth keyboard is another point in its favor.

The K380 is compatible with pretty much any operating system I can throw at it: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, etc. It Automatically recognizes each device and maps keys to gives me a familiar layout, including shortcuts. It has Two-year battery life that Virtually eliminates the need to change batteries.

Roost Laptop Stand – Portable & Adjustable (For Apple MacBook and PC):

The “Roost Laptop Stand – Portable & Adjustable (For Apple MacBook and PC)” ($75) is one of the must-haves. I have a full workstation without hunching over my laptop. The adjustable stand gives me between 6” and 12” of additional height, and it can accommodate just about any laptop out there. It is Incredibly light and fully collapsible. It Makes a perfect gift for a techie like me.


Now nothing could be completed without music. Whether that’s through headphones or speakers. Personally, I use headphones because I’m more on the road with my laptop than at home, and I don’t want to bother people with my music. There are so many options and prices range from €30 to a €400. I do feel that headphones last a long time. I bought an “expensive” pair 4 years ago, and I still use it daily. It’s worth it to splurge if you ask me. there is the choice for headphones with or without a wire. In my favorites below, I tried to mix “cheaper” models with more expensive ones.
1. Sudio Sweden Regent white – €129
2. JBL T450BT white – €47
3. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless – €379

Sean SiSean Si – SEO Hacker

Favorite laptop accessories would be:

My armrest protectors. It’s a simple sticker that protects the armrest of my laptop from getting darker due to use over time.

My case. A MacBook Air can seem very fragile so I made sure to put it in a hard case.

My laptop bag. It’s a Peak Design messenger bag. Love it. Got it on their launch at kickstarter.

Thank you so much to all the bloggers who contributed to this expert roundup! If you enjoyed reading this post, then share it with all your friends on social medi and follow this blog for more awesome posts like this one.

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