Best Low Flow Shower Heads

Update: The best low flow shower head for most people is the High Sierra 1.5 GPM High-Efficiency Shower Head. The shower head is our top pick because it saves up to 40% or more water, and outperformed the competing models in terms of price, shower spray, and built-quality. ( Read the In-depth Review below )

If the Delta shower head is unavailable or out of stock, the Delta Adjustable Water-Amplifying Shower head is our runner-up. It features the H2Okinetic Technology which basically saves water without compromising your showering experience. It also meets the WaterSense Requirements which enables you to save money on utility bills. The shower head comes with a lifetime warranty and gets excellent ratings on Amazon. ( Read the In-depth Review Below )

A low flow shower head helps you: 

  1. Saves Water
  2. Lowers Your Bills ( Both Water and Electricity – The lesser water you will use for showers, the lesser energy you will need to heat it up)
  3. And works just as a standard shower head.

Best Low Flow Shower Heads

High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

If you would like to save more on the cost of water in one year than the price of a powerful low flow shower head, consider the 1.5 GPM model by High Sierra. High Sierra is setting a precedent for the price point in a green faucet with this model. The skin feel of the water pressure is impressive considering the savings in water output.

This shower head features a splash guard which helps to keep all of the available water pressure aimed at you. This is a patented technology that allows the 1.5 GPM to rinse with the power of much more. You will notice the satisfying power of the stream right away.

This is a solid metal construction with a polished chrome finish. This material is exceptional for maintaining a shiny and new appearance for the life of the shower head. A quick wipe down with a cleaning product containing isopropyl alcohol with leave a streak free sparkle every time. And the no clog shower nozzle allows for continuous pressure for the life of the fixture. This patented FCS nozzle is exclusive to only High Sierra.

Compared with the water use of a 2.5 GPM shower head, this model offers savings of 1700 gallons of water per year, per person, in your household! This model is Water Sense certified. The product has been tested to provide a 40% savings on water and the energy required to heat it in the average household.

Delta 75152 Adjustable Water Amplifying Shower head

Here is one of the premium shower heads that set the standard for ease of use and genuine water conservation without sacrificing a full pressure rinse when you use the shower. This remarkable shower head operates at an efficient 2.50 GPM at 80 psi, 9.5 L / min at 550 kPa. This balance available in the 2 settings features larger spray holes that reduce clogging and facilitate cleaning. By mixing air pressure with water, the no waste water release is able to come out with a generous force.

This model is easy to install. It does not even require a tool for replacement of your old showerhead. And it is even easier to handle. The internal ball allows for a smooth rotation that holds its position stable. One drawback is that this model does not come with a handheld mode. Other than that, for the price level, it is a durable and versatile faucet that will be kind to your water usage meter.

Your ambition to improve your water conservation is certainly not in vain. As probably our most critical natural resource for all of life to exist, we have every reason to fear its scarcity in the modern world. Climate change is already affecting the precipitation averages across the globe. And we have an ever increasing population vying for a continually more vast share of it. With showering being a daily ritual for most of us in the most highly industrialized western world, it is up to us to reduce our individual impact on the water reserves as much as possible.

The Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Showerhead with H2Okinetic Technology by Delta Faucet is an affordable contribution to your conservation participation. The adjustable water pressure is available in 2 settings. They both offer a powerful spray output without using nearly as much water as conventional shower heads with no air pressure in the mix.

And do not overlook the aesthetic traits this well priced fixture totes. The classic chrome finish can be kept sparkling for a clean and new appearance for years. Cleaning with some rubbing alcohol will easily remove streaks and dry shiny and clear. Some higher end faucets use more metal components that enhance durability than the Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying Showerhead. But we consider this model to be superior in this price range.

The primary advantage that this model fully delivers as well as any low flow shower head model is that it feels like a strong, steady stream is massaging your body in the shower. This is remarkable when you account for the savings in water output. And at this investment level, there is no need to delay in replacing your shower head. It has a standard size with assembled dimensions of 4-1/16 in. H x 4-5/8 in. D x 4-1/16 in. The spray face diameter itself is 3-7/8 inches. This wide face is part of the design functionality that allows less water to be dispersed with air in the mix to offer such a powerful pressure.

American Standard 1660.717.002 Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Shower head

For genuine innovation in the imminent progression to water saving shower heads, American Standard created the Flowise three – function shower head. The design sports an elegant bell shape. But the most inviting feature this green shower head offers is the American Standard unique turbine technology. This allows the user to easily switch between 3 water saving modes to use either 20 or 40% less water than with an outdated standard nozzle. Such drastic reduction is water output results in the conservation of up to 8,0OO gallons of water in a single year for the average household!

For this price point, the design is impressive. You can smoothly switch between a turbine flow, full stream or combination spray. This allows a choice between a wider and gentler range of spray, or a more concentrated and stronger stream. This is exceptional performance considering the forgiving price range.

The models auto return feature maintains a low 1.5 GPM flow rate unless adjusted. The exclusive turbine technology has been repeatedly described as invigorating and powerful in customer reviews. And this showering experience is enhanced by the fully adjustable head angle which easily pivots and holds the desired position securely.

This model uses a maximum 2 GPM if a stronger jet is required. The attractive chrome finish is easy to clean to a streak free sparkle. We were stumped to find something we considered a drawback in this design. The Flowise 3 – function shower head stands at the head of its class for value and resource conservation.

Niagara N2515CH Sava Spa 1.5 GPM Fixed-Mount Shower head

To support a company who donates a portion of their sales revenue to water sustainability projects, take a look at Niagara’s N2515CH Sava Spa shower head. At an outstanding price point, this oversized 4.4-inch diameter spray head rains down on you with a luxurious wide spray with plenty of power for a thorough rinse.

Niagara’s Sava Spa employs their patented pressure compensator to provide a consistent steady flow regardless of the available home water pressure. Another green 1.5 GPM model, customer reviews have revealed a superior shower pressure experience with this model. The rubber spray nozzles are easy to clean and avoid clogging. And a solid brass construction offers an attractive look and reputable durability. This combined with a high – impact ABS thermoplastic body allows this unit to resist corrosion.

This low-cost model meets the standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for faucet design. And it is EPA WaterSense approved. And you know Niagara can confidently stand behind their product with a generous 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Sava Spa has an easy to care for chrome finish. And the swivel head is 360 degrees fully adjustable. With a maximum 1.5 GPM flow rate at 80 psi, you are sure to achieve drastic water and energy savings. You can also take advantage of the reduced 1.13 GPM flow at 45 psi.

This model is easy to install. It employs a conical spray pattern for a rain shower stream. The wide 4.4-inch shower head diameter is part of the generous coverage achieved with less water volume output.

Niagara N2915CH 1.5 GPM Chrome Shower Head

Another model by Niagara with an outstanding price point is their Earth shower head. Another money saving model with a 1.5 GPM flow, this typically results in at least 40% savings on water and heating energy costs.

The N2915CH shower head makes water conservation a certainty with a patented pressure compensating technology which allows for a consistent shower pressure regardless of the available water pressure. A powerful spray pressure almost betrays the drastic reduction in water output.

This model at this very inviting price point features a 9 – jet adjustable turbo massager. This mechanism smoothly rotates from a gentle trickle spray to a forceful jet stream. Because the stream is non-aerated, there is less loss of water temperature thru delivery. This ensures additional energy savings.

Available in a white or chrome plated finish, both resist corrosion. The high – impact thermoplastic body exceeds ANSI standards. And Niagara guarantees their product for 10 years with a manufacturers warranty.

Advantages of a Low Flow Shower Head

The benefits of a low flow shower head are significant. As the shower head reviews have revealed, there is a dramatic saving in precious water resources to be had. That is absolutely critical in these times where the world is in a fight for water sources. We do not have a sustainable supply of water. And because you turn on the tap and receive water does not mean the supply is secure. It is up to all of us to minimize our water consumption.

This conservation of water also results in significant energy savings. By reducing your shower water usage by 40%, you stand to save as much in energy costs to heat it. And again, the savings of your income is very helpful. But in these times of taxing our planet with consumption beyond her rate of sustainable regeneration, the savings in fossil fuel resources to heat that water is the least we should try to do for the next generation.

The green standard in low flow shower heads is an affordable way to increase the power of your water flow while using less water. Models are available for all types of showers. You can use a hand – held or a standing model. You can enjoy adjustable stream shapes and flows. And they are generally quite simple to quickly install.

Factors to consider When Choosing a Low Flow Shower Head

  • Price range
  • Rate of flow
  • Do you prefer hand – held?
  • Finishing of metal body
  • Stream style adjustments
  • Ease and range of swivel head
  • Does it meet EPA WaterSense standards?
  • Does the warranty imply confidence in durability?

Shower head Environmental law

Currently, there is no requirement to use a particular flow rating in your shower head. But in good conscience given the affordability to upgrade and the scarcity of potable water considering the world population, please be aware of the standards developed for faucets by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. A maximum 1.5 GPM flow rate is the current standard for a green, low – flow shower head.

Are you really going to save water?

Yes! Showering is still a rather extravagant luxury we sometimes take for granted in the countries with the more industrialized economies. We have evolved a new era of social tradition based on our high water consumption hygiene standards. We point this out, not to suggest a fault in enjoying a daily shower. But to appreciate the extent of our water consumption requires some perspective. And so at least a low – flow shower head offers some reduction in our impact on our dwindling potable water resources.

Here are more ways to save water while showering:

  1. You could abstain from or at least lessen the time you spend using the shower stream as a massage or a heat source.
  2. You do not need to leave the water running while you shave or lather up.
  3. It is worth noting that a healthy diet and lifestyle generally reduce the pungency of our body odor. Then you may not need as many long showers as you think you do!

Update: We have removed 2 of the shower heads from our top 7 list because of the negative reviews they got on Amazon. 

What do you think is the best low flow shower head? Use the comment section below to tell us your experience with your new shower head! Thanks.

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