Best Rain Shower Heads

Update: The best rain shower head for most people is Moen S6320. The shower head features the Moen’s self-pressurizing Immersion technology which enables it to deliver three times more spray power. Available in beautiful antique bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and oil-rubbed bronze, the Moen S6320 is one of the bestseller shower head. It comes with a lifetime warranty and gets excellent ratings on Amazon.

If the Moen shower head is unavailable, the Waterpik RPB-173 is our runner-up. The shower head features the OptiFlow technology and has a 6 inch round diameter. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Find everything you need to know in this guide for your next rainfall shower head purchase.

These shower heads are selected based on User Satisfaction, Buying Trends and Value for Money that they provide.

Best Rain Shower Heads

InformationOur Rating
1. Moen S6320
2. Waterpik RPB-173
3. Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR ShowerheadA
4. Delta RP52382
5. Waterpik AST AquaScape Showerhead
6. DreamSpa Led Shower ( Includes Power Rain Setting ) B
7. 16-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower A

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Moen Premium Rain Shower with Immersion Technology


This one is especially intricate and well matriculated, put together and sold in the most professional and planned way imaginable.

By looking at the intricacy of design, as well as the overall resulting effects while in the shower, one can note that the Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Shower Head is not far behind the Waterpik RPB-173 in its fight for the top spot on the list.

Unlike the number one model, this Moen S6320 comes in a velocity two-spray setting and can spray you quicker and in two ways, giving you more options and fun altogether as you sing your favorite Disney tunes in the shower, which you don’t think that anyone is listening to.


  • This eight-inch shower head,
    immersed in Chrome, offers both a
    calming rinse of rain-filled relief
    and a self-pressurizing spray shot.
  • Insanely cool concept and an invention
    of its own for the twenty first century.
  • Full coverage of eight-inch diameter
    excellence delivers.


  • We are sorry, but no, it cannot do calm and pressure spray at once.
  • It’s too passive for younger buyers. Only older customers tend to purchase it.
  • It lacks in further potential for added strain or force and cannot be modified to pump harder or faster.

This item is the piece that can give a whole new meaning to the words “gentle shower massage” with its reflective silver Chrome finish and legendary soft feel as it offers you a more thorough, concentrated cleansing shot of water and is incredibly effective and widely-praised for its full-body massaging and therapeutic effects on the skin after any long day at the office. Anyone will appreciate it as most repeat customers already do. It’s no wonder that this piece is in second place among the top seven, now, is it?

This item gives three times the pressure that the ordinary shower piece can give on its best day. How is this possible? It achieves its task through Immersion Rainshower Technology that can force water out in unique circular patterns to offer more consistent and substantial force pressure.

Plus, this item is not gravity-fed as most shower heads are, but it collects and redirects water within itself before releasing it, first collecting and re-organizing from within. What comes out is only the best quality of water in motion. Let the phased water slowly trickle out of the shower head.

When water properly channels through this device’s spray system, one also receives water force that does not sting or lack in power. The item also offers what some call stress-free cleaning and its spray formers, made of quality rubber, are the easiest to clean and should not have you mopping floors. This is the general experience of past and present customers.

Here comes the fun part. The item’s dimensions are of ½ inch connection size, 3.5 inch product depth, with width, height and shower head face diameters of 8 inches each. The new version of the product provides a lifetime limited warranty with a 90-day return policy; if you wish to feel it first, then do so without hassle.

Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour AIR Shower Head



This 10-inch chrome-colored beauty will leave you breathless as you admire its enormous size of 9.375 inches and unique mode of spraying lavishing rain on you in a manner of the greatest intensity. Your mind, body and spirit connect as you rest assured in the lifetime warranty comfort of this disc-shaped shower head piece. This spray disc is here for your showering needs.

It also comes with its own anti-calcification offered by Quick Clean. This function specializes in removing deposits of Lime scale while rubbing them from the disc’s silicon nozzles, which are likewise equally flexible. This piece delivers in all areas; cleaning is now re-invented and super-simplified for the modern age.

The product’s technology works through Air Power, a well-known global provider, to enrich all water in our air stream. Believe it, or don’t believe it. Such efforts are possible, and they’ve been well-executed, more than ever, in the last few years alone; it’s a good time to be alive.

What happens when you filter the water in the air? You release softer and more pleasant drops of water. It’s that simple, and the research advancement implementation possibilities on this sole feature only continue to further grow.

This feature is also known as air injection technology. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Here is an understatement as well, for the word we seek is “breathtaking”, and even that is not enough to do it justice.

This shower item is also made of a solid brass construction and comes with 180 clog-free channels of burst, offering coverage to all areas of the body at once. It is of 0.5 connection size with 2.125 in product depth inches and 9.375 in both product width and height inches. The shower head face diameter measures 10 inches.


  • All joking aside, the amount of love and
    care that went into the piece speaks for
  • This is a quality work of shower head art.
  • We’ve got to be grateful for what we get in
    the final product, which delivers in more
    ways than one.


  • Additional components aren’t included, making us feel unloved by manufacturers this time around.
  • Any add-ons purchased will only become an additional hassle to assemble and mount.
  • The disc may drop and break easily if not properly inserted and regularly tightened.

The shower head piece classifies as serving bath faucet types and also offers its 90-day returnable purchase plan with a limited consumer warranty. The item’s color is of chrome, while the finish is of brushed nickel. Wall-mounted installation is the method of choice as is doing it oneself in a matter of minutes, for the piece is very easy to assemble and mount or later dismount and disassemble; the entire process is simpler than hot fudge apple pie on a hot Sunday morning, if you like apple pie.

Batteries are not required or included. Forget about electricity in the shower for once, why don’t you? Problems are a thing of the past when you’ve got the Hansgrohe 27474001 Raindance Downpour.

Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Shower Head

This brightly-colored chrome sensation, the best works of Waterpik and AquaScape rolled into one, is of an oval shape and likewise, comes in a dual-spray mode all of its own. It sprays, and then it sprays again to satisfaction. If not left satisfied, let it continue to spray you from two different feels until you feel that you have fully mastered the sensation of shower head superiority and are now the king of the shower; this shower head device is no less than kingly in itself, and you will leave the bathroom scene feeling like true royalty.

This bright chrome optiFLOW technology head piece can shoot you with up to 30 percent of optional, added water force for a finishing touch on your skin and sensations. This is full-body spraying at its best, and you can call in sick to work today and cancel all your appointments, for you’ve got a date with the bathroom shower head that is calling your name ever since you read the first words of this product’s description. You can spray vertically or horizontally; this shower head does not discriminate or frankly care how you do it but that you purchase it today and no later.

Shower height positioning possibilities are maximized to a whole new level when you choose to spray vertically or horizontally. Did I mention that the part comes with two spray modes – total-body spray and power body spray? It’s true. Now, why would we make this up?


  • No assembly is required.
  • Installation is easier than ever before.
    The product’s specified dimensions measure
    at 9 x 13 x 4 inches all around.
  • Batteries are not required nor included here
    either, therefore making the entire process more
    simple, more direct and more fun for all.


  • The item may only be shipped within the U.S.
  • It is likewise not available in other countries.
  • As a result, taxes and fees are greater on all final purchases.
  • Many note dryer skin after using this device’s stronger and harder bursts.

The Waterpik AST 233CC/20008439 AquaScape Dual Mode Oval Shower Head became available in January of 2007 and has been only growing in popularity and rank ever since. It belongs in every home and should be the first craving that creeps into the mind of every exhausted employee after a long and tedious day on the job. It easily ships to your home at a shipping weight of only 1.2 pounds; how convenient is that?

The head-to-line connection is made of plastic, and switching modes is conveniently simple as well. The user will feel around the back of the shower piece and reach for a certain button that he or she must lightly push. It could not be simpler, unless we were merely reclining and watching someone else do it from a screen, and that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Two plastic mesh pieces are installed to better help in controlling the flow. One is red, and the other is white. The shower spray adjusts from full spray to center spray in a mere couple of seconds after one pushes the dark, gray-colored button up or down; the button is connected to the main water pipe attachment.

Expert set-up options are also available on new purchases as an extended purchase premium. Many take advantage of such a feature as it will save them time, money and energy, especially years down the road. An unprofessional, self-made installation leads to further problems later and is to be avoided when possible.

Waterpik RPB-173 – Best Budget Rainfall Showerhead

You can’t put a price on the price on quality with performance, and that’s why the Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Shower Head makes number one on our list.

This uniquely designed and crafted, quality 1-spray shower head piece will make your head turn, and it’s not from the hot water coming out of it. The mere elegance and simplistic fashion alone make this piece a must-have, along with its single-colored chrome overall look and feel.


  • It’s the perfect match for a simple,
    single-bedroom bathroom.
  • The simplicity of this shower head allows
    for it to be used just about anywhere.
  • Since it is not over-done in size, color
    or look, it can be perfectly accommodated
    to any office, sports room, living room or
    bedroom bathroom shower.


  • It shoots in extremes: Too hard or too soft is all that it can give.
  • Its cheap parts break too easily.
  • It is difficult to mount in certain bathroom wall texture settings.

In addition, this special product is even found online and may be purchased from its main supplier origin company, Waterpik, through Paypal. How awesome is that? It really allows for added options on your part as the consumer; all you need to do, then, is to pick this piece up and take it home or ship it home today.

This one-of-a-kind Waterpik item comes with its own OptiFLOW technology that can improve the force and speed of outflowing water up to a maximum of 30 percent. It is a major feature in this day and age, one which the educated consumer does not pass up when looking around. Remember this.

This piece is also offered in its six-inch face form and comes with a designed arm to guide the water’s flow more accurately towards where you wish for it to go when you wish for it to go there. Is that not something special in itself? The water may be redirected to flow at any angle or directly above you as you adjust the arm.

The Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Shower Head takes only minutes to install and assess, but the lifelong benefits last for far longer than that, my friend. Try it out and you will see for yourself.

Why take our sole word for it? If you buy it new you’ll receive a lifetime warranty. This piece also comes in ½ inch connection size with a product depth of 4.75 and a shower head face diameter of six inches. You can’t beat that either. This small and simple, yet sophisticated shower head is your basic model for all needs and types, providing a framework for the more basic showering needs.

This piece also comes in ½ inch connection size with a product depth of 4.75 and a shower head face diameter of six inches. You can’t beat that either. This small and simple, yet sophisticated shower head is your basic model for all needs and types, providing a framework for the more basic showering needs.

The product height stands at 12.25 inches, while the product width sits at 7.75 inches. No additional items or extra components come with it, but this fact may vary by provider and offer. With a one-spray setting and your most basic rain effect in motion as the water hits your skin in hot or cold shower fashion, as only it can do, you really can’t get more basic and grounded in shower head needs than that.

The American Standard 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Shower Head

This particular product accommodates most sizes of people, a fact which even the taller customers appreciate. The company that makes these shower heads – American Standard – has paved the way as a leading service provider in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures businesses for over 140 years, and it does not plan on retiring anytime soon. In a recent public news statement, executive spokesmen for the company have considered providing a new roll-out of products and lines within the next couple of years, and shower head pieces are certainly not left out of the mix as they are some of the company’s highest-selling products.


  • It’s a modern shower head with an
    easily-cleaned spray face.
  • It’s easily ceiling-mounted.


  • It’s a 10-inch piece that apparently does not cover the full 10 inches.
  • Constructed of brass, this item is a large and metallic material layer that does not hold well or fail to rust over time. It is also circular in shape, making for a weird combination.
  • It does not include additional parts.

This item does not come with an arm or flange but uniquely offers a more gentle spray than the others on the list do, one not forceful or too powerful in effect. This feature serves those who wish to fall asleep quickly and just relax all worries away in a noise-free, soothing calm of care-free and gentle water spray. The effect is both holistically nurturing and nourishing, and you’ll need to experience it to better understand.

The spray can shoot water with an inward direction and effect, not protruding very far and thereby merely touching parts of the skin and leaving one gently massaged or lightly sprayed. The spray may shoot out for approximately 10 inches at the top and then gradually narrow or diminish itself to four inches at most.

American Standard makes an outstanding reputation on its continued sale of toilets, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, furniture, kitchen accessories and, of course, showers. Many of its similar pieces to this 1660.683.002 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Shower Head include those of the Cadet, Colony, Flow Wise, Princeton, Townsend, Single Control, Tropic and Marquette bathroom shower heads and hoses. One obtains the valid impression that this isn’t American Standard’s first, or last, time making shower pieces.

The AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head

The eight-inch AKDY AZ-6021 Bathroom Chrome Shower Head is of plastic, rain-styled straight-down water precision. It mounts on the bathroom ceiling and sprays you vertically from above, not missing any part of you under its large coverage area. Here we have a huge, square-shaped piece with several small and beautifully-displayed, downward-facing water holes; they’re light blue in color and look like heaven’s delight.

Each model comes with a small, black O ring that resembles a washer. The O ring works to restrict the flow, and such assistance serves the overall gentle-spraying purpose of this shower piece once and for all. The item’s head is massive, and its fit and finish are quite satisfactory on all levels.

If you seek a gentle rain shot downwards into your hairs, one that is not too hard or soft in effect, then this shower head is perfect for you. Look no more. The ideal shower head for you has just arrived, and heaven now rejoices in peaceful melody.

This once-in-a-lifetime shower part of exquisite elegance and fashionable flair is also easy to install and does not come with, or even need, batteries of any form. A limited lifetime warranty and a 90-day return protection form are also included with brand-new purchases. Try the product, and if you don’t like it, bring it back in, having cherished the experience and those few moments of sensational bliss enjoyed in the showdown of shower splendor.


  • An additional compatible arm is
    also available and is sold separately.
  • You can do many things to and through
    this product with some money and creativity.
  • In summary, this product is easy to install;
  • it massages your head in infinite bliss; it gives a true rainfall sensation; and it
    is adjustable for the full 360 degrees.


  • The product’s dimensions are merely of 8 x 4 x 8 inches totaled.
  • It is made of cheap, plastic.
  • It requires continual cleaning and maintenance.

The Thunderhead TH2.5 High-Pressure Rain Shower Head

This Canadian piece is made entirely of plastic and its overall finish is white. It’s also one of the larger shower heads, measuring a full 10.6 x 9.5 x 7.4 inches in product dimensions. It does not include or require batteries.

We’re talking about a high-pressure imported, brand-new rain shower head that is no more than a pound and a half in weight. Talk about a full package of benefits, for that’s exactly what you get when you choose the Thunderhead TH2.5 High-Pressure Rain Shower Head for all of your showering needs.


  • Installing this piece is both easy and straightforward.
  • It does not generally break and is
    more durable than several others.
  • You’ll configure things pretty quickly.


  • Pay attention to how you install, because you’ll uninstall in the same manner with his one.
  • Uninstalling is not quite as painless, but it is still not rocket science.

Buyer’s Guide

Is There Power in Choosing?

Let’s face it. Searching for the best rain shower head is no easy task at times, yet we can help to get you started in the right direction with a few crucial ideas, points to consider, previous experiences, professional knowledge and wisdom. Can you say, “Power to the buyer”?

A Number of Factors, Such as Efficiency of Water

There’s a number of key factors to consider that can either make or break your decision in the long scheme of things, and being fore-warned and pre-educated on the matter is always a plus before going into the store or browsing online. As they say, knowledge is power, and more knowledge is greater power for life. The first factor involves the quality of water efficiency; do not overlook or fail to conduct proper research on this matter as it may lead to higher water bills to pay.

Models with better water efficiency are always superior. This fact alone is undisputed. Research the stream input and output settings, flow adjustments and all other related factors. Do not let the sales member do it for you and tell you what to think; you need to enter the store with intermediate to advanced product knowledge and direction so that you can also ask your own questions.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze – Make a List and Ask Around

Make a list of questions to ask and factors to consider. Begin by analyzing certain shower heads on sites of popular authority, and take questions from there. These sites can easily tell you what the settings and features, plus benefits or drawbacks, are among different shower heads as well as which brands are the most and least recognized or sold.

Why Does It Always Have to be About Money or About How Much One Spends?

Leave money out of the equation, or at the very least, do not rely on pricing as a key factor to help you make your final selection. Money isn’t everything, and you should never base your decision on a price factor alone. Doing so may lead you astray, and it can deceive even the most experienced of buyers and negotiators alike; do not fall for the trap, for you have been warned, oh wiser consumer!

Why is this so? Prices range and taxes or fees may vary from consumer to consumer, yet the actual product will never change in terms of what it is and what it offers so do your homework first, as they say, and be the smarter person. You may find the same quality item at a far more inexpensive rate at another location if you take the time to properly ask around and investigate.

Water Bills? Uh-Oh!

Are you using too much water? Such a possibility is yet another key factor that you should consider as a guide for potential buying. Having the proper shower head may alleviate your water consumption or over-consumption as well as lower your water bill drastically.

Begin by measuring the flow rate of your current shower head. Place a bucket that can measure in gallons directly under the shower head and turn on the water, letting it fall into the bucket. Use the same water pressure that you normally use.

Set a timer, or manually count how long it should take for the bucket to fill to a full gallon; if the rate is less than 24 seconds, then a shower head of low-flow setting is your best option. You may also measure the rate using the shower head from your office, gym, plumbing room, basement or other area of water consumption, while also running streaming water across both hands to get a generic feel; please keep in mind that the flow temperature and rate may vary across these settings and that, depending on where you test, multi-room settings may be in effect.

If you’re using a shower head with multiple settings, analyze the overall simplicity of changing each setting in turns. To get the most flexibility in return, a handheld model serves as a wonderful option. These models may be set against a wall and removed to focus the water spray level and its direction.

People with disabilities, or those more advanced in age, find such handheld model as both a blessing and a relief. If you find yourself within this demographic category, then please consider a handheld model. It will make your life far more enjoyable and your experience in the shower far more convenient as well.

Who, When, How, Why or If – The Basics to Ask Before Installing?

Have you seriously considered the full implications of the installation process as a whole? If not, why not? If so, then you have won my highest praise, and I applaud you!

First of all, an installation can be either of two things: It can be one of the most painless and simplistic processes of your life, one that lasts for a few seconds or minutes at most, or it can become your next literal hell on earth. Take the fact of the matter seriously here, because, as they say, it will be your own funeral to attend. The installation process is a top factor that people often forget when seeking knowledge or a guide on buying a shower head; I cannot stress this mere fact alone with enough urgency so heed my words as they may be the last that you ever read on the matter.

“Installation matters.” That fact alone is a major understatement. Installation comprises the great majority of the process and lifelong duration of any shower head piece; the way that a piece is installed will determine the way in which it functions for the rest of its life and service so pay precise attention as to how your piece is installed.

Note the first and last name of the employee who installed the piece and observe exactly how he or she managed to do so, asking any questions while you are still in his or her presence. Do not later regret not asking. Appear as stupid if you must, but remember that the only stupid question is the one that is never asked; you ask, and you receive.

If you ever need to re-adjust, take down or even re-install the piece in question, you may hopefully still have your observational notes and visual experience from when the installation was done, having also noted other key details such as company name, parts included in original purchase and length of time that it took to install. Once again, knowledge is direction, while direction is power here. This is the first step to guide you in the purchase of anything: Adequate information and the proper knowledge must come to your side before all else.

What If I Installed The Shower Head Piece Instead of Mr. Bob?

The same principles apply here. Take note of how you install the piece initially, and make note of any questions or issues spotted by testing the water after installing the piece. Check for water leakages or lack of proper pump and flow as you may usually have to adjust knobs by tightening or loosening; be prepared to crank it up or turn it down if you experience a sudden, rapid unexpected flush when testing as many have been unexpectedly and unpleasantly surprised more often than you know.

Should I Seek a Different Type of Shower Head, Such as an Aerating Shower Head? Ooh, I Just Don’t Know!!!

If your summarized review of rain shower heads does not adequately lead to a genuine satisfaction in such products, then you may always consider a similar product type that works for the same needs. It is not a sin to try what works until one is fully content. Try around.

Aerating shower heads are particularly sought and wonderfully unique. They shoot forth water in the form of an aerating mist or light spray, hence comes the name Aerating Shower Heads. These shower heads filter and mix air with water as they add a more substantial resulting flow.

Trying Before You Buy

Have a look at statistics, online ratings and consumer reports on the rain shower heads that you’re considering. Seek out the warranty or trial policy on each one. You’ll be surprised at what you may find.

How Tall am I? Oh, Boy…

Very tall or very short users may have problems with certain shower heads, especially in the long term, which leads many to limit their time in the shower, to quit showering or to simply take hot tub soaks instead. The result is not good for shower head competitors, and they know the fact all too well. Think about it.

A majority of basketball players over seven feet tall, for example, find more comfort and stretching room inside of an extended hot tub or personal Jacuzzi. It’s just a fact. Who wants to bend down every time that he or she drops a bar of soap or needs to adjust the water flow knob?

People less than four feet tall have trouble reaching up to touch the handle or shower head. The comforting experience of a warm, relaxing rain shower is simply not the same for them. Therefore, properly consider your height and that of others who use your home or office showers before giving serious thought to any purchase, and that concludes our buyer’s plethora of knowledge.


In summary, we have just briefly tapped into the amazing and wonderfully complex, yet simplistic world of rainfall shower heads and analyzed what we consider to be the best of the best. Our information and research would suggest so as would popular review by top companies and customers. We’ve compared and contrasted seven particular types in search of the best rain shower head, and our rainfall shower head reviews are both accurate and up to date.

As if our reviews were not enough to get one started, we also included a convenient buyer’s guide. How did you like our research, and what do you think? Please comment.

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