9 Best Sinus Rinse Kits

Do you have trouble with your sinuses?

Maybe it’s time you tried out a homeopathic solution.

Nasal Rinse Myths Busted (Video)


Here is a look at the best sinus rinse kits available today.

Best Sinus Rinse Kits 2020

Here is a list of ten popular sinus rinse kits in a variety of styles.

In this comparison table, you can see which kits are a neti pot and which kits are a kind of bottle or cup form.

Many of the starter kits come with their own solutions or packets that you can choose to refill, so the solution column shows what kind of product is expected to be used with each rinse kit or neti pot.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit
BottleSaline Check Price
Navage Nasal Irrigation Starter Bundle
Neti PotSaltPods Check Price
Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit
BottleSaline Check Price
Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot Kit
Neti PotSaline Check Price
Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse System Irrigation
Neti PotSaline Check Price
Xlear Sinus Rinse Kit
BottleSaline Check Price
SinuCleanse Squeeze Nasal Wash Kit
BottleSaline Check Price
HealthAndYoga(TM) Superior Neti Pot Kit
Neti PotSaline Check Price
Baraka Ayurvedic Sinus Care Kit
Neti PotSaline Check Price
Alkalol Nasal Wash Kit
CupSaline Check Price

1. NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit


This product is a volume, therapeutic, saline nasal irrigation and moisturizing system available here in a 50 count pack of 2.


  • The mixture is pH balanced, free of preservatives, iodine, and latex
  • Customers often state this is one of the best deals they’ve found.
  • This product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.


  • Some customers have reported empty packets arriving in their kit.
  • The ink on the outside of the bottle sometimes comes off.
  • The bottle is thin and is prone to melting in the microwave.

2. Navage Nasal Irrigation Starter Bundle


This product includes the Navage Nose Cleaner, 36 SaltPod capsules, and a countertop caddy available here.


  • Users report great success with daily use of this product.
  • The neti pot can be used while standing up straight.
  • Users with chronic sinus issues report having no symptoms upon using.


  • You may need to view YouTube videos to learn how to use it properly.
  • The proprietary salt pods are required to use the product.
  • Some think cheaper bottles may be just as effective for less.

3. Ayr Saline Nasal Rinse Kit


This kit comes with soothing sinus wash, 50 count saline nasal rinse mixture packets, and an applicator bottle available here.


  • This product is made free of preservatives, latex, and iodine.
  • It’s a natural treatment that can be used on children.
  • The bottle’s smaller hole which adds pressure to the rinse.


  • Some users complain about the bottle’s ink flakes.
  • The nozzle may not be wide enough to make a seal for some.
  • It may be more difficult to use than a netti pot.

4. Himalayan Chandra Neti Pot Complete Sinus Cleansing Starter Kit


This kit contains everything needed for a nasal wash and can be found here.


  • Users report it’s a highly effective product for daily use.
  • The pot is easy to clean and can be used with aromatherapy oils.
  • People don’t experience irritation from irrigation as with other products.


  • It’s necessary to clean the product with distilled – not tap – water.
  • The product is plastic, not ceramic, and some experience leaks.
  • Some experienced poor customer service trying to negotiate a return.

5. Res-Q-Rinse Nasal Rinse System Irrigation


This neti pot is a complete 90 day count kit available here.


  • The Nasal Lock model means it’s easy to use without contorting your head.
  • Users often report no discomfort in irrigating with this product.
  • The rinse is considered much more gentle than other rinses.


  • Some users struggled with the directions for using the product.
  • For some, the Nasal Lock made clearing water from their noses difficult.
  • The pricing might be a little high for the product and saline packets.

6. Xlear Sinus Rinse Kit


This product comes with a bottle and 50 packets, available here.


  • Rather than using simple saline wash, this formula contains xylitol too.
  • Users find this mixture more soothing and more successful than saline.
  • You may not need as much rinse with this product as others.


  • Some customers found the bottle in this kit would suddenly split after some use.
  • The solution maybe a little more expensive than other plain saline solutions.
  • For some, this special solution did not see any sinus improvements.

7. SinuCleanse Squeeze Nasal Wash Kit


This product comes with a nasal wash bottle and 30-count solution packets, available here.


  • Users find the pressure in this product to be adequate but not overwhelming.
  • Customers report buying this product more than once because of their success with it.
  • Some believe this shape is better than the teapot shaped rinse kits.


  • Some found this bottle did not work better than others.
  • Sometimes there may be defective bottles with small leaks.
  • Those with very sensitive noses found this product very uncomfortable.

8. HealthAndYoga(TM) Superior Neti Pot Learner + Improver Kit


This stainless steel pot includes a DVD and 25 salt packets, found here.


  • This pot is made of steel and therefore is more durable than plastic.
  • The joints are not soldered but screwed which is sturdier.
  • The quality and volume of the pot are the most complimented characteristics.


  • Some complain it’s not stainless steel because it does stain.
  • Oxidization of the metal and subsequent corrosion worsens sinus issues.
  • Some find the materials are cheaper than what is advertised.

9. Baraka Ayurvedic Sinus Care Kit


This neti pot includes dry nose oil and salt rinse, found here.


  • This product is American-made, lead free, and dishwasher safe.
  • The pot is large so that water does not come out the top.
  • The kit gives you everything you need to get started, including oils.


  • The product is a little expensive compared to others.
  • There are far less sales and reviews to compare for this product.
  • It may be difficult to use this style of neti pot if you’re just starting.

10. Alkalol Nasal Wash Kit


This product is a cup, nasal wash, mucus solvent, and cleaner kit, located here.


  • Users report using Alkalol for decades with a continued positive experiences.
  • The product is reported to help customers with their pre-existing snoring issues.
  • Customers have said they get results from nightly flushing before bed.


  • There are not a lot of reviews for this product available online.
  • This product does run more expensive than a many others available.
  • The oils used in the product may not agree with all customers.

Buyer’s Guide

What kind of things do neti pots and sinus rinse kits help with?

Most customers report success in controlling their allergies and sinus functions when using these products. However, they say the products do not help with issues such as tinnitus in the ears.

When should people use a neti pot or sinus rinse kit?

Those who deal with chronic symptoms will likely want to use them daily. For others, they will only want to use the product when they feel ill or need to.

What is sinus scraping?

If someone continues to have extreme sinus issues, they have the option of going to the doctor for sinus scraping. This is a method used to remove tissues and even bone so the sinuses are cleared out for better drainage.

What kind of water should you use in your neti pot?

Any water used in a neti pot or sinus rinse kit should be pure, distilled water. Tap water may contain impurities.

If you accidentally use tap water in your product, will it cause problems?

If you use it once, it will probably be okay, but you need to immediately sanitize it as best as you can to prevent any bacteria from building up. The bacteria can cause more sinus problems than previously existed.

What kind of model is best for sinus issues?

This is completely a personal preference, although those with more sensitive sinuses may need to experiment to find which models irritate them or if certain products cause symptoms to worsen. A lot of people enjoy the simple squeeze bottles because they don’t require tilting your head, but some neti pot models now adopt different methods to alleviate some of that discomfort.

How long does it take for a sinus rinse to take effect?

For many, these kits take effect instantly, especially during allergy seasons or when symptoms are worse than usual.

Do you need special products to perform a sinus rinse?

Technically, you can cup saline water in your hands and spit out water that comes up in the back of your throat. However, it is so much easier and probably effective, too, to use a kit that is specially designed for clearing your sinuses.

Does using a kit hurt your nose?

For some, yes, however most people recommend continuing to try even after having a few bad experiences. The benefits from the rinse will likely outweigh any initial discomfort, and you eventually will become more accustomed to the process.

What’s the difference between a neti pot and other rinse kits?

Neti pots are literally shaped like a teapot, or at least most of them are. Other rinse kits typically take the form of a squeezable bottle. There are some differences in how both products are used and maintained, especially in terms of tilting your head or not and in terms of sanitizing and filling the two products on a regular basis.

Do you need special solution to use in the kits?

No, you can also use very simple salt and baking soda mixtures in the kits. However, using some of the products available means they may also contain essential oils or other ingredients that increase effectiveness of the solution and alleviate other symptoms like irritation from flushing.

Can you get water trapped in your ear?

Some users have reported this phenomenon happening while using neti pots and it did lead to sinus infections. It’s very important to know how to properly use them, but maybe neti pots aren’t for you if they don’t seem to be a match.

How much do these products typically cost?

The pricing of these products ranges greatly, but many containers can be purchased for $8 to $15. This does not always include the saline packages and refills. Some products come with other bonuses or are of a higher quality, so the pricing can be much higher.

Should you consult a doctor before using one of these products?

You should always consult your doctor before starting something new, even though these products are over-the-counter. You need to make sure no ingredients in the product will cause an allergic reaction or irritation. You will also want to ask if this is the best way for you to try to manage your allergy symptoms.

Are there alternatives for using this product for sinus problems?

You can always look to take medication or other oral treatments to control your sinus issues. However, this simple saline solution is generally considered an effective homeopathic remedy that is simple to use and accessible to most.


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