Best LED Light Up Shower Heads

Update: The best led light-up shower head for most of the people is the PowerSpa Shower Head. It features air turbo boost technology and does not require batteries to run. The LEDs are powered by running water! – Plus its air turbine design makes it a high-pressure shower. PowerSpa also guarantees 100,000 hours of LED life and comes with one year warranty.

If the PowerSpa Shower Head is unavailable or sold out, the DreamSpa LED Shower Head is our runner-up. It is relatively pricey but offers 5 additional spray options. These include Power Rain, Hydro-Mist, Pulsating Massage, Economy Rain and Pause mode for water saving.

This post include:

  • A Comparison Table showing you the best led shower heads out there
  • In-Depth Reviews of a few best sellers
  • A little about how the led shower heads work.

Best LED Light Up Shower Heads

Our Top Picks
1. PowerSpa All Chrome LED-Shower-Head with Air Turbo Pressure Boost Technology
2. DreamSpa® All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head
3. DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head with Color-Changing LED/LCD Temperature Display
4. LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 24-Setting Shower Combo
5. HotelSpa® Giant 10" Color-Changing LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head with Arch Height-Adjustable 15" Extension-Arm
6. Aquafaucet Stainless Steel 8 Inch Round LED Rain Shower Head
7. Nickel Brushed 10 Inches LED Changing Color Rainfall Shower Head

These shower heads are selected with factors such as:

  1. User Satisfaction
  2. Buying trends
  3. Price ( Value for Money )

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What are LED Shower heads?

LED shower heads are, simply, shower heads with LEDs built within them. Most of the shower head we listed on this page do not require batteries to run. ( see just below how they actually work )

Many LED shower heads have characteristics of other types of showers as well ( such as led rain shower heads or led dual shower heads ).

Led Light up shower heads could be divided into two categories:

  • Shower heads that are temperature sensitive: These are a bit more expensive but we recommend buying these.
  • Shower heads that random change colors.

How does the LED in the Shower head actually work?

When the water flows through a tiny turbine ( within the shower head ) which basically create enough energy to light up the LEDs thus offering brilliant and vibrant lights while showering. The showers that do change colors with the change the temperature actually shows blue for cold water, green for moderate temperature water and Hot/ Flashing Hot for Very hot water.

DreamSpa Led Light Up Shower Heads

The DreamSpa Shower is the best light up led shower heads in the market today.

The shower head shows a total of 3 colors which change according to the temperature of the running water.

  • FLASHING RED – Warning Hot over 122F
  • RED – Hot 109-122F (43-50C)
  • GREEN – Warm 95-108F
  • BLUE – Cool under 95F (35C)

The Shower Heads features the following settings:

  1. Hydro-Mist
  2. Economy Rain
  3. Pulsating Massage
  4. Power Rain
  5. Water-Saving Pause

The LED has a 10-year life span and the product comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The shower also offers:

  • Angle adjustment.
  • Chrome finishing & color
  • 5.25-inch chrome face
  • Easy and intuitive installation ( no need to get a plumber )

It is powered by running water which means that no batteries are needed! The shower gets an excellent rating on Amazon overall. Click here to see User Reviews on Amazon.Overall, It is an excellent shower head that is durable and highly functional.

PowerSpa: 3 way LED Shower Combo

PowerSpa released another hot new shower head that is quite similar to the DreamSpa shower head reviewed just above. However, this is a combo shower head which features a handheld and an Overhead shower.

This shower head gets an outstanding user rating and costs around 50* bucks which, I think,  is a reasonable price tag considering the value for money it offers. ( *At the time of publishing ) 

Again, no batteries are needed for the LEDs to work. The LEDs are powered by running water.

The showerhead offers a the Supercharged Air Turbine Design which basically increases pressure and efficiency by injecting oxygen.

The PowerSpa offers 4 setting: 

  1. Water Saving Economy
  2. Massage
  3. Rain
  4. Rain & Massage Combo

However, this shower head DOES NOT change colors with changing water temperature. Instead, it offers 7 colors that change every few seconds. Again, the LEDs are durable and would last a very long time.

Luminex: TM Air-Turbo LED Combo Shower Head

The LuminexTM Air-Turbo is another excellent shower that gets an excellent rating and costs around 40* bucks. The great thing about this shower head is that it is a dual shower head. Just like PowerSpa showerhead reviewed above. ( *At the time of publishing ) 

The Features of this one is somewhat similar to two of those reviewed above. Here are the details in point for easy digestion:

  1. 2.50 GPM Water Flow
  2. Multi Function
  3. 3 Way Shower
  4. 24 Setting Color Changing
  5. Colors change automatically every couple of seconds
  6. One year limited warranty

Again, the shower head runs without batteries. The LED lights are powered by running water. Each of the head has 4 unique settings that include:

  1. Massage
  2. Rain
  3. Massage-Rain Combo
  4. Water Saving or Pause Mode.

LED Rain Fall Shower Head ( Temperature Display )

This is Another excellent DreamSpa Shower head.

In addition to the LED Lights, the shower head also has a built-in LCD temperature display.

In addition,  the shower has a massive 12″ face which covers you from shoulder to shoulder. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty.

The shower features:

  1. LED’s powered by running water
  2. No batteries needed
  3. LCD Display to indicate water temperature
  4. 10 years of LED life
  5. Angle adjustable

This showerhead does stands out from the pack when it comes to getting a larger shower.

10 Inches LED Changing Color Rainfall Shower Head

Although the brand Rozinsanitary is not well known, however, it gets high rating on Amazon store. The shower features some really promising features such as:

  • 10 Inch shower face
  • Rainfall Shower Style
  • Brass Material Used
  • Water Flow Powers the Led lights
  • Light colors change with the change in temperature
  • Very easy to install and use
  • 11.2 x 10.7 x 3.2 Dimension in inch

Overall, a great shower with outstanding user reviews and ratings.

Happy Shower Color Changing LED Light Up Shower

The Happy Shower is perhaps the one you should choose if you are looking to spends a little less and still want a really nice quality shower head. The Happy Shower gets an outstanding rating on Amazon.

The shower is perhaps the only shower head with 12 colors. Its is intuitive and really easy to install within a couple of minutes.

Again, this showerhead also does not need batteries to run.

More Details: 

  • Safe for kid’s bathroom
  • 3.1 inches Diameter
  • Chrome finish
  • 60 Days Guarantee

Reasons why LED Showers are Fun

You do get some bragging right with your new shower head. But don’t brag too much, you are cool either way.

They are fun and they are also really useful. For example some of the heads that indicate temperature are extremely useful if you want to know the exact temperature of the water flowing.

A led shower head could also save you from the burn of going into a very hot shower.

Are LED Shower Heads Dangerous?

Some of the people might think that led shower heads are dangerous but that is simply not the case. Although the LEDs are powered by electricity, the threat of getting an electric shock is almost nill. The power produced in these shower heads is very low. Most of the time, you don’t even need any insulation while fixing or handling these shower heads because the power rating is very low.

As most these shower heads turn flashing red when the water temperature is too high, led light up shower heads might save you from a potential danger of burning your skin with extremely hot water!

Disadvantages of LED shower heads

The disadvantage of having a led shower head is the lack of built quality of these products. They are not bad but you would rarely find any premium quality light-up shower head in the market. One reason might be that most of these shower heads are assembled by not-so-established shower head brands. As of 2016, there is not a single big shower head brand that manufactures led or light up shower heads.

What should I keep in mind before making my purchase?

As the saying goes: You get what you pay for. This is absolutely true for showers. Okay, not necessarily always but generally speaking, I think the first factor to consider is the Number of satisfied customers. The more satisfied people are with their purchase, the better the product generally is.

I’d also advise you to stay away from batteries powered showers. You don’t want to change the Batteries after every few weeks. Plus, go for a head that changes colors with a change in temperature – They are really helpful.

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Did you find the content on this useful? What do you think is the best led light-up shower head and what are you considering to purchase? Discuss in the comment section below. Feel free to contact me if you think I missed any great shower here.


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