9 Best Sauna Suits


A sauna suit increases your metabolism, holds in your body temperature and makes your body produce sweat.

The best sauna suit to lose weight helps you give you a slimmer body and better shape.

Do Sauna Suits Work For Weight Loss? (Video)


Here is the updated list of the best sauna suits in the market right now.

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1. Kutting Weight Neoprene Weight Loss Men’s & Women’s Sauna Suit


A Kutting Weight sauna suit is versatile and can be worn by men and women during strength training, Bikram yoga and weightlifting. This is a comfortable suit that has a front zipper with a protective flap allowing you to put it on and take off with ease.


  • The suit is made of neoprene with underarm and inner leg mesh ventilation zones.
  • Helps detoxify your immune system and increases flexibility and has a reinforced zipper.


  • The seams and material may come apart if the suit is too small.
  • Difficult to find the right size, and the suit is loose in certain areas.

2. Sisyama Sauna Sweat Workout Exercise Fitness Weight Loss Hot Slimming Suit Men Women


Both men and women can wear the Sisyama sauna slimming suit. The suit comes in blue and pink with slimming midsections. With a zip-front enclosure, the suit is easily removed and put on. The mesh material delivers ventilation to underarms and the groin area.


  • The suit makes you sweat immediately and increases body heat during workouts.
  • Improves your metabolism and body temperature with this suit and lose weight during your exercise routine.


  • The suit is tight and difficult to remove after wearing during workouts.
  • The neck clasp is uncomfortable, and it is hard to find the right fit.

3. BRABIC Women’s Full Body Shapewear Sport Sweat Neoprene Suit


The BRABIC sauna suit is made for women and has adjustable shoulder straps to conform to your shape. The neoprene fabric keeps your body warm and heats up your when exercising to increase weight loss. Besides using this suit for physical activity, the sauna tank top design allows you to wear it as a body shaper.


  • The suit targets the heat in your abdomen to burn fat.
  • Has a bust area is open and a sturdy zipper closure.


  • The straps are made of Velcro and may come apart during exercise.
  • The fit tends to run small and too tight even when using the sizing chart.

4. 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard Sauna Suit


With an anatomical cut and union machine seams, the 4Fit sauna suit makes you sweat. It has a sturdy front zipper, rash guards and is made of 3mm of extreme Flex DS neoprene. Designed for men with a close fit that holds in body heat and increases warmth. The suit allows you to move freely and helps you shed pounds. This 4Fit item is available in small to 6XL sizes.


  • The fabric stretches and conforms to your body shape to hold in heat.
  • Wear during sparring, grappling, rolling and MMA workouts for maximum comfort.


  • The zipper is low quality, hard to open and may break.
  • Fits too small or too large on some people regardless of the sizing chart.

5. RDX MMA Sauna Suit


RDX has developed a sauna suit made of nylon that conceals the PU inner and provides untearable quality. This suit offers the ultimate in thermal insulation and keeps in heat. It has a drawstring hoodie, zipper and elastic cuffs on the jacket and pants to hold in heat.


  • Lose more than 20% of water weight with this sweat suit and shed unwanted pounds.
  • The slim fit is designed for both men and women to wear.


  • Nylon smells, and the material can rip and peel away.
  • May make cause overheating, and the cuffs tend to be too tight.

6. Heavy Duty ARD Sweat Suit Sauna Exercise Gym Suit


The ARD sweatsuit is a heavy duty suit made of nylon, and a PVC coated fabric. The suit holds in heat during physical activity, holds in heat and increases the amount of sweat you produce. It is durable and designed with elastic cuffs to promote the detoxification process and weight loss.


  • The material is tear resistant and does not rip easily.
  • Has a rubberized inner lining and helps you lose weight quickly.


  • The nylon shell can shed, and black flakes can form when sweating.
  • The seams are not strong and can split apart when squatting down.

7. TITLE Pro Hooded Sauna Suit


The Title Pro hooded sauna suit is designed to increase water weight loss during your workout routine. It is made of thick nylon and has a water-repellent PVC rubber liner. Combined they make an indestructible suit that creates a sauna action.


  • The jacket has a drawstring hood and secure hook wrist tabs.
  • The pants have a full elastic waistband with a drawstring and elastic ankle cuffs.


  • There is no Velcro on the bottom of the pants to keep sweat from dripping.
  • Sauna suit has a strong latex smell, and the material can tear in armpit areas.

8. Evaliana Sweat Track Sauna Suit


An Evaliana sauna suit accelerates fat burning and weight loss. Besides making you slimmer, it protects you from nature’s elements and is waterproof and windproof. The suit is made of superior quality and has an elastic waist, wrist and ankle cuffs. Suitable for playing outdoor sports, including cycling, running and jumping.


  • The suit is efficient at reducing body fat and losing excess body water.
  • You can wear the suit while running errands or exercising and still sweat.


  • The suit can rip in the arm and crotch areas.
  • It runs small and is made of thin plastic.

9. Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit


The Gold’s Gym sauna suit is made of heavy-duty vinyl that holds in heat and helps you slim down. It is a two-piece suit with an elastic waist and cuffs to control sweat. Wear it during jogging, jumping rope and lifting weights. The suit comes in a variety of sizes and has reflective detailing for night visibility.


  • A great suit for making your sweat and holding in body heat.
  • When worn during cardio, the amount of weight loss is dramatically increased.


  • The material is thin, rips easily, and the seams can come undone.
  • The suit tends to run large and may be difficult to find the correct size.

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What are sauna suits made of?

Some sauna suits are made from waterproof fabrics consisting of a combination of PVC or coated nylon. They are two-piece suits with matching jackets and pants for the wearer to use to detoxify and lose weight while performing physical activity.

There are also suits made with neoprene a softer, flexible material that conforms to your body shape. They are usually one-piece full body suits but are available in vests, tops, and pants. The suits hold in heat and increase sweating during workouts.

Are there any dangers of wearing a sauna suit?

Since sauna suits force your body to lose large amounts of water, they can cause dehydration. Due to the loss of salt and water, you need to drink plenty of water to rehydrate. Dehydration can damage your kidneys and contribute to heat stroke, and the water you drink can also cause the lost weight to return.

A sauna suit does not allow your body to cool off, so it can make you overheat and affect your heart rate. A suit made with PVC material can be hazardous and is attributed to causing cancer and kidney problems. It is recommended to wear neoprene suits during workouts and participating in physical activity.

What is the difference between a PVC and a neoprene sauna suit?

Neoprene is a synthetic polymer used to make form-fitting sauna suits. It resembles a rubber and is resistant to oil and heat. PVC is also a synthetic polymer that is used in sauna suits, inflatable products, imitation leather, and flooring. Both are heat stabilizers and elevate temperatures ins sauna suits.

A neoprene suit provides the wearer with a form-fitting look and is considered safer than PVC. The fabric is stretchy and allows you to move freely during exercise. On the other hand, a PVC suit is stronger and is better at holding in body heat. Neoprene lets your body breathe more but does not make you sweat as much as a PVC suit.

Will a sauna suit burn fat?

A sauna suit elevates your body temperature leading to increased perspiration during your workout. You lose excess water weight, not fat. Even though the suit does not burn fat, it quickens your metabolic rate and reduces your blood sugar levels. The suit helps you achieve an intense workout and see results faster.

How do you clean a sauna suit?

Neoprene can be hand washed with water and mild detergent. If necessary, the suit can be soaked overnight. Make sure you rinse the item, be gentle when wringing out and allow it to air dry. Some PVC suits can be cleaned in the washing machine, and others need to be handwash. It is important for you to read the instructions on the label to keep your suit intact.

What is the best sauna suit?

The Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit is preferred by many people. The suit is scientifically proven to increase metabolism and contribute to weight loss. It has mesh ventilation zones in the underarm and groin and allows your body to breathe. It elevates body temperature, keeps in body heat and helps your body create sweat. The body fitting design conforms to your body and can be worn by men and women.

How do sauna suits work?

Neoprene is a soft thin rubber material that seals in body heat and increases your detoxifying process. This spongy material provides insulation and traps warmth so you can sweat during exercising. It is flexible, strong, resistant and holds in water. When you wear this suit during exercise, it traps the heat coming from your body, makes your temperature and induces sweat.

A PVC sauna suit is made of a non-breathable material that restricts the body’s ability to cool down. Sweat does not evaporate and increases body temperature. The bands around the wrists and ankles must be tightened, so heat does not escape. These types of suits are known to produce much more sweat than neoprene and provide results immediately.

Although sauna suits are made of various materials, they are designed for the same purpose. They raise body temperature and induce sweat and help you lose body weight, increase your metabolism and reduces your glucose levels.

Can a sauna suit go in the dryer?

Because sauna suits are made from neoprene, and PVC materials they need to hang dry. These fabrics are petroleum-based and will melt in the dryer. Never put a sauna suit in the dryer always allow it to hang dry.

Are sauna suits effective?

There are contrasting beliefs about how effective sauna suits are at helping you lose weight. Some people think they detoxify the body, quicken metabolism and burn fat. In contrast, others think the suit does not remove fat or contribute to weight loss.

Many also think the suit is dangerous and can cause strokes, kidney problems, and death. The suit dehydrates the body and draws out water in an unnatural way. This has caused some controversy regarding the usage of sauna suits and their safety as well. Everyone has their own opinion about these suits, and it is up to the individual wearer to determine how well works.

What size sauna suit should I get?

Sauna suits are available in a variety of sizes for men and women. There are suits designed specifically for males, females and unisex. They typically come in small, medium, large and X-large sizes. You can also find suits in larger sizes depending on the manufacturer.

When choosing your size, make sure you measure your chest, height, and weight yourself. Compare these measurements to the manufacturer’s chart if you are ordering online. If you are purchasing your suit in the store, try it to ensure the proper fit.


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