9 Best Party Speakers


This guide covers pretty much everything you need to know about party speakers.

If you’re a party animal and the regular speakers are just not good enough for you then these party speakers are what you need!

Just as the name suggests, these speakers are specifically designed to produce music loud enough to get you through your party the way you have always wanted to.

Take a quick look at the best party speakers in 2019:

Best Party Speaker 2019

SpeakerBluetoothBattery LifeWatts 
Ion Audio Party Rocker Max
(Editor's Pick)
Yes75 hours100 watts dynamic
Check Price
Tyler Tailgate Speaker PA System TWS404-BK Yes75 hours60 watts dynamic
Check Price
Sharper Image SBT1008 Yes12 hours60 watts dynamic
Check Price
PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable PA Speaker System Combo YesDoes not apply1000 watts/2000 watts
Check Price
Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Yes10 hours108 watts
Check Price
DiamondBoxx Model XL Black 231 Yes60 hours480 watts/960 watts
Check Price
Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Yes15 hours9 watts
Check Price
QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker YesDoes not apply4000 watts
Check Price
Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System YesDoes not apply235 watts/470 watts
Check Price
Sony ZS-BTG900 Portable Speaker System Yes26 hours20 watts
Check Price

Tyler Tailgate Speaker PA System TWS404-BK (Video)

1. Tyler Tailgate Speaker PA System TWS404-BK



With 75 hours of battery life, the Tyler Tailgate can provide continuous playing for days with only one charge of the battery. This system can be used as a regular speaker, an amplifier, or a PA system. The Tyler Tailgate is handcrafted ensuring its durability.


  •  The Tyler Tailgate has over 75 hours of battery life
  •  A person can tweak the output with the 5-band equalizer.
  •  This Tyler Tailgate Speaker comes with a handle and wheels to make it easy to transport.


  •  For the price, this speaker does not provide the best sound on this list.

2. Sharper Image SBT1008



This Sharper Image is Bluetooth capable with an 8-inch subwoofer to cover all of your bass needs. Some considered this model to be one of the best party speakers with bass. This fact means it can bring an awesome vibe to any party environment.


  •  With these speaker’s telescopic handles and wheels, it is easy to facilitate transportation.
  • The rechargeable battery is built-in, and the speaker comes with a car charger.
  •  The Sharper Image SBT1008 comes with an input for a microphone.


  •  With only 60-watts of power, this speaker may not be appropriate for outdoor parties.
  •  The Sharper Image SBT1008 does not come equipped with an AM/FM modulator.

3. PRORECK PARTY 15 Portable PA Speaker System Combo



The PRORECK Party combo is a 9-piece set including two 15-inch woofers. These woofers are rated at 2000-watt maximum power rating. It also has two tripod stands to lift the speakers off the floor.


  • The PRORECK comes with a 15-inch woofer making it excellent for large parties.
  • It allows you to tweak your music mix with its built-in 5-band equalizer.
  •  This speaker comes with an XLR to ¼ inch jack, microphone, and remote control.


  •  Without an internal power source, the PRORECK requires a power outlet to work.
  •  Some users complain that this speaker is heavy and hard to transport.

4. Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker



This Brookstone Big Blue Party speaker was created to be easily portable. It comes with a 36-watt subwoofer to bring the bass in music to life. This speaker has the capability of connecting to other Chromecast speakers to play the same song in all rooms of the house.


  •  This Brookstone speaker is excellent for pool parties because it is water resistant.
  •  Even though this speaker is light and portable, it still is one of the loudest speakers of its size.
  •  With four channels, this Brookstone speaker can spew your party music in all directions.


  •  This speaker has the lowest amount of battery life with only 10 hours.

5. DiamondBoxx Model XL Black 231



The DiamondBoxx 231 can project loud and clear music despite its size. With 960-watts of maximum power, it can deliver excellent sound quality to a variety of party venues including yachts and outdoor patios.


  •  This system has a total of 14 speakers to cover the entire frequency spectrum.
  •  The DiamondBoxx has a USB power output to ensure your phone’s battery is charged.
  •  Once the battery is ultimately charged, it will last for up to 60 hours.


  •  This speaker is one of the most expensive speakers on this list.
  •  The DiamondBoxx weighs 20kgs which makes it heavy and hard to move.

6. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker



Being shockproof and waterproof, the Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is ready to fit into your active lifestyle. A pool party can be dangers with other speakers but not the BOOM 2. With 15 hours of battery life, your party can continue well into the night.


  •  This Ultimate Ears speaker can be strategically positioned to ensure music in all directions.
  •  If you are hosting a pool party, the Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is waterproof.
  •  This speaker is small and compact making it easy to take it with you.


  •  This Ultimate Ears speaker does not effectively output lower bass frequencies.

7. QFX SBX-412300BT Speaker



The QFX SBX-412300BT has a unique RGB LED lights that give it a leg up when compared to other models on this list. It comes equipped with a USB/SD playback and an FM tuner. If your phone or other devices need to be charged, the QFX SBX-412300BT has charging ports.


  •  Even though the QFX SBX-412300BT is Bluetooth capable, it still has a 3.5mm auxiliary plug-in jack.
  •  This party speaker is one of the most affordable on this list.
  •  With a variety of remote control buttons, it is easy to operate this speaker.


  •  Some reviewers question the increase in the sound produced by the 4000 watts PMPO.

8. Ion Audio Party Rocker Max



With a six color light display, the Ion Audio Party speaker will be the topic of discussion for days after your party. It also has a disco dome that provides the final touch to an excellent product. If the battery dies during your party, you can plug this model into any outlet in your home.


  •  The Ion Audio Party Rocker Max has a battery life of 75 hours.
  •  This speaker is excellent for Karaoke because it comes with a microphone and two microphone ports.


  •  Some reviewers state that the Bluetooth is not as durable as other models.

9. Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System



With two 6 inch woofers and three dynamic tweeters, the Sony GTKXB7BC is one of the best audio systems available. With 470-watts of peak power, this speaker is ready to give your party a boost of life.


  •  With the Sony’s app, this speaker can be chained together with others to create a louder setup.
  •  The Sony GTKXB7BC utilizes NFC technology to give you easy wireless music streaming.
  •  You can give your party a boost with the Sony’s LED blinking lights added to this speaker.


  •  This Sony model does not have wheels to provide for easy transportation.

10. Sony ZS-BTG900 Portable Speaker Systems



This speaker system comes with two tweeters, two woofers, and a subwoofer. The two woofers are 4-inch mid-range, and the subwoofer is 5 inches. With this amount of power, the Sony ZS-BTG900 can provide excellent music quality to your party.


  •  Because of its dimensions and size, the ZS-BTG900 is easily transported and stored.
  •  The Sony ZS-BTG900 has the ability to use AC or Battery as power.
  •  This speaker is Bluetooth capable and has a built-in AM/FM modulator.


  • This Sony model is ineffective in large spaces or parties.


Party Speaker Buyer’s Guide

How many watts do I need?

The amount of watts depends upon how many people are at the party. For an indoor party, it is suggested to have a minimum of around five watts per person. For an outdoor party, you will want at least 10 watts per person to get ‘rave volume.’It is important to remember that typically more watts means more volume.

What is a three-way speaker?

Typically, a two-way speaker involves the tweeter and the woofer. When you introduce a mid-range speaker, it is called a three-way speaker. A three-way speaker improves the mid-range tones in the music but has little effect on volume.

What is a four-way speaker?

A quad-axial or four-way speaker includes bass and mid-range cone with two tweeters. The addition of another tweeter allows this speaker to provide better high-range sounds. However, it does not add anything to the overall sound quality.

What is a passive speaker?

Most types of speakers are categorized into two types which are passive and active speakers. A passive speaker is a speaker that has no internal power source. This statement means that the speaker will need to be plugged into an external amp to be powered.

What is an active speaker?

An active speaker is typically called a powered speaker because it is self-powered with built-in amplifiers. These loudspeakers can be plugged directly into a mixing console or a variety of other low-level audio signal sources. They do not require an additional external amp.

What does a PA speaker do?

PA stands for public address, and a PA speaker is anything that will amplify sound for a multitude of people to hear it. The most basic form of a PA speaker is the megaphone or an individual microphone. These types of PA systems have evolved into including the amplification of music.

How does a powered mixer work?

A powered mixer has a built-in amplifier to allow you to connect the speakers directly to the mixer. This ability removes the need for an amp. The operation of a powered mixer is convenient and straightforward when the equipment is stationary.

What does RMS mean for speakers?

Typically, almost all power amplifiers for audio are rated for RMS. RMS stands for Maximum Continuous Average power output. RMS measures the output capability of a fundamentally undistorted signal to speaker impedance. Under particular circumstances, RMS and peak power have a strong relationship which helps to establish the power rating of a specific amp.

What frequency range should my speaker cover?

Typically, the frequency response is defined as the amount of frequency range a speaker is capable of reproducing. We measure audio frequencies in Hertz or Hz. Many experts would say that the human ear hears ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. 20 Hz is the lowest bass tones of the music while 20 kHz is the very highest treble notes in the music.

Is a subwoofer important?

Some experts would say that the subwoofer is the critical component of any home music or home theater audio system. It is the only loudspeaker that can handle the lower frequencies of bass in music. It can also reproduce low-frequency effects known as the .1 in a 7.1 system.

What do I need to know to understand sound quality?

The first step in understanding sound quality is to have a clear understanding of the variety of features offered with speakers. Each of these features can affect the sound quality and bass produced by the speaker. An example is how woofers control the bass levels of music while tweeters control the treble levels of music. These two features work together to create excellent sound quality.

What is the difference between a woofer and subwoofer?

A woofer typically produces a sound between the ranges of 20-2000 Hz. This range means that sound quality will decrease as the music reaches either end of these frequencies. A subwoofer is used to accommodate the lower end of this range. Typically, a subwoofer will increase sound quality when the music is between the rates of 20 to 200 Hz.

What does the wattage of the speaker tell me?

Wattage indicates how much power the speaker can generate. The amount of wattage correlates with the loudness of the speaker. Typically, more wattage means louder music.

What is dB?

dB stands for high decibels which indicates the ability of a speaker to use the amplifier’s power. Generally, the higher the dB range, the louder the speaker can play the music.

What to look for in a party speaker?

The first item to look for in a party speaker is the ability to transport it. If the dimensions or weight of the speaker are too big, it may be impossible to move it by yourself. The second item to look for is the available features associated with the speaker. Some features to look for include Bluetooth compatible, weather-resistance, battery-life, and wattage.

Factors to consider while purchasing the best party speakers/ FAQS:


The cost of the speakers remains to be one of the greatest factors in deciding which speaker to buy. These come in a number of different prices and features according to those prices, so before actually getting a speaker it is always best to window-shop and get an idea of how much they shall cost you so you don’t end up paying way more than you should.

Sound quality:

This once again happens to be one of the most important factors. So be sure to test the sound quality, esp watts, decibels, and frequency levels before you purchase these speakers.

Watts basically tell you how much power can the speaker generate from its surrounding and turn that power into HD sound quality, so the higher the watts, the better the speakers tend to be.

Frequency shows the range your speaker can cover a specified distance, so if you are looking for a speaker that will mostly serve you during high crowded parties, then a speaker with the frequency level of almost 100-328 meters.

Decibels show the effectiveness of the speaker to use the power from the amplifier. A higher rating would mean you can play your music louder without having to bare any sound distortions.

So before making your purchase you must inquire about these three technicalities and see if they suit you or not.

Why exactly do you need a party speaker? (The Purpose)

This can be a great deciding factor as people buy speakers for a number of reasons. Some buy just to set up a home theater system, whilst others buy speakers for their jamming sessions and some other people get speakers to rock their parties.

So it will depend on your intended use of the speaker, say, if you need a speaker to set up a home theatre system then you may not need a speaker with great bass or amplifiers, a normal bass should do just fine for you, whilst if you need a speaker to entertain your guests at the party then one with a great volume of bass and amplifiers would be better suited.


The larger the speaker, the greater the sound quality and also, large speakers tend to have greater frequency levels which then help in covering a wide range of areas. So it will depend on how great you want the sound quality to be and how much area you want the speaker to cover.


The number ranges from 3.1 to 7.1 and it refers to the number of speakers within the system. So a speaker with a number of 3.1 will have 3 speakers in it. it will mainly depend on the purpose of the speaker, the greater the purpose the higher the number will have to be to align with your needs.


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