9 Best Grip Strengtheners

Are you interested in increasing your grip strength?

Doing so can have a lot of benefits.

In this guide, we have compiled our favorite grip strengtheners available.

Let’s get started and take a closer look at each selection.

Best Grip Strengtheners 2019

ProductSizeWeightVertical/ Horizontal 
Yifi-Tek Hand Grip
Variable Size145 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
Hercules Grip Trainer
Variable Size180 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
Gripmaster Hand Excerciser
Variable Size200 lb. MaximumHorizontal Grip Check Price
Luxon Grip Strengthener
Set Size150 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
Kootek Grip Trainer
Variable Size160 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
Elite Sports Trainer
Variable Size155 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
VIVE Strengthener
Variable Size170 lb. MaximumHorizontal Grip Check Price
HomeGym Trainer
Set Size190 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price
VariGrip Trainer
Variable Size150 lb. MaximumHorizontal Grip Check Price
Title Here
Variable Size200 lb. MaximumVertical Grip Check Price

Yifi-Tek Hand Grip (Video)


1. Yifi-Tek Hand Grip


This will be a great choice for those who are new to grip strengtheners, as well as strength training in general. This option is indicative of some common features found in the majority of grip strengtheners. As such, we thought it would be a great place to start. It features a vertical grip, which is by far the most style of trainer. A vertical grip is held like a megaphone, and the bottom of the grip should be facing the ground while in use.


  • Features the more-popular vertical grip style, as opposed to other, less-used options.
  • Has a relatively high weight capacity, which means it is a good fit for experienced individuals.
  • The grips remain comfortable at any weight, an important factor in the long-term.


  • The product is chiefly composed of cheap plastics.
  • This option is lacking in customization options.

2. Hercules Grip Trainer


This will be a potential option for those experienced in strength training and similar athletic pursuits. It features a high maximum weight capacity, and its branding is directed towards athletes. Consider this option if you are looking to train your forearms and grips to improve your performance in the gym. It can also help you with more pedestrian activities, like increased endurance while writing. Featuring a horizontal grip and variable style, this will be good for those who want a lot of options while training their hands. It is highly recommended.


  • This will be a fantastic fit for experienced gym-goers.
  • The product features lots of options for customization.
  • The product is exceptionally sturdy and well-built.


  • only one color is available, and its potentially unsightly for those looking for a more understated option.
  • Its lacking in options to help beginners get comfortable using the product.

3. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser


The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is our first horizontal grip. A horizontal grip is different from its vertical counterparts in a few key ways. First, Horizontal grips are generally more difficult to use, and as such are directed more towards those who are looking build forearm strength. Strengthening your grip inherently strengthens your forearm as well, which is why bodybuilders so commonly use the tool. Second, horizontal grips require you to hold the device with your palm facing the front of your body. This gives you a greater degree of control over how you use the product.


  • The product can assist you in strengthening your forearms as well as your grip.
  • The product features a higher weight capacity than most options.
  • Stellar Resistance


  • This option requires a greater amount of experience to use effectively.

4. Luxon Grip Strengthener


This option excels in many aspects. It features a stellar build quality, as well as an assortment of customization options. It’s even available in a 2-pack, which can add a lot to its value proposition if you’re interested in bulk-options. It can help you increase your grip strength exponentially.


  • This option has a number of fantastic customization options that can greatly enhance your experience.
  • The product is available as 2-pack, which can significantly enhance its overall value.
  • The option has a respectable maximum weight, which is important if you are interested in seeing long-term results.


  • The strengthener doesn’t feature an adjustable grip, something that can assist in enhancing comfort those with non-standard hands.
  • The option is lacking in low-level weight options, which limits those who it can effectively cater to.

5. Kootek Grip Trainer


The Kooteck Grip Trainer is a fantastic choice for enhancing your grip. It can effectively train your hand and forearm muscles, and with consistency, and make those muscles more visible. This means it can be a great tool for aesthetics-minded athletes and bodybuilders. It’s yet another fantastic option, even when placed against its stiff competition.


  • The option has a discrete aesthetic, which means you can take it public and formal places without worry of standing out.
  • Its discrete nature doesn’t detract from its functionality, however, as it features a bevy of weight options.
  • The product has an exceptionally comfortable grip, something that is very important in prolonged workout sessions.


  • The option has a relatively-lacking maximum weight.
  • This option is lacking in options for more experienced bodybuilders, as well as those with already-high grip strength.

6. Elite Sports Trainer


The Elite Sports Trainer is intended for those with extensive experience in bodybuilding. Featuring an extremely high maximum weight, it will be a great choice for those looking to take their grip strength to the next level. It’s an easy-to-recommend choice for those interested in enhancing their gym-going experience.


  • This grip features stellar build-quality and top-rate materials.
  • Fantastic for avid gym-goers looking for a challenge.
  • A potentially great fit for musicians looking to increase their ability and endurance.


  • This product has very few extra features and customization options.
  • Longevity and endurance could be better, as resistance degrades quickly with this option.

7. VIVE Strengthener


The VIVE Strengthener is a great choice for beginners. It is unique in that it is a horizontal grip that features a wide range of weights, from very low to admirably high. It can be a great pick for those looking for a long-term grip strengthening solution.


  • This option features sturdy build quality and remarkable durability.
  • It also features a number of useful extra benefits, like the ability to change its weight by way of the conveniently-placed knob on the front.


  • This option has an uncomfortable and flimsy grip, something that is unremarkable for these products.

8. HomeGym Trainer


The HomeGym Trainer excels in a number of categories. It can be an excellent choice for those looking for a great option in the space.


  • The HomeGym Trainer has a great assortment of weight options.
  • The product features a discreet and professional aesthetic.


  • The product’s build quality is unremarkable.

9. VariGrip Trainer


The VariGrip Trainer is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a variety of weights and resistance.


  • The product is very flexible with its weight options.
  • Offers a lot of resistance in a very small form factor.


  • Less than stellar aesthetic and build materials hold this option back from greatness.

10. FitBeast Trainer


Our final option, the FitBeast Trainer can be a great choice for those who want an all-purpose grip strengthening solution.


  • The product offers a lot of fantastic extra features.
  • It can be a great choice for both beginners and experts.


  • Disappointingly low maximum weight capacity means this won’t be a great choice for bodybuilders with especially high resistance capabilities.

Buyer’s Guide: 20 Common Grip Strengthener Questions

1. What Are Some Benefits Of Grip Strengtheners?

Strengthening grips are known to increase forearm and grip strength exponentially. Fitness enthusiasts often ignore these two areas. As such, they find themselves confused by their difficulty in building forearm muscles and definition. Strengthening grips are the solution to their problem.

2. What Are Different Kinds of Grip Strengtheners there?

This product has two different variants: Vertical and horizontal. The two styles of grip provide slightly different benefits and are catered to different types of individuals. Vertical grips are more casual and generally easy to use. They often have lower maximum weights and resistance, so as to be capable of providing longer exercises. Horizontal grips feature high weight capacities and more resistance and are generally favored by strength trainers and bodybuilders.

3. How Do Grip Strengtheners Work?

By contracting the muscles in your forearm repeatedly, you break them down and allow them to repair themselves into stronger, more durable versions of themselves. It is the same as working any other muscle in your body.

4. Can Anyone Use Grip Strengtheners?

In general, those younger than sixteen shouldn’t engage in intense weight lifting of any kind. For those older, no, there are no restrictions on who can use grip strengtheners.

5. Can Grip Strengtheners Help Any Other Muscles?

Grip strengtheners benefit two different groups of muscles: Those in your hand, and those located in your forearm. The muscles in your hand are small and lean, and as such, the benefits will only be noticeable when applying your newly-found strength. Conversely, forearm gains will be more visible, but they won’t provide any practical benefits.

6. Can Grip Strengtheners Remedy Any Medical Conditions?

For those who suffer from conditions found in the hand, such as carpal tunnel, grip strengtheners can be a significant help in regaining feeling and usage of the area. Consult your doctor to see if your ailment is compatible with grip trainers.

7. Do Grip Strengtheners Have Any Health Benefits?

Grip strengtheners are like any other exercise, in that they provide your body with much-need aerobic activity and your mind with dopamine. The exercise, while not as intense as some others, can still yield these effects.

8. What Can A Stronger Grip Help Me Accomplish?

Grip strengtheners can help writers with endurance and musicians with accuracy. Any hand-based activity stands to be enhanced. Weightlifters will enjoy steadier grips on heavier objects.

9. How Important Is Grip Strength In The Gym?

If you frequently engage in grip-intensive exercises, like deadlifts and bench presses, then grip strength is a crucial aspect of your workout.

10. What Is The Difference Between Vertical And Horizontal Grip Strengtheners?

Vertical grips are better for those who want do exercises with high-reps at lower weights. Horizontal grips will be better for doing low reps at higher weights.

11. Are There Any Grip Strengtheners Designed For Certain Kinds Of Individuals?

Yes, as some grip strengtheners are designed for physical therapy. These styles of grip strengtheners will be branded as such and will make their purpose clear in their instructions.

12. How Often Do I need To Use Grip Strengtheners To See Results?

As with any sort of physical exercise, you will only see results if you workout consistently. Most people see tangible results after around four weeks of training.

13. Do The Materials Used In The Grip Strengthener’s Composition Matter?

Generally speaking, you will want to find a grip strengthener that features metal materials, as they are more sturdy. You will want this composition to be paired with rubber grips.

14. Are There Any Dangers In Using Grip Strengtheners?

Over-training is commonly found with grip strengthening hardware because it is an easy exercise to do at any time. Often times, people will use the devices for stress-management. In these scenarios, the negative effects of over-training can cause mild harm.

15. Will Using A Grip Strengthener Make Me Sore?

Initially, yes, they will. This is the case will any exercise or workout, as the old muscle tissue needs to be torn in order to come back fuller and stronger. The pain is a necessary step towards results and progress.


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