7 Best High Pressure Shower Heads For Low Pressure

Update: The best high pressure shower head for most people is the Delta 75152. It offers the best value for your money than the other 13 showerheads we tested for this category. Offered under $20*, the Delta 75152 H2OKinetics showerhead operates at 2.5 or 1.85 gallons per minute settings. (read the full review and video below.)

The Best High Pressure Shower Heads

Shower HeadsFlowColor
1. Delta 75152
2.5 GPMChrome
2. SPEAKMAN S-22522 / 2.5 GPMVarious
3. Speakman S-2005-HB2.5 GPMVarious
4. Wantba SH2.5 GPMChrome
5. Fire Hydrant SH

A high water pressure shower helps you:

  1. Have a better bath
  2. Lets you wash easily
  3. Save water & water bills by using greater water pressure with the same amount of water flow.

Plus, It feels Amazing!

We created this guide because we receive lots of emails from our readers, asking us to review some of the powerful shower heads for low water pressure at home.

Our second-best pick is the high-end Speakman S-2252. It offers the overall best showering experience of all of the shower heads we looked at across the widest variety of content. Available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, and 4 other beautiful colors, the shower head offers the Anystream 360° technology and gets an excellent rating on Amazon. It features 6 adjustable jets producing 48 individual sprays which really makes this shower head stand out from the pack.

What is a high pressure shower head?

A high pressure shower head is simply a shower head that people buy if they have low water pressure at home OR they simply have an inefficient shower head that does not provide good enough water pressure for a good showering experience.

A shower head that fixes low water pressure issue is designed to increase the pressure of water while using the same amount of water flow. Many modern shower heads inject air in their chambers which force the pressure of water spray to increase.

Common Reasons for low water pressure at home

The following are some of the causes of low water pressure:

  1. Plumbing leaks – This is a very common issue with homes. Plumbing leaks reduce water pressure simply because not enough water is directed to the place at which it should be ( i.e your water outputs ) – If you want to detect leaks, simply switch off all the water outputs & record your water meter reading. After a few hours, check your water meter again – Any difference will indicate the leaking problem.
  2. Debris buildup in pipes – This might be another problem. Simply, use chemicals to clear your pipes.
  3. Pressure regulators – There might be a problem with these. So make sure to check them out. There is a video below to illustrate this in detail below.

There might be various other reasons for your low water pressure and getting an expert on this issue is advisable.

How can I improve the water pressure in my shower?

There are various ways you can improve your existing water pressure just by tweaking your shower head a little bit. Three of the ways in which you can do that are:

  1. You could remove the flow restrictor ( also sometimes referred to as water saver ) inside your shower head. However, this would be against the law which restricts the water flow to a maximum of 2.5 Gallon per minute in the united states. Additionally, this would also waste a lot of water.
  2. Get your bathroom plumbing checked by a local plumber. This is also a very common issue with a lot of houses. The main reasons are leaks and debris ( as mentioned above ).
  3. Clean your shower head. Mineral deposits could be the root cause of the low pressure of your shower head.

Reviews of the Top Rated High-Pressure Shower Heads

Before you go and pick up a shower, read the in-depth reviews below so you could make a better decision. The products are reviewed according to our suggestion, although all of the showers summarized in the post are great.

1. Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying


Buy on Amazon.com

This is my number #1 pick. Reviewed by 1500+ Buyers*, this showerhead promises to deliver top-notch performance while you are showering. The Delta 75152 Adjustable Water-Amplifying shower head also saves water without compromising the performance.


  1. 2.50 – 1.85 GPM Flow: You decide how much water you want to save!
  2. H2Okinetic Technology
  3. Dense spray pattern
  4. Clog-Free Holes
  5. Color — Chrome
  6. Lifetime Warranty !!

Overall, this high-pressure showerhead provides great value for $20*. If you are on a strict budget, go with this one.

2. Speakman S-2252 – Best High pressure shower head Overall.

Buy on Amazon.com

The rotating handle is the key feature of this shower head. By rotating the lever handle ( as you could see in the picture ), you could easily select between an array of different spray patterns according to your liking and mood.

Notable Features:

  • Anystream® 360° technology
  • Manufactured using durable solid brass
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • lifetime warranty
  • 2.5 GPM flow of water
  • 6 adjustable jets
  • 48 individual sprays

Overall, this showerhead is made to last years and years to come. Yes, you get to spend a little more upfront but in the long run, it is a good investment.

And because of all the variations and colors the company offers, it definitely will please you every day. The brand Speakman aims to provide you a luxury hotel like feeling. It is the best high-pressure shower head to consider.

3. Speakman S-2251 ( Eight Jets – 48 Adjustable settings )

Buy on Amazon.com

Another outstanding shower head that is very similar to the S-2252 ( the best in this category ) is the Speakman S-2251. It has 8 jets rather than 6, so you get a little bit more coverage.

This shower head for low water pressure is also available in 5 vibrant colors which include:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Polished Brass
  • Polished Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Brass
  • Polished Chrome

Notable points:

  1. Features the Anystream® 360° technology
  2. Consistent excellent performance of the shower head even under low water pressure
  3. Self-cleaning nozzles
  4. Product Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches
  5. One of the bestsellers in this category.

5. Rainfall High Pressure Hotel Spa Shower Head

The shower head by ‘Wantba’ ( manufacturer ) is one the best selling showerhead and is a real bargain for this high grade, stainless steel shower head. Since the head is attached to a convenient swivel, metal ball, it is very easy to maneuver to any desired position or angle.

With a length of 6 inches, this shower head has a 2.5 GPM flow control. It offers a soothing touch to the skin that resembles that of soft rainfall. Don’t be fooled by the gentle flow as it offers a powerful spray even in low water flow.

In fact, this shower head offers the same high grade performance that’s found in most hotels. If you’re looking for a treat in your daily ablutions, the WantBa Rainfall shower is a great start.

The WantBa has a simple detachment mechanism that enables easy and effortless cleaning and maintenance.

For your convenience, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty* and fits the standard U.S. plumbing requirements and connections. (* At the time of publishing)

More info: 

  1. Chrome Finish
  2. Stainless Steel Material manufactured
  3. 2.5 GPM Water Flow

The really excellent feature about this shower head is that you don’t have to worry about having a low water pressure at home. The WantBa Rainfall High-Pressure Hotel Spa Shower Head promises to deliver outstanding results in low water pressure.

6. Waterpik SM-421 – Cheap High pressure shower

The Waterpik SM-421 is a great Showerhead for low water pressure. It is going to cost you less than $15* but will transform your showering experience from good to great. The product gets a very good rating on Amazon and is one of the cheapest high-pressure shower head in the market. It even comes with a 5-year warranty! (*at the time of publishing )

Some Other features: 

  1. Covers you full body
  2. #1 Choice for replacing your current showerhead. Basically for people looking for a good shower and without having to spend much
  3. 4 massage settings – Set it according to your preference
  4. 2.5 GPM water flow

Overall, not the best choice. But If you are looking for an above-average shower and save some money, you might want to go with this head. 64% of the people who used the shower gave it a 100% satisfaction rating.

7. Speakman S-2005-HB

Another great example of a great shower is the Speakman S-2005-HB. It is also available in 4 beautiful colors which include brushed chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass and chrome.

More Feature include:

  • lifetime warranty
  • 2.5 GPM rate of flow
  • Anystream® 360° technology by Speakman ( patent )
  • 50 individual streams
  • Constructed using high quality polished chrome material

Overall, a great showerhead. It could be bought in place of the Speakman S2252 if you want to spend a little less.

8. High Sierra Shower Head

The High Sierra Showerhead is another outstanding for those of you who are concerned about water saving, this showerhead promises to save up to 40% of the waters and that too without sacrificing performance.

Quick Facts:

  • Solid Metal
  • Strong  spray
  • Polished Chrome Finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Will not clog!
  •  1.5 GPM flow

Overall, 80% of the people who bought this shower head gave it full ratings. Save almost $50 per annum (per person) on water heating costs. However, the High Sierra High-Efficiency Showerhead does not provide variation in the spray patterns as does the Speakman showerhead provides.

This Showerhead is going to provide you a strong spray even if you have low water flow in your house. High sierra is definitely one of the top high-pressure shower heads.

Advantages of a High Pressure Shower head

The first advantage of a high pressure shower is the ability to wash yourself a lot better compared to a standard shower head. Some of the models Reviewed on this page even offer adjustable spray pattern ( like the Speakman S-2252 ) so you could shower just like the way you want it.

You feel a lot better showering under a high pressure shower plus if you have low water pressure in your house, buying a high pressure shower head could greatly help you with this.

Most of these showers also use less water compared to the standard showers usually fixed at home. Now, using less water could help save a lot of water, help you clean better and would save you a lot of money.

Various Types of High Pressure Shower Heads

There different types of high pressure shower available in the market today. Read the quick description of the main types below:

  1. Fixed Showers: These shower heads are the most common ones around. As you could see from the comparison table above ( except for the last shower head ) all of the showers are fixed types. They permanently fix to your shower arm.
  2. Dual showers: These shower heads combine 2 types of showers. Most of these have a fixed head and a handheld head. This enables you to clean yourself better and the way you like.
  3. Handheld showers:  These shower heads are fixed on a stand. So they could practically be used as fixed showers but they could also be detached.
  4. Water savers:  Some of the showers also give you the ability to save some water while maintaining the same water pressure.

How to know if you have good water pressure at home

The easiest way to check whether you have a good water pressure at your home is to detach your shower head from the water input and analyze the water flow. Additionally, you could check the water pressure at other places too, for example, your basement or any water supply outdoor.

If your water flow is fine, chances are that the problem is in the shower head itself. The easiest fix this issue is to buy a new shower head.

Factors to consider before making your purchase

The first factor to consider is, without a doubt, the money you’d like to spend on a showerhead. While you might be tempted to choose the most pricey one ( thinking it to be the best ) it is always better to check your budget and then choose a product.

It goes without saying that expensive is not always the best. If you want to choose a nice shower with strong pressure, it might be reasonable to spend somewhere between 30-60 dollars. However, if you want some advance option, you should go with the Speakman reviewed at the number 1 position.

The next thing you should consider is the size of the head you want to buy. If you like larger coverage of water, you should go with a shower larger than 5 inches ( the diameter ) You might also want to see if you like a rain shower head – shower head by ‘Wantba’

Water flow And Built Quality:  Yes, a more expensive showerhead usually has a better-built quality. In addition, you should also check out the color and consider what will actually suit your bath style and decor.

Why does my shower have too much pressure?

A less common problem could be too much pressure. The disadvantage of having too much pressure is that it sometimes hurts and it also drains the hot water in a few minutes.

The simplest way to solve this issue would be to get a low flow shower head and save some water as well. Another way you could reduce the water pressure is to check the water flow restrictor in your shower head and fix that if it is not working properly.

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