9 Best Portable Garages

Portable garages come in different designs and dimensions.

They help prevent vehicles from direct UV rays and adverse weather conditions.

This (updated) guide seeks to expound more on the best portable garages we have in the market.

Let’s dive in….

Best Portable Garages 2020

NameMaterialSize (in ft.)Weight (g/m2)
Quisan Canopy Tent Carport Polyethylene10*2090 Check Price
SORARA Carport Heavy Duty Canopy Garage Polyethylene10*20180
Check Price
Peaktop Carport Canopy Car Park Shelter Polyethylene20*10108 Check Price
Vingli Outdoor Canopy Car Park Shelter Polyethylene10*30140
Check Price
UNIQUE CANOPY 500D Polyester10*15500D heavy duty
Check Price
Abba Patio Outdoor Carport Polyethylene20*10145 Check Price
Ikuby Super Sturdy Carport Oxford D600 fabricNo definite dimensions170 Check Price
Palram Arcadia 5000 Carport Heavy Duty Aluminum and Galvanized Steel16*12*8300 Check Price
Arrow CPH101507 Steel Carport Galvanized Steel10*15408 Check Price
Outsunny Vehicle Shelter Carport Polyethylene10*15200 Check Price

Things to Know Before Building Canopy (Video)


1) Qisan Canopy Tent Carport



  •  Thin sidewalls which are both windproof and waterproof
  •  Sidewall and top material is PE
  •  Weighs 90 g/sqm.
  • Framework is flexible with durable metal base and connectors


  •  Heat-sealed polyethylene top
  • 8.4 ft. peak height
  •  6.5 ft. sidewall height


  • All parts are easy to assemble
  • Made of material that is waterproof
  • Can be placed on both hard and semi-hard surfaces


  • Not suitable for severe weather

2) SORARA Carport Heavy Duty Canopy Garage



  •  This protective canopy garage exhibits strength and durability while providing climate control.
  • The polyethylene top cover is both UV and water-resistant to protect against adverse weather conditions
  • 10 ft. by 20 ft. in size
  •  Weighs 180 g/m2
  •  Steel vertical poles with a diameter of 48mm and slanting tubes with a diameter of 38mm.
  •  Has a removable front door and back door for ventilation on hot days.
  •  Two doors in each of the sidewalls for brighter interior and airflow on hot days.
  • Frame is covered by heavy-duty bungees.


  • Extra stability
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for all weather conditions


  • Is not so easy to set up

3) Peaktop Heavy Duty Portable Carport Garage


This is a heavy-duty 20 by 10 large-size carport which has a durable waterproof cover with a window that is transparent.


  •  Heavy duty high quality
  •  Corrosion and rust-resistant galvanized steel framework
  •  5 rooms design structure which gives it more stronger and stable support strength
  •  Additional corner support due to the reinforced stability structure making it more stable and firm
  •  Stability of the whole steel frame is raised by heavy duty reinforced ground bar


  •  Size: 3.3m by 6.1m by 2.4m
  •  Pole diameter-32mm by 1mm thickness
  •  Canopy weighs 136.8 pounds
  •  Silver galvanized steel framework


  • Very high quality
  • Strong support capacity
  • Corrosion and rust resistant framework


  • Cover fades with time

4) Vingli Heavy Duty Outdoor Canopy Car Park Sun Shelter



  •  8 removable sidewalls with 2 zipper doors and 6 transparent window sidewalls
  •  High quality, galvanized steel, 0.65mm Thick, 37mm diameter steel tube for maximum stability
  •  The cover is 140g polyethylene which is waterproof and UV resistant
  •  Enhanced rust-resistant powder coated thick steel tubes
  •  Large size 10*30 ft. that provides a larger area of coverage hence can be used for larger sized vehicles.
  •  Uses new material PE connecter and elastic fastener snaps which are high quality hence making them more durable and solid.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Tough, waterproof and UV resistant cover


  • Does not come with clear instructions for set up

5) UNIQUECANOPY 500D Commercial Canopy Car Shelter


This portable garage comes with a coated aluminum and steel frame with a pull pin lock system. Has a heavy-duty 500D polyester fabric with a sealed seam that provides 99.9% UV protection.


  •  Canopy dimensions: (3m by 4.5m)
  •  Peak height 3.2m
  •  3 plain sidewalls and 1 middle door wall
  •  Fabric is heavy duty 500D polyester fabric with 99% UV protection


  • Is heavy duty, hence durable
  • Cover is UV proof
  • Relatively easy to assemble


  • Some missing assembly parts

6) Abba Patio 10 by 20 feet Outdoor Carport Canopy



  •  Double polyethylene fabric
  •  Water-resistant, UV resistant cover, protecting the car against snow, wind, and rain
  • Heavy-duty steel frame coated with white powder
  •  Steel frame resists peeling, chipping, rust and erosion and provides increased stability
  •  Canopy legs installed with footpads for easy access to secure anchor points and added stability
  •  Tarp cover to the frame secured with heavy-duty bungees
  •  Peak height-9.5 ft.
  •  Sidewall height- 6.5ft.
  •  Number of legs- 6
  •  Dimensions: 20L by 10W by 9.5H ft.


  • Increased stability
  • UV proof and water resistant cover
  • Tough polyethylene fabric for durability


  • Canopy fades with time

7) Ikuby Super Sturdy Carport



  •  Super sturdy structure
  •  Waterproof 600 D oxford fabric PU coating
  •  Made of high strength steel tube
  •  Large-car-shelter-size
  •  Has a collapsible outdoor car cover tent shelter
  •  Can be used in any outdoor parking space eg apartments, villas, parking lot, etc
  •  Quick and flexible installation
  •  Foldable garage shelter
  •  Carport weight- 170 lbs
  • Framework is constructed from mild steel that is powder coated


  • Protects the car from all weather conditions
  • Very stable
  • Quick and flexible installation


  • Does not have definite dimensions

8) Palram Arcadia 500 Carport and Patio Cover




  •  Size: 16*12*8
  •  Arched roof
  •  Unbreakable 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels with 100% UV protection
  • Powder coated frame made of galvanized steel and heavy duty aluminum
  •  197.6 ft. length by 142.3 ft. width by 95.3 ft. height
  •  Safe, quick and easy DIY assembly


  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Rust-resistant


  • Not suitable for windy weather

9) Arrow CPH101507 Steel Carport



  •  Measures 10*15*7 ft.
  • 2 inch square frame
  •  Weighs 408 pounds
  •  Suitable for all weather conditions
  •  29-gauge painted galvanized steel corrosion resistant
  •  Built for faster, easy assembly
  •  Galvanized, heavy duty steel roof which is durable


  • Very durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Not suitable for adverse weather conditions

10) Outsunny Heavy Duty Enclosed Vehicle Shelter Carport



  •  Designed to cover large vehicles
  •  Steel frames are powder covered for prolonged strength and durability
  •  Door size: 9.2-10.5 ft. W by 6.6 ft. H
  •  Net weight is 124 lbs
  •  200 GSM UV resistant polyethylene clothe protects in all weather conditions
  •  Additional anchor kit for increased stability


  • Easy to set up conducive for all weather conditions
  • Powder covered framed for prolonged life


  • Some missing assembly parts

Setting Up A Portable Garage Shelter (Video)


Best Portable Garage-Buyer’s guide

Discussed below are some of the commonly asked questions by buyers. They will help in the facts right and thus making the best decision when purchasing a portable garage.

1) What size is the most ideal?

Portable garages come in different shapes and sizes. You ought to get the best size that will serve your needs right, depending on the size of your car. If you have a mid-sized car, for example, you shouldn’t go for a 12*15 structure. Your vehicle might not be able to fit well without crushing the garage walls. A 12*20 garage will be the best choice to fit such a mid-sized car. For a pick-up truck, a 12*12 portable unit garage will be appropriate.

You could measure your vehicle physically to be very sure about the size. It is also advisable to go for a size larger just to be safe.

2) Are they cost-friendly?

Mounting a portable garage is much cheaper compared to building a permanent garage structure. There are however cost differences in the different materials and divergent options of the garage units.

3) What type of material is used to make the car garage?

There are different types of materials that can be used. They include:

i) Polyester

• It is the cheapest and designed for easy transportation and installation.

• It may not be so durable, but offers great flexibility in use.

ii) Steel

• It is the sturdiest and durable

• Heavy in weight, hence setting up may require multiple man job

• They are the most expensive in the market

• Perfect for long-term carport

iii) Aluminum

• They are lightweight

• Can be assembled and dissembled easily

• Easier and cheaper to maintain

4) Are these portable garages easy to set up?

Aluminum and polyester portable garages can be easily assembled by 2 or 3 individuals. The steel carports, however, require more manpower and tools to set up.

5) What is the best design of a portable car garage?

There are three main choices you have when it comes to the design of the best portable garages:

i) Canopy style

• This is the most common type.

• Uses a covering on the top only.

• It is, therefore, an open-air carport.

ii) Fully enclosed models

• They have covers on the sides, front and back; including the top.

• They are the most versatile type of portable garage.

iii) Cocoon type portable garage

• They are intended to provide a full shield to the car, without using much room.

• They are often not much bigger than the car.

6) Does one require a permit to erect a portable garage?

You do not actually require a permit to erect a portable garage. This is because a permanent building is not attached and neither are foundations required. This results in saving time and money.

7) What are the benefits of using portable garages?

The benefits are outlined below:

Weather protection: Snow, sleet, and rain may cause great damage to your car. A portable garage helps to protect your car while it is parked up.

UV protection: A portable garage helps to protect your car against the sun. The sun contains UV rays which may ruin your paintwork.

Heat protection: Cars are heat magnets and they can get very hot during summer. The heat can be destructive to your car as it can melt electronics. Heat is also not good for the internal architecture of the car, such as the dashboard.

8) Do portable garages require foundations for installation?

These portable units do not require any foundations to be installed. Most surfaces are suitable for their installation. You only need to ensure that they have a robust anchorage structure.

9) What type of frames are the best for portable garages?

Frames that are powder-coated are the best. Powder-coated steel resists rust and corrosion hence they are more durable.

10) How mobile are the portable garages?

Just as the name ‘portable’ suggests, these structures are very mobile. They can be shifted to various locations and carried along even in the event that you are moving houses. They can be positioned in the backyard during winter and in front of the house during summertime.

11) Which Portable Garage works best in winter weather?

Winter is the most adverse weather your garage can get to experience. You, therefore, need to look out for the following:

Outer plastic: some portable garages are often made up of canvas. Such can only be suitable for use during summer. Prolonged contact with winter moisture (whether rain or snow) can cause them to rot. Polyethylene is the best material to look out for during such weather.

Ratchets: some portable garages use inbuilt ratchet systems to help in adjusting the tension of the material. These ratchets help in preventing moisture build-up that could lead to rotting. They also help to keep the weather out by retaining moisture running straight off the surfaces. Ratchets, therefore, come in handy in winter since you can tighten the outer material to form a tight seal around the frame of the portable garage.

Powder Treated Steel: If your portable garage has steel frames, then ensure that it is power treated so that it can make it through winter. This is because of steel rusts.

Heated Sealed Material: Joints in the portage garage should be heat sealed instead of being stitched. This helps to keep the moisture out by forming a protective barrier.

12) What accessories do the portable garages have?

The accessories vary depending on the manufacturer of the portable garage. The following are the basic ones they have:

Anchor kits

It is essential to anchor portable carports and garages since they don’t have foundations. They need anchorage to prevent them from being overturned by wind. Most of these shelters come with stabilizers. They also vary depending on the brand. The following are the main types of anchor kits available:

i) Auger-style Anchors

• Suitable for use in grass, asphalt, clay and unpacked soil.

• They provide a reliable hold and their cock screw design is simple to use.

• They can be reused and removed when you move your carport.

ii) Hook anchors

• They can be used in grass, gravel, clay, asphalt and hard-packed rocky soil.

• They are easy to use and you don’t have to create large holes.

• Are used in permanent installations, since they are not re-usable.

iii) Cement and Concrete Anchors

• Used when you want to install your garage on the concrete surface.

• They provide a very stronghold.

• Only suitable for permanent installations.

Sidewall and Enclosure Kits

• Sidewalls help to protect your vehicle by giving your garage additional weather protection.

• They help transform your portable garage into a fully enclosed space.

• They vary, but most contain three walls and a door.

• Some have two doors.

13) Are portable garages used for a short term or long term period?

Portable garages can be used for both short term and long-term periods. The ones made from steel are long-term whereas the ones made from polyester are short term.

14) Is it possible to store more than one vehicle at once?

Well, most of the portable garages are not so big. There are others that are however big enough to store like two small cars. The size of the cars you want to store is also a factor you must consider here.

15) Can a portable garage be used for any other purpose other than storing a car?

Yes, portable garages can also be used to protect and store large motor-empowered equipment, bulk storage and for providing a multi-purpose solution.


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