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Best Vlogging Cameras

CameraVideoScreen FlipsWi-Fi Capable
Canon G7X
(Editor's Choice)
1080p HDYesYes
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K 4KYesYes
Sony RX100 1080p HDNoNo
Canon EOS 70D 1080p HDYesYes
Logitech C922x 1080p HDNoYes
GoPro Hero 4 4KNoYes
Canon EOS Rebel T4i 1080p HDYesNo


Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II


This camera is the best camera with loads of features. It is the perfect balance between price, quality, and features. It is the most popular camera among famous YouTubers who make money using their cameras.

The battery is capable of taking 265 still photos or around 70 minutes of video before needing to be recharged. It has a Digic 7 image processor which offers burst shooting up to 8fps. This camera also offers an incredible high ISO-noise reduction feature. The manufacturer boasts that this camera will reduce shakes by up to four stops.

The lens in 4.2x but it packs a punch. The opening rate is f/1.8 and can go to f/2.8. The aperture’s wide opening makes this camera great for low light situations. The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II also offers a multi-angle capacitive 3.0-inch touch panel. This panel is an LCD with a resolution of 1.04 million dots.

The tilt option is from 180 degrees up and 45 degrees down. It is also capable of capturing full HD video in 1080p. The video is created in MP4 format with stereo sound.


  •  The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II has a touch-sensitive display which moves 180 degrees up and 45 degrees down.
  •  It has a wide opening which allows the aperture to open wide making this camera great for low light situations.
  • With the Digic 7 image processor included with this camera, it can burst to shoot up to 8fps.


  •  The number of available manual controls may confuse or frustrate a novice vlogger.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K


With the 4K resolution, this camera is a direct competitor to a most of the vlogging cameras on the market today. This camera is a point-and-shoot type which means it is compact and lightweight. It can be thrown in a pocket or small luggage bag easily without taking up excessive room.

It has a three-inch touchscreen LCD which can move 180° to get the perfect selfie or vlogging shot. The lens is a Leica DC Vario-Summilux which is retractable. This lens also has dual control functions which include shutter, manual, and zoom. These controls are located directly on the lens ring and a rear dial for easy access.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K has an ultra-high-speed focusing which allows the user to record fast actions. This function has DFD technology which is Depth from Defocus. The DFD technology locks the focus on any fast-moving object. It is incredible technology that creates a detailed picture or video to playback later.

For the active vlogger, the battery for this camera can be charged outside of the camera base. This fact allows the camera to be used while the other battery is charging. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K has a focusing distance of 3 cm X 30 cm which allows the user to get spectacular details for every video.


  •  The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K has a 4K resolution which guarantees a fantastic video ready to post.
  •  With the ultra-high-speed focusing, a vlogger should never miss another action shot or get a blurry image.
  •  Depth from Defocus technology is another guarantee that the vlogger will catch any fast-moving object in clarity.


  • With 4K resolution while recording, the life of the battery on this camera may not be as long as a camera filming on 1080p HD resolution.

Sony DSC-RX100- Best Vlogging Camera Under 500


This camera gives the user exquisite image quality while allowing creative freedom. It comes with a one inch Exmor CMOS sensor which helps the vlogger to capture more light. More light means the video will have stunning detail. It also comes equipped with dual noise reduction to ensure perfect sound quality while recording.

The broad range ISO sensitivity also helps to ensure a perfect video in any light. This range is from ISO 125 to 6400. The camera does the thinking for the user with the Auto ISO mode which will determine the most appropriate setting for the situation.

The 1080/60p HD video is captured at the frame rate of 60 fps which means dark settings and action shots have clarity and integrity. This Sony DSC-RX100 has technology which will automatically register faces (up to eight) and adjust focus to deliver the best video.

Best of all, this camera has a range of controls for the expert and novice. It has an iAUTO mode for the beginner. The function button is customizable to permit quick access to frequently used features.


  • This camera has 1080p video with a steady-shot image stabilization to safeguard fabulous pictures and videos.
  •  Sony offers a wide variety of features on this DSC-RX100 to meet the needs of the individual user.
  • With a range of 125 to 6400 ISO sensitivity, this camera was designed to take pictures and videos in any light.


  • The Sony DSC-RX100 lens is not interchangeable and may be inappropriate for some shots.

Canon EOS 70D


The Canon EOS 70D is one of the most popular cameras used by successful vloggers. The feature that draws in a variety of users is the continuous autofocus. This feature is a huge deal for those vloggers who are on the go. With the autofocus feature, this camera ensures a super crispy video that people will go out of their way to view on YouTube.

While the above feature is critical, the Canon EOS 70D also has a 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and Digic 5 processor. These two features permit high-resolution videos even in the lowest light conditions. The processor lets the camera operate at increased speeds and provide stellar focusing performance.

It also has an articulating screen which is perfect for self-recording while moving. It is useful to have a flip screen while recording to guarantee an excellent shot. This camera also boasts an Optical Image Stabilizer to help create videos that are not blurry. The automatic lighting optimizer is another amazing feature of this camera.


  •  The Canon EOS 70D has a flip screen to help vlogger to get the best selfie shot.
  •  With the Digic 5 processor, the Canon EOS 70D can operate at super speeds.
  •  The autofocus feature of this camera is a popular feature for successful vloggers.


  •  If the vlogger is an expert, this camera may not be the best choice for a variety of manual features.

Logitech C922x- Best Vlogging Camera Under 100


This webcam features easy plug-and-play functions making it one of the best webcams for YouTubers. It was designed to optimize professional quality video streaming. With background replacement technology, a vlogger can place his or her live image and any background on a live stream.

The Logitech offers a variety of mounting options as clipping it to a screen or using a tripod. It comes with a 58-inch cord allowing more positioning options. This camera can record at 30 fps using 1080p resolution. The lighting environment is not an issue with Logitech’s Rightlight2 Technology.

This camera offers a 90° field of view which is much wider than others on this list. Finally, it also has pan, tilt, and 4X digital zoom features to allow the user to focus solely on the presentation.


  •  The automatic light correction feature on this camera allows the user to record clear videos in dim or poorly backlit situations.
  •  This camera is compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and Android devices.
  •  The Logitech C922x was created especially for use on Twitch and YouTube channels.


  •  It has to be connected to a desktop/laptop or some other device which limits mobility.

GoPro Hero 4


GoPro cameras are prevalent in outdoor and travel YouTube channels because they are built durable and can withstand a variety of different conditions. You can attach this GoPro camera to virtually anything including a person. This versatility allows for different perspective shots. This array of shots gives the vlogger a WOW factor in his or her video that may be lacking in other videos.

The GoPro Hero 4 is a fantastic camera for action and watersports such as sailing, skateboarding, BMX, surfing, etc. This camera can even go underwater up to 40m which is fantastic for snorkeling and diving videos.

This camera is one of the lightest and smallest cameras on this list. It has the capability of recording at 4K, 2.7K, 1080p, and 720p resolution for the best slow motion playback. The battery can be USB charged at a fast rate and has excellent power retention compare to other action and sports camera.

The GoPro Hero 4 has built-in Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth support utilizing the GoPro App and other features. With fabulous camera control and video trimming that is built-in, this camera allows the vlogger to create and save small video clips directly on the camera.


  •  The GoPro Hero 4 comes equipped with Protune with SuperView which creates cinema quality video.
  •  This camera also boasts one of the most immersive wide-angle fields of view in the world.
  •  It also has a display that is built-in which lets the user control the camera, frame videos, and playback without a hassle.


  •  Many GoPro cameras come with a remote but unfortunately, the GoPro Hero 4 does not come with the remote, but it can be purchased separately.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i


With 18.0 Megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor, this camera utilizes the best technologies available. This technology maximizes every pixel’s light-gathering efficiency. This Rebel T4i offers enhanced EOS Full HD mode for movies and videos. It is easy to use and allows professional videos without issue. It has a variety of recording sizes and frame rates to ensure the best results.

The Canon EOS Rebel T4i has a built-in stereo microphone with a manual audio level adjustment feature. Along with a wind filter feature, this feature improves audio capture making the videos have superior audio. A vlogger can manually or automatically change sound recording at 64 different levels.

The built-in attenuator will reduce audio clipping, also. If a person needs advanced audio recording controls, the Rebel T4i is compatible with various electret condenser microphones from third-parties. This camera comes equipped with a video snapshot feature, also.

This snapshot feature allows the camera to capture two, four, or eight-second video clips and then combine them into one video file. This compiled video does not need editing after it is shot. It is perfect for uploading online or showing on an HDTV by connecting an HDMI cable to the camera’s port.


  •  The Rebel T4i comes with a Vari-angle touchscreen LCD monitor that is equipped with the newest technology.
  •  The video snapshot on this camera allows the user to combine short video clips into one video file automatically.
  •  A built-in stereo microphone and the wind filter feature allow for some of the best audio capturing available on the market.


  •  This camera has a variety of features that only apply if it is taking still photos which may be too much for a person who wants to focus on video features.

Sony a5100


This camera has an ultra-fast autofocus that is accurate with 179 AF points and 6fps. It allows the vlogger to upload and share videos by using a Smartphone instantly. A Smartphone or Tablet that is compatible can control the camera. This feature enables the user to frame an image on the Smartphone’s LCD.

With NFC (near field communication), connecting the two devices can happen with one touch. This camera also gives the user the ability to record a full HD 1080p video in cinematic 24p. It will capture action shots at 60p and 60i frame rates.

A person can create amazing selfies with the touch-screen LCD screen that flips around to face the user. The screen is tiltable up to 180 degrees which makes filming vlogs quick and easy. The vlogger can also get the perfect angle to design the best video to upload to YouTube.

With a convenient power zoom lever which is located on the body of the unit, this camera permits the user to use one hand to zoom in and out effortlessly. New apps can be added to the Sony a5100 by using the PlayMemories Camera Apps. The user can find apps that fit his or her style of filming.


  • With PlayMemories Camera Apps, a user can personalize the camera by finding apps to fit his or her style.
  • The Sony a5100 has flip-up touch screen LCD that allows the user to get the exact right angle.
  • With Wi-Fi capability, the vlogger can directly load the video to YouTube or other vlogging sites.


  • This camera has a variety of features geared towards picture taking which may affect video quality.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 350- Best Vlogging Camera Under 300


The PowerShot is sleek and slim enough to pop into a pocket or small bag making it easy to carry everywhere. The Smart AUTO feature has 32 predefined settings for pictures and videos which will be automatically selected depending on the situation.

The Hybrid Auto creates a short video similar to a highlight reel. This reel consists of a few moments before each still photo was shot. This video would be an excellent addition to a vloggers site as a bloopers reel or as a snippet for the biography area.

Each video can be created with excellent 1080p Full HD resolution to give the audience a fantastic viewing experience. The PowerShot ELPH 350 has four IS settings to enhance any video. The first IS setting is called Dynamic IS which is excellent for filming wide-angle focal lengths. It also helps to reduce and eliminate shaking that occurs when walking and shooting.

The next setting is Powered IS which corrects the shaking that occurs from hand movement. This shaking is magnified at the telephoto end of the zoom range. Macro or Hybrid IS is the next setting. The Macro IS also helps fix motion blur from walking. Finally, Active Tripod IS compensates for any slight camera movement while the camera is on the tripod.


  •  The Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 has four IS recording features to reduce and eliminate blurry videos.
  •  The Smart AUTO feature of this camera has 32 predefined setting for pictures and videos.
  •  All videos are created in crisp, sharp 1080p Full HD resolution which provides excellent results.


  •  Some reviewers of this camera complain about the lens and focus of the unit.

Nikon D3300- Cheap Vlogging Camera


This compact, lightweight camera is reliable and can fit in the palm of a hand making it easy to carry everywhere a person goes. The buttons and dials to control features are in convenient locations for efficient operation. The camera is easy to use and take which will prevent the user from ever again missing the perfect shot.

The D3300 has a new EXPEED 4 feature. This feature is used to film movies at extremely high speeds which include up to five frames per second. This feature also allows the film to be recorded in low light due to the high ISO sensitivity. With these benefits, a vlogger can create rich full of detail 1080p video.

The dazzling 1080p Full HD video will amaze even the harshest critic. The sound in the smooth, ultra-sharp movies is incredible. It can play on an HDTV or be uploaded to a variety of sites immediately. This camera also allows the user to use special effects to make the movies creative and interesting.


  •  Nikon D3300 has a new unique feature called EXPEED 4 to create amazing videos.
  •  This camera is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry everywhere.
  •  A vlogger can easily and quickly create rich, ultra-smooth 1080p HD videos.


  •  The Nikon D3300 does not have all of the features of many of the other cameras on the list.

Vlogging Camera Buyer’s Guide

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the abbreviated version of a video blog or video log. A video blog or log is a type of web television entry. These entries typically include embedded video with text, photos, etc. Some entries are recorded in a single take while others are done in multiple parts. This type of web television is a favorite on YouTube.

Is the type of camera vital when it comes to vlogging?

The type of camera needed for vlogging depends on a variety of items. For example, if the vlogger will be recording numerous extreme sports, an action camera would be the best camera. If watersports are being recorded, a waterproof camera should be considered. An automatically adjusting focus may be vital for other situations.

What are the different types of camera for vlogging?

Seven types of cameras are available on the market today. These cameras include point-and-shoot, mirrorless, DSLRs, Smartphone, camcorders, sport and action, and webcams.

What is a point-and-shoot camera?

A point-and-shoot camera is as the name suggest meant to point and take the picture without the user having to make various adjustments. They allow the versatility of a high-end camera with easy mobility.

What is a mirrorless camera?

The mirrorless camera is a relatively new invention which is a hybrid between a DSLR and point-and-click cameras. It has an interchangeable lens and is lightweight. It also produces crystal-clear images. This type of camera is typically more expensive than a lot of the other models.

What is a DSLR camera?

DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. This type of camera has been the best of the best for a long time in the camera world. They incorporate large image sensors and wider ISO range. They have a changeable lens and manual controls for the experts who understand the nuisances of the perfect adjustment.

What is a Smartphone camera?

A Smartphone camera comes free on a Smartphone. These cameras are great for those who want to vlog as a hobby rather than a profession. They are also budget savers which can be used for excellent results. Some Smartphone cameras are much better than affordable vlogging cameras with better features and outcomes.

What is a camcorder?

A camcorder is best used for family moments like Christmas or birthdays. The popularity of a stand-alone camcorder has continued to decline over the years. This fact is especially true when phones come equipped with an easy to use video recorder.

Which is better Smartphone Camera or a Camcorder?

Smartphone cameras allow the user to share the photos and videos with everyone immediately. Most camcorders do not have Wi-Fi capability which means the user cannot upload the images instantly. At first glance, a Smartphone camera beats the camcorder hands down. However, a camcorder has much better optical zoom capabilities, external mic support, and manual focus capabilities.

What are sport and action cameras?

GoPros are a type of sport and action cameras. These types of cameras are small and designed to be used in all adrenaline-packed activities. These cameras can be attached to a helmet and are ready to go. Many sport and action cameras are also waterproof so can be used with watersports, also.

What are webcams?

Webcams are excellent cameras for doing a live stream on YouTube or Twitch channel. They are unbeatable when it comes to ease of use and price. Many webcams have incredible features such as high-quality video and image resolutions. They also have adjustable shooting angles.

What is the best frame rate for a vlogging camera?

Each recorded video has a particular amount of still frames per second. Typically, a camera records video in 30 frames per second. This amount of frames is enough for most situations. However, if fast moving objects are being recorded, a higher frame rate camera may be needed. 60 frames per second are recommended for action sports.

Is autofocus significant for vlogging?

When a person is watching a video on YouTube, it is annoying to watch any blurry footage. A vlogger can avoid this issue by purchasing a camera with autofocus. Autofocus is a camera that will automatically focus on the subject without the user having to do anything to the camera.

How important is sound quality when buying a vlogging camera?

When purchasing a vlogging camera, the sound quality is only second to video quality when choosing a camera. The camera should have an external microphone connectivity. It is essential to understand what is being said in a video blog because it is useless if the watcher cannot understand what is being said.

What is the perfect weight for a vlogging camera?

A lightweight camera will prove to be extremely comfortable when a person is taking his or her vlog everywhere, or at the very least, almost anywhere he or she goes. The less weight a person has to carry around while recording on the go the better it is for that person.

Should battery life be a consideration when choosing a vlogging camera?

If a person is doing vlogging, he or she probably does not have access to a charger all the time. If that person is doing a lot of recording on the go, the battery life of the camera should be a significant consideration. It is possible for some cameras to be tweaked to maximum battery usage. A better idea might be to have a backup battery for the camera that can be charged and ready if the original battery dies.

Does the price of the vlogging camera make a big difference?

Price is a huge issue when a person is living on a budget. When considering a vlogging camera, the prices change with the availability of particular features. The cheapest products typically have the fewest features. The more expensive products have the most amount of features. However, just because a camera is expensive, it does not mean it is the best camera. Many vlogging cameras have extra features that are not needed and will never be used. The customer should always compare prices and features before making a final decision.

What should a person do for better low light performance?

A person can improve low light performance in three ways. The first way is to consider ISO which is the sensitivity of a sensor that can be adjusted. It will change easily depending on the conditions of the situation. Most cameras have some type of ISO adjustment, but all have higher sensitivity ranges.Aperture is another way to improve low light performance. Aperture refers to the hole or opening that allows light to travel through the lens. Finally, using the sensor can improve low light performance. The sensor is where the light is projected into a particular frame.

What is optical image stabilization?

Some videos on YouTube are shaky which indicates the camera being used to film did not have OIS which is optical image stabilization. OIS comes in two type when dealing with vlogging cameras. The first type is OIS and the second type is Digital Image Stabilization. For video blogging, OIS far outperforms DIS which many consider just a marketing trick because it does not prevent shakiness.

Which lens is the best for vlogging?

A great lens is as critical as a great camera. The lens of a camera is the eye of the camera which allows the user to control the aperture and zoom. A lens can play a vital role when vlogging. When deciding which lens is best, the lens should have a wide focal range which is generally from 18mm to 100mm. This range allows the user to get beautiful wide shots and zoom in. Some cameras will enable the user to exchange lens, but most point and shoot cameras do not. However, as long as the lens has a wide aperture range and zooms to wide angle, a point and shoot lens will work excellently.

What to look for to get great audio?

Great audio comes with cameras that don’t allow or remove exterior interference. This exterior interference comes from wind, traffic, and other background noises. If most of the vlogs will be recorded in a controlled environment, a good microphone is not as critical. However, if the recordings are done outside or in city surroundings, the microphone becomes exceptionally crucial. A plug-in microphone might be an option for cameras which do not have an excellent microphone.

What is manual mode?

Manual mode allows the user full control over the video being recorded. This control includes an aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. A camera that has manual mode is typically labeled with an ‘M’. Most people do not have enough knowledge to use manual mode, but can quickly learn by looking at the metadata on videos that are great that were shot using auto-mode.

What are some features does a vlogging camera need?

A flip screen is an excellent addition but not critical. It allows the user to easily film him or herself while being able to face the display screen. This feature ensures the subject manner always stays in the frame. Another fabulous feature is Wi-Fi capability. Wi-Fi is not essential, but it makes things less complicated. A person can easily upload the videos without wasting time. Few cameras have a microphone input, but it can be a massive bonus for a vlogger. If the camera does not have a microphone input, most do have micro USB microphone capability. Finally, a good vlogging camera should have proper microphone placement which is on the front of the camera.

What are some features a vlogging camera does not need?

A flash on a vlogging camera is not critical because a vlogging camera will be used mostly for video recording not taking pictures. When a flash is built into a camera, it sometimes signals that it is not the best vlogging camera. It can also give the camera an unprofessional look. Megapixels also only really apply when taking pictures and are not significant when vlogging.

What platforms are used for vlogging?

One of the most accessible and well-known platforms is YouTube which some would say is responsible for the rise in the popularity of vlogging. Another option is Viddler which has a smooth user interface for vloggers. Facebook, Daily Motion, and Vimeo are other options for vloggers.

Can vloggers make money vlogging?

There are a variety of ways to make money vlogging. One way is by advertising which vloggers can use Google AdSense to begin earning money on YouTube. This program matches vloggers with advertisers. Another idea to make money is by selling branded merchandise. This merchandise can be the vloggers or a company who is paying the vlogger to sell their product. Sponsorship can also make vloggers money.

What cameras are favorite YouTube stars using?

  • PewDiePie-Canon G7 X MKII
  • Zoella-Canon 70D
  • NigaHiga-Canon 70D
  • iJustine-Canon G7 X MKII
  • FaZe Rain-Canon G7 X MKII

Does the content be recorded effect which camera is the best?

Yes. For example, if bike riding or surfing is being recorded, GoPro would be the best camera. If a person is doing a fashion vlog, image stabilization would not be a vital feature. However, most high-end cameras can be used for a variety of situations.

What is the best microphone for YouTube videos and vlogging?

This question can not be answered in a few sentences. The ideal microphone depends on a variety of factors. Content and location are the two most important factors. There are small mics that can clip on a shirt, or a camera’s built-in microphone might work for most vloggers.

How much money should be spent on a vlogging camera?

This question depends on the person’s budget. The best answer may be the one in the person’s hand at the time of filming or the one that person can afford. The best idea is to start with the best cheap YouTube camera and invest as the vlogger begins to make money.

When a person has a passion for vlogging, knowing the best features for a vlogging camera is a great way to choose a camera. After reading this review, a person, whether a novice or expert, can pick the best camera for his or her needs.

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