Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

The worst drawback of exercising is trying to keep your breasts in place to get the full benefits of the exercise.

But with the right sports bra, you can make exercise fun and a lot more effective.

This updated guide explores the best sports bra for big breasts in 2019.

Let’s dive in…

Best Sports Bras for Large Breasts

Sports BraMaterialSizeWireless
Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Sports Bra5% Elastane
25% Nylon
70% Polyester
34C to 50GYesCheck Price
Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra48% Polyamide
14% Elastane
38% Polyester
28DD to 48GGNoCheck Price
Anita Women’s Momentum Sport Bra50% Polyester
35% Polyamide
15% Elastane
30B to 46EYesCheck Price
Enell High Impact Sports Bra90% Nylon
32C to 52GGYesCheck Price
Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Sports Bra86% Nylon
14% Spandex
34C to 42DDDYesCheck Price


1. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Sports Bra #1066


The Glamorize #1066 was designed for those who need full support from an open mesh wire-free bra. The #1066 comes in a variety of colors including white, blue, soft gray, and many more. It has a hook and eye closure.


  • Many users support the idea that it completely removes the bounce rate of breasts.
  • The Glamorise allows for full control of posture during exercise and other activities.
  • This sports bra can accommodate sizes from 34C to 50G.


  • When the outer panel is loosened, the bounce rate increases and less coverage is provided.
  • Some users complain of having issues adjusting this sports bra.

2. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra


If you are a runner, this sports bra is excellent because it has a Racer back option. This option allows freedom to move while still providing support for the best running experience. The encapsulation design of this bra will not squish the breasts down.


  • This sports bra is easy to care for because it is machine washable.
  • While being functional where necessary, this bra is also attractive on top.
  • Because there is no separation, this bra compresses the breast against the chest providing optimal support.


  • The Panache is one of the most expensive bras available on this list.

3. Anita Women’s Momentum Sports Bra 5529



As one of the favorites, Anita 5529 fits like a glove for most full figured women. It is one of the best sports bras for D cup size breasts. It is also suitable for those large breast women who enjoy jogging.


  • The Anita 5529 Momentum Bra has wide adjustable straps to ensure comfortability.
  • The 5529 comes in a variety of sizes and colors to ensure satisfaction.


  • It lacks a Racer back option and has four hooks which may cause bunching.

4. Enell High Impact Sports Bra



With a high neck, the Enell High Impact Sports Bra is kept in place during the day. It provides a lift that gives a firm and attractive look.


  • The Enell is excellent in being breathable and providing protection from moisture and sweat.
  • With a snug back, this bra will not move around while you are working out.


  • Some women complain the bra is too snug, so the fitting guide must be used.

5. Champion Women’s Absolute Workout Sports Bra


With an offering of a variety of sizes and colors, the Champion sports bra is an excellent bra for every age. The available colors are vibrant and bold, so satisfaction is guaranteed. This sports bra offers ease of wear, style, and comfortability.


  • This Champion sports bra is made from lightweight material to minimize sweat.
  • With the medium support, this bra will keep your breasts in place while allowing for comfortable movement.
  • This sports bra is extremely easy to get on and off.


  • Some women state that the shoulder straps on this bra are too short.

6. Wacoal Women’s Underwire Sport Bra



Wacoal does not disappoint with this underwire sports bra. It comes in a variety of colors with sizes from 32C to 42DDD. It has sliding adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit every time. It is an excellent bra for those women who are full figured and full-busted.


  • The Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra gives a lifted appearance to your breasts.
  • With detailed lace, this padded bra stands out from the others on this list.


  • Compared to other bras on this list, the Wacoal is considered less trendy and more traditional.

7. FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra



This sports bra has a unique feature that helps manage heat and moisture. It is offered in black, blue, green, rose, and white. The FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra is excellent for yoga, Pilates, and weight training.


  • With the Racerback option, this sports bra is excellent for mid-impact sports and activities.
  • The FITTIN sports bra is an all-purpose bra made for only high-quality materials.
  • The compression fit of this bra ensures minimum movement while providing maximum support.


  • Many women state that the same tagged size fit differently.

8. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra



Fruit of the Loom is a brand known for its quality products, and this sports bra lives up to that name. The pullover style of this bra offers full coverage. It comes in white, gray, blue, pink, and rose.


  • The people at Fruit of the Loop have created a versatile sports bra that can be worn for both casual wear and during a workout.
  • This stylish Fruit of the Loom Sports Bra offers premium support and excellent coverage.


  • Some users have suggested that the straps of this bra are not as supportive or adjustable as other on the list.

9. Hanes Women’s Comfort-Blend Flex Fit Pullover Bra



This sports bra comes in a package of two offering a variety of colors. The colors include white, red, blue, black, gray, and green. It is an excellent bra for yoga and low-impact activities. The design of this bra has a sporty racerback and crop top style.


  • Using high-quality material, this sports bra offers high comfort and support during low-impact sports.
  • If you enjoy wearing a knit top, the low back design of this sports bra is an outstanding choice.
  • Unlike similar bras on this list, the Hanes Pullover Bra is made from 95% cotton making it comfortable to wear.


  • This bra is not appropriate for medium to high impact sports such as jogging.
  • Hanes Pullover sports bra does not offer control over movement.

10. Playtex Play Outgoer Wirefree Bra



With a hook and eye closure, this Playtex bra is exceptionally soft and comfortable. The cups are lightly padded and made from All Day Dry fabric. It is offered in black, nude, white, blue, gray, and black.


  • When you are performing any physical activity, the Playtex Play Bra provides maximum support.
  • The moisture-wicking fabric ensures the bra will remain dry and cool for the day.
  • This Playtex bra offers taller sides, full cups, and straps that are wide.


  • A variety of users have indicated this bra does not reduce bounce rate effectively.

Sports Bras Buyer’s Guide

If I have two different sized breasts, how do I fit my bra?

It is extremely common for a woman to have two different sized breasts. The conventional way to handle this unfortunate situation is to measure both breasts. Once you have a measurement, you then purchase a bra that fits the larger breast. This process ensures a proper fit every time.

What is the difference between compression and encapsulation?

Compression is when the bra pressed against the body to provide support. Encapsulation is when the bra surrounds and supports each of the breasts independently of each other. Encapsulation allows the bra to give breasts a definite shape. For full-figured women, it is best to purchase a bra that does both.

What does the term impact mean?

Impact involves the amount of bounce that happens while a woman is wearing the bra. Typically, an impact is categorized into high, low, and medium. High impact is used for activities that are vigorous and cause a lot of bounce such as jogging. Low impact is used to describe actions that are not vigorous and create very little bounce such as yoga. Medium impact describes those activities between high and low.

Is an underwire better in a sports bra?

An underwire can offer more support in the cup because it holds the breasts in place. This support can be vital during high and medium impact activities and sports. However, an underwire can also be extremely uncomfortable during these types of activities.

Is convertible, racerback, or adjustable more appropriate for larger breasted women?

With an adjustable strap, a woman with larger breasts can get an individual fit. Convertible straps are another excellent option for larger breasted women because they can also be adjusted to provide an excellent fit. The only drawback with a racerback bra is it cannot be adjusted at all.

Is a sports bra needed even if I am not doing an aerobic exercise?

A sports bra provides support whether you are exercising or not. It also helps reduce bouncing while you are doing any type of movement. You can benefit from this support and reduction regardless of the situation or activity. A sports bra is also typically extremely comfortable while providing this support.

What can a sports bra do for me?

An excellent sports bra provides a variety of benefits. These benefits include a reduction in the bounce rate of the breasts, pain in the breasts, physical discomfort, and the risk of any damage to the ligaments of the chest. It minimizes the movement of the breasts to provide these benefits and many more.

Why do women wear sports bras?

A breast does not have any bone or muscle to provide support and stop excess movement. Without this natural support, breasts can bounce during exercise and other activities causing discomfort or pain. A typical bra does not prevent breasts from bouncing and shaking. The fatty tissues and fragile ligaments of the breasts need extra support during exercise. This support can only be found in a sports bra.

How do I determine the appropriate size for a sports bra?

It is almost impossible to find the perfect bra size because everybody has different proportions. Most sports bras are equipped with adjustable straps and back closures. This fact means if you have a general idea of a comfortable size, adjusting a sports bra can provide the perfect fit. Sometimes a trial and error approach can be advantageous because the same size in different brands may fit differently.

What shape of sports bra should I purchase?

A variety of sizes, brands, and models are available in sports bras making it challenging to choose the best one. A crisscross, tank top, or racerback may be perfect for your breasts. The only issue is you will have to try each one and see which one is best for your personal needs.

Is wearing a sports bra all the time safe?

It depends on the wearer and the type of material and fabric of the bra. If the wearer feels comfortable wearing the bra during sleep, it will be safer to wear it all the time. If the bra is too tight, the compression of the sports bra can cause discomfort or pain to the woman. It is best not to wear too tight bras all the time.

Are sports bra sizes the same as regular bras?

In reality, all bras are different when it comes to sizes. A 2C bra in one brand may fit differently than a 2C bra in another brand.

When should I replace an old sports bra?

The time to replace a sports bra depends on the frequency of it being worn. If a bra is worn at least three times a week, it should be replaced in about six months.

How do I choose a sports bra?

The best sports bra fits correctly and provides excellent support. The only way to figure out which is the best for you is to try them.

What should I consider when purchasing a new sports bra?

You must decide if you want adjustable straps and bands or not. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. You should also consider the cup size. The cup size should be large enough to fit the entire breast inside.

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