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Best Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Wireless Mouse
(Editor's Choice)
7.64 x 2.48 x 5.91 in 0.63 poundsWindows Check Price
VicTsing Wireless Mouse3.03 x 4.33 x 1.93 in3.4 ouncesWindows, Linux Check Price
Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 1.77 x 5.71 x 3.74 in 5.01 ouncesWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.5 or later Check Price
G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse 3.27 x 5.47 x 1.73 in5.6 ounces Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 8 Check Price
Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse 3 x 3.5 x 2 in 3.2 ounces Linux, Windows 7, Windows, Windows 8, Windows 10 Check Price
Apple Magic Mouse 22.9 x 5.1 x 1.4 in 0.5 pounds Mac OS X Check Price
Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse2.24 x 7.01 x 8.58 in3.2 ouncesWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.5 or later Check Price
Logitech 910-004556 Wireless Mouse M3351.3 x 2.41 x 3.96 in 3 ouncesWindows, Mac, Chrome OS Check Price
M330 Silent Plus 2.7 x 1.5 x 4.2 inches3.2 ouncesWindows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Chrome OS, Linux Kernel 2.6+2 Check Price
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 35002.76 x 5.63 x 8 in3.2 ouncesWindows Check Price

Logitech MX Wireless Mouse


For power users that are interested in finding the ultimate precision mouse, the Logitech MX allows you to seamlessly move content between three computers. You can easily scroll through web pages and documents easier and faster with this scroll wheel that is also speed-adaptive. It has the ability to power up in only three minutes for an entire day, plus the hand-crafted shape is sculpted to guarantee comfortable wrist and hand support.

Often thought as one of the best mice on the market, the Logitech’s MX is leading its competitors with its overall performance and its compatibility with Logitech’s Flow technology that allows it to connect with several devices simultaneously. It even allows you to use the copy-paste function in between different computers as well as provides support for dual connectivity so you can connect up to three Mac or Windows computers with either Bluetooth technology or a unifying receiver and eliminating any additional hardware.

With the Track Virtually Anywhere feature, the MX allows it to work on pretty much any surface, plus that battery will last up to 70 days on just one charge. The design was created with both performance and ergonomics in mind that allows for a comfort level that is sculpted to conform to your hand’s shape for a comfortable position that feels natural.



  • Good feeling mouse, smooth free scroll setting
  • Great customizability with the included software
  • Side buttons have a natural reach, not awkward feeling


  • Relativily expensive

VicTsing Wireless Mouse


Maximizing battery life, the VicTsing Wireless Mouse is a great mouse for those that are budget conscience. Including five adjustable CPIs, the VicTsing offers the perfect scroll speed, plus it has a 50-foot range before you drop the signal. Along with great wireless performance, the ergonomic shape and build of the Vic Tsing are designed to be skin-friendly and sweat-resistant for all-day support and comfort. Extra support is offered with the rest position for your little finger which is not often found on a mouse.

This mouse is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, and it uses energy-saving features to maximize its battery life allowing it to last up to 15 months with just one AA battery. The Vic Tsing features ease of use, reliability, and user comfort along with fast 2.4G data transmission with no dropouts or delays.

The Vic Tsing also features 5 adjustable DPI switches so you can control your own speed without using a driver or plus and play. The contoured shape will keep your hand comfortable during long hours of use, and the USB Nano Receiver is easily stored in the mouse’s back slot. Plus, the Auto Switch Off function allows you to save energy by switching off your wireless mouse when the receivers are disconnected or your PC is turned off.


  • Really light and moves well
  • Affordable and easy to set up
  • Easy to install and comfortable to use


  • Forward and back button are on the left side so there is a little getting used to it
  • Doesn’t allow for a silent click

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570


With the Logitech Wireless M570, there is no limit to where you can work and get precise cursor control. This convenient wireless trackball allows you to play or work wherever you want since you don’t have to worry about a mouse to move around and a keypad that leaves your hand feeling cramped. All you have to do is roll the ball back and forth with your thumb and click.

This precision trackball with its laser sensor is extremely comfortable and gives you precise and smooth cursor control with the thumb-operated trackball. Powerful enough to work 30 feet away from the receiver, it also has up to 18 months of power on just one AA battery. The scroll wheel and Back/Forward buttons allow you easy navigation of web pages and documents and its sculpted shape will support and keep your hand in just one place.

All the workload weight is carried by the trackball giving you precise and smooth cursor control no matter where you are. Its unique design also comes with a ton of buttons, plus it is compatible with up to six unifying devices that are connected by just one small wireless receiver.


  • High quality build as far as plastic thickness and feel
  • Affordable and great for daily use
  • Good battery life and very user-friendly


  • Scroll wheel is cheap and rough
  • Ball falls out too easily

G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse


One mouse that stands out from the pack with an impressive set of features is the Logitech’s G502. Delivering over 250 hours of battery life, the G502 has a shelf life of over 20 million clicks. With a two-millisecond response rate, the G502 has a very durable build that can withstand an intense gaming experience.

The G502 also includes 11 programmable buttons, and it supports both Mac and Windows operating systems making it very versatile as well as affordable. It also features a lag-free gaming experience. The power-saving Delta Zero sensor technology gives you pinpoint accuracy and highly durable primary switches will allow you to dominate your game playing experience.


  • Great build quality with a textured grip on each side
  • Comes with six thumb buttons
  • Don’t have to worry about accidental thumb button presses


  • Control isn’t very good
  • Thumb buttons are too high

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse


When you want more control to dominate your gaming experience, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse gives you extra controls so you can browse the web, navigate documents, or flip through photo albums. With point-and-click precision, the Logitech M510 also features a long battery life and a comfortably contoured shape with soft rubber grips that allows for longer game playing sessions. The well-designed mouse gives you efficiency and comfort for long periods of use providing support for your wrist and hand with rubber grips for your pinky and thumb.

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse also features customization options featuring shortcut tasks programmed into the buttons that make it easy to change application or open windows, and it has a wireless operating distance of about 10 meters. You can also use the laser on pretty much any surface except glass and the battery can last up to two years with daily use making it the best wireless mouse for Minecraft. Power users will be thrilled to know that it can connect up to six devices with the unifying receiver that plugs in via USB.


  • Extremely accurate and comfortable
  • Has a very long battery life, up to two years
  • Can be customized for application-specific settings


  • Mouse can be laggy depending on where the receiver is placed
  • Can’t use a USB port on the back of a standard PC for every situation

Apple Magic Mouse 2


Totally rechargeable, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a new design that lets you get rid of regular batteries. Created to only work with Apple’s computer line, the Magic Mouse 2 has a design that is characteristic of an Apple design skipping scroll wheels and buttons and instead choosing a multi-touch. Using only the quick brush of your finger, you can browse through web pages and navigate documents.

The optimized foot design of Apple’s Magic Mouse provides minimal desk resistance and the built-in battery will last you about 30 days before needing to be recharged using the Lightning-to-USB cable that will totally charge the battery in nine hours. With Apple’s multi-touch gestures, you can scroll, swipe, and zoom with a new refreshing way to use a mouse.

Apple’s unique design only weighs 7.2 ounces and includes a set of features that are hard to resist. The Apple Magic Mouse will automatically pair with your Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer making it the best wireless mouse for Macbook.


  • Great rechargeable battery feature
  • Will automatically sync with your computer once you have connected it with a lightning cable
  • Nice mouse for working with a laptop


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Heavier than expected

Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse


Using less than half the power that other mice need, the Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse lets you go around three years before needing a battery change. This is a convenient wireless mouse that works anywhere so you can browse the web, check emails, and navigate documents without having to worry about wires.

Where most mice would eat up batteries, the Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse simplifies your life by getting rid of the need and expense of frequent battery changes. Since it uses so much less power, you can literally go for years without having to change the battery which saves you money and is better for the planet too.

The Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse not only outlasts most of its competitors, but it also includes a comfortable ergonomic design that features a sculpted shape that naturally fits your hand. With advanced tracking, the Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse gives you an accurate and ultra-responsive cursor control that can work on several different types of surfaces that would give typical optical mice problems. With the three integrated thumb buttons, you can quickly and easily multitask by quickly swapping between applications.

The Logitech Unifying receiver is so small, it can actually fit inside a notebook and the hyper-fast scrolling features lets you fly through web pages and documents while you multitask. With its affordable price and long lasting battery life, the Logitech M705 is definitely worth checking out.


  • Great feeling mouse, high-quality
  • Smooth and comfortable handling
  • Impressively long-lasting battery


  • Tracking isn’t great
  • Laser isn’t in the center of the mouse

Logitech 910-004556 Wireless Mouse M335


Connecting to pretty much anything, the compact Logitech® M335 Wireless Mouse uses the Logitech Unifying Receiver allowing you the ability to create and work anywhere you want. Efficient and small, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M335 works on either a Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, or even to switch between the connecting with the small Unifying receiver that will fit inside a small book.

The Logitech® M335 Wireless Mouse will easily fit in your pocket or bag so you can take it anywhere to easily access your email, search the web, or work on a project. It’s comfortable and curved shape allows you to scroll, click, and move your mouse without every overworking your hand. The soft rubber grip on the mouse will also help keep your hand feeling comfortable during long hours of work.

With advanced navigation and tilt wheel, the Logitech® M335 Wireless Mouse lets you be more productive and versatile with side to side and up and down scrolling. You can also customize your mouse with the Logitech Options software for additional gesture support.

The Logitech M335 also work on pretty much any surface with smooth and precise pointing and clicking allowing you to take your work with you to the diner or back to the office on a smooth and polished desk. With long battery life, the Logitech M35 will last you about 18 months with just one batter.


  • Operates smoothly and scrolls quickly
  • Lightweight and good battery life
  • Compact and comfortable


  • Needs a different wireless USB block than the Logitech wireless keyboard
  • Doesn’t have a lot of features

Logitech M330 Silent Plus


When being as quiet as a mouse is necessary, the Logitech Silent Plus has a 90% reduction in click noise but maintains the same click feel. Minimizing distractions while maximizing your productivity, the Silent Plus features high-performance material feet plus a rubber wheel that provides quiet scrolling and gliding. Designed for comfort and quiet, the Silent Plus can be used to move and scroll all day long without making your hand feel tired with the curved soft-rubber grip and contoured right-handed shape you will be able to maintain a comfortable and natural position.

The Auto Sleep and On/Off switches make it very energy efficient, giving you up to two years on just one AA battery. With precise and smooth control, the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking offers the best precision on any type of surface with a rubber scroll wheel that effortlessly and silently glides for page and line by line scrolling.

This design is durable, reliable, and simple with an easy setup and up to 33 feet or wireless connection. The Logitech Silent Plus also connects using a small plug and forgets nano receiver to Chrome OS, Mac, Window, and Linux-based computers without any pairing hassles or the need to install software.


  • Has an accurate pointer, easy to control
  • Comfortable to use, great sensitivity
  • Great for playing games late at night


  • Not very quiet, it will start to squeak after a few months
  • Thumb side has an annoying curve that causes you to pick up the mouse which affects the pointer control

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500


If you are looking for both style and comfort, you will appreciate the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 and how comfortably it fits into your hand and your lifestyle. Using Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, the 3500 allows you to use it pretty much anywhere including on a carpet or rough wood making it best cheap wireless mouse on our list.

With Nano portability, the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 gives you wireless freedom in a compact and comfortable mouse. Plus, it’s transceiver that is so small it sticks out less than a centimeter that you can easily stow in the bottom of the mouse to easily transport it or plug it into your USB port.

You can use it for up to eight months using just one battery and the power indicator will let you know when it is time to replace it. You will also find that this mouse is comfortable in either hand making it versatile as well. And, it is available in two colors either Dragon Fruit Pink or Loch Ness Gray.


  • Laser is very precise and doesn’t have a lot of issues
  • Long-lasting battery, nice affordable mouse
  • Works well on a lot of surfaces


  • A little too small for your hand
  • Doesn’t come with a thumb button

Wireless Mouse Buying Guide

Wired or Not?

It’s a personal preference whether or not to use a wireless or a wired mouse. Wireless mice have the advantage not being tethered to your computer. You will no longer have the problem of getting tangled in your own cord, but you do have the possibility of running out of battery when you least expect it.

You can purchase wireless mice that come with their own charging docks so you don’t have to go through the bother of buying more batteries, although you will still have the responsibility of remembering to put it on its charging station. Most mice have an on/off switch that will help you to preserve power, but that only really helps if you actually remember to turn it off when you aren’t using it.

Wireless receivers are another part of the wireless mouse experience that you have to deal with. Many of them have nano receivers that sit flush with your USB port while others will sit a little farther out from the port. Obviously, those mice with the nano receiver are a little pricier, but if you are travel frequently, it is probably a good option for you.

Wired mice give you the freedom of not worrying about receivers and batteries since it is already attached to your computer and receiving its power from a USB port. The drawback here is that you are literally attached to your computer and have to deal with an annoying cord that will only allow you to move your mouse as far away as your cord is long.

Directing the Way

Your mouse and keyboard are your direct connection to your computer and give you the most hands-on part of your desktop experience. Even though a mouse is just a basic device with a sensor on the button, it has also has a scroll wheel and two buttons on the top that let you interact with games, documents, and web pages making it an extension of you. The mouse is a simple pointing device that has that has gone through a few incarnations, so it is important to know the different types when you go shopping for a new one.

Types of Mice

There have been a few categories of mice that have evolved over time and each has a different use. Some of the most common include the typical desktop mouse that was created to be used with a laptop or desktop PC when you are sitting at a table or a desk. Common features on these mice include the normal buttons on the right and left as well as a thumb button and scroll wheel that let you navigate your way around a web page.

  • Travel Mice – Designed to easily fit into a laptop bag or a pocket of a backpack, travel mice come in a smaller size than a standard mouse but have most of these same features. Due to their small size though, they are too small than a typical human hand, however, they are still as functional as full-sized mice. Some people do find them uncomfortable to use when you work with them for a long time. Most travel mice are wireless and run on batteries, so it is always a good idea to bring along an extra set of batteries.
  • Gaming Mice – Amplifying every part of a simple mouse to an extreme, a gaming mouse will have a variety of features that are specialized depending on the style of game that you will be using it for, i.e. first-person shooter, MMORPG, or real-time strategy. All of these mice though will have a mix of high-performance parts that include laser sensors and gold-plated USB connectors. They are also customizable with macro commands, weights that are adjustable weight, and on-the-fly dpi switching. If you are a non-gamer, these features are way too much for your needs, but if you are a dedicated gamer, this type of mouse will give you a competitive edge.
  • Ergonomic Mice – With all the typical mouse function, mice that have an ergonomic design helps to put your hand in a neutral position. Created to relieve stress that can cause repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel, an ergonomic mouse can take some getting used to as they look unusual, but they do take care of some potentially serious problems.

Options for Connectivity

A wired USB connection is the easiest way to hook up a mouse. Normally, x is a plug-and-play device that doesn’t require any additional software to install, although there are some gaming mice that use software for customization. Most wired mice will only need you to plug in a cable to set it up since it is drawing all of its power from the USB. Gaming use does prefer wired connections as you don’t have to deal with lag time or possible interference issues that wireless mice can have.

For those that prefer freedom and less clutter on your desk, wireless mice are a great option. They can transmit data to your computer through one of two ways either a USB receiver or through Bluetooth. Reducing the number of cables and gaining flexibility of where you can use your mouse, wireless mice is the best way to go.

  • USB Receiver – If you have a wireless mouse, it more than likely connects to your computer with a USB receiver using the same 2.4GHz wireless frequency that is used for a cordless phone and for your Wi-Fi Internet. The USB dongle is about the size of a dime which is small enough to plug in and then forget about. Those manufacturers that use this type of proprietary connection allow for optimum battery life. This type of USB dongle can also give you connections to more than one device allowing you to use just the one adaptor for your wireless mouse plus a keyboard if they are the same brand.
  • Bluetooth – Since they don’t take up a USB port, Bluetooth options provide a steady, easy to use a connection that is perfect to use with mobile devices like 2-in-1s, ultraportables, and tablets. You can usually use a Bluetooth connection from about 30 feet away, but that doesn’t usually give you a long battery life. Improvements in battery life through motion sensors are tied to connection and power management giving you better battery life than the older Bluetooth devices were able to provide that drained batteries quickly by always maintaining a link that is on.

Sensitivity and Sensors

We no longer use the basic trackball but now see two types of motion sensors that are commonly used on mice. These light-based sensors are not like the old mechanical tracking options, so there are fewer issues with dirt and dust as well as dealing with failures from additional moving parts.

  • Optical sensors – Optical sensors are a pair of glowing LED lights that include a small photosensor with tracking movement. By repeatedly imaging the surface under the mouse, it can translate any movement into cursor movement. This is called the polling rate and is measured by numbers in the hundreds every second. An optical mouse has less problems due to the imaging sensor that is used since you don’t have to worry about using it on uneven surfaces or needing to lift the mouse while it is in use.
  • Laser mice – Operating much the same way as optical mice, laser mice use a diode with an infrared instead of an LED. This diode gives you better sensitivity that is measured in dpi or dots per inch which gives you a polling rate that is faster. One downside of the laser mouse is that is pickier about the surface it is used on because of the increased sensitivity. With premium gaming mice, you will usually see laser sensors, but it is also recommended that you use them with a mouse pad surface that was created specifically for gaming. When you are using mice that operate in “dots per inch”, they can usually track between 400 and 800 dpi. In comparison, a laser mouse usually tracks over 2,000 dpi, but don’t get fooled by the higher dpi number as your everyday use won’t s require such precise tracking and an optical mouse is all you will need. Additional sensitivity is usually appreciated by graphic designer and gamers than your average computer user.
  • Combination – Some mice offer both in one package. With the versatility of an optical mouse and the higher sensitivity of a laser sensor, some mice can use both together. Certain gaming mice are designed to let you switch from high dpi for tighter cursor control to lower dpi for faster cursor movement.


No longer does a mouse have to follow the typical lozenge shape. It can appear humpbacked or symmetrical as well as have the advantage of being usable to right- and left-handed users. Since you hand isn’t symmetrical, mouse designs follow your hand’s contours to help stop issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Remember, what is comfortable for someone else may not be comfortable for you, so it is important to try out your mouse before you purchase it since not all mice designs will work well for your hand.


Ease of use is another big consideration when choosing a mouse and comfort is a primary concern when it comes to choosing a mouse. The ergonomics of a mouse are important as they help stop repetitive stress injuries. Remember though, that just because a manufacturer claims that it made an ergonomic device doesn’t mean that it actually has these features.

The only way to make sure that a mouse is comfortable is to actually use it for a long period of time which can be hard since they are all packaged pretty well. One of the best ways to determine how comfortable it is for you is to do some research and see how others felt after using for long periods of time.

If you aren’t planning on using your mouse for long periods of time, you may be more interested in focusing on aesthetics or other features. But if you are a gamer, graphic designer, or other long-term users, make sure to stick with something that is more comfortable that looks good.

Full-Sized or Travel-Sized

There is no such thing as universal sizing when it comes to mice. They basically come in either travel or full-sized models and which is better depends on entirely your preferences. Even if you never plan to take your mouse out of the house, if you have a smaller hand, you may prefer a travel-sized mouse. Other people that are on the road all the time may find a full-sized mouse more comfortable and opt for that size instead.

Programmable Buttons

Mice with right- and left-click buttons are well-known, but were you aware that besides the addition of a middle scroll wheel, there are mice that have additional buttons that are found on the side of the mouse? You can program these for a specific function like using one as the “Back” button on your Internet browser. For those that consistently work in the same programs, this type of programmable button can be very useful, and they are usually easy to set up as well.

Tips on Buying a Wireless Mouse

  • Comfort – Is the mouse comfortable to use? This should be one of your first considerations when choosing a new wireless mouse. Do you have a preference for a small or large mouse? Do you like a mouse that is lightweight or that has a little heaviness to it? For those that like to move around when using a mouse, you need an easy to handle and light mouse that works several feet from your computer.
  • Features – Determine the features that you want from your mouse, especially if there are certain gaming features that are important to what you play. Certain mice will also have extra buttons that are specific to gaming. If you only need a basic mouse, you can skip the mice with the extra cool features that you will never use.
  • Portability – If you are on the go a lot, you will need a mouse that can fit in your laptop case or backpack. You want to make sure the mouse can fit in the bag comfortably without making it too bulky, so it is important to look for a small and slim mouse.
  • Compatibility – Will the mouse function with the computer you have? Not all mice will work with any type of computer. Some mice are specifically for Mac computers or laptops and others only work with Windows or Linux computers. This is an important consideration, so double check the compatibility of the mouse you are considering or you may be bringing home something you just can’t use.

Basically, remember to always pick something you like and that will work on your computer and have fun.

It can be a daunting process to wade through all the features and new terms that are used to describe a mouse on the market today. Due to all the innovations that are tailored to certain types of mice and different computing styles, a mouse is now a multi-functional tool that can be used to improve your computer and gaming experience.

With programmable buttons, using a mouse and computer has become a lot easier. You can now navigate, play games and play media with all of these new features. Also, keep in mind the shape and size of the mouse that you find most comfortable, as well as which connection option and sensitivity, works the best for your needs and the types of activities you will be doing. Once you have made these decisions, it should be easy to find a mouse that works with your computer as well as fits your needs and budget.

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