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In this (Updated) guide, we’ll cover the best gaming mice as well as everything there is need to know about gaming mouse.

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Best Gaming Mouse

NameMax SensitivityNo. of ButtonsKey Feature
Razer DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse
(Editor's Pick)
10,000 DPI5Chroma Lighting makes this visibly attractive.
ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse8,200 DPI12Magnesium Alloy Baseplate for smooth gliding
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse
(Editor's Pick)
12,000 DPI11Personalized weight balancing
SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse16,000 CPI716,000 CPI
Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse8,200 DPI4This ambidextrous mouse works well for most games like MOBAs, FPS games, and MMORPGs
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Gaming Mouse12,000 DPI11Since it's lag-free, this is a great mouse for first person shooters.
Corsair Gaming M65 Gaming Mouse12,000 DPI8First Person Shooters. This mouse is very sniper-friendly.

Other Lists:

1) Razer DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse

Razer has a series of gaming peripherals that are designed for style as well as substance. The DeathAdder series of gaming mice are smaller mice that can easily fit any game and this particular version of this series employs Razer’s Chroma tech for some extra style points.

For a compact gaming performance, the DeathAdder Chroma has some great features. Some gamers prefer a smaller experience so that they can more easily access buttons and react quicker in many games. This model of mouse is designed to fit snugly inside of your palm so that you can reach each button with time to spare.

Serious gamers require some serious ergonomics. There’s no easier way to get a repetitive stress injury than using a mouse with bad ergonomics for hours on end during epic gaming sessions.

With this in mind, the Razer DeathAdder Chroma is designed to fit comfortably in the palm so that the entire hand and wrist are supported. Comfort is clearly embraced by Razor with this mouse, but it’s also clear that they wanted to protect the hands and wrists of gamers as well.

Another excellent feature of this DeathAdder mouse is its Chroma technology. For those who have never played with Razer’s Chroma tech, Chroma is a color changing LED system that adapts to the game that you are playing. The technology is adjustable through Razer’s included software and using it will allow you to do things like set your class color in World of Warcraft as you play your characters.

This is also a very accurate mouse. It has a 10,000 DPI sensor that is very exacting and will allow you to play games with a higher accuracy need like first person shooters at a pro level. It even has a mouse speed of 200 inches per second.

In Short: Most gaming mice are bulky, the DeathAdder, on the other hand, will fit easily under the palm but doesn’t skimp on gaming-friendly features. It has a high accuracy, the always-cool Chroma technology, and 50g acceleration, which makes for a robust performance for any gamer.


  • This is a nice mouse to transport to things like LAN parties because of its compact and lightweight design.
  • The Chroma system lets you customize your mouse and provides 16.8 million color options.
  • You can even use this on glass table tops.
  • This is a mouse that you can play on for hours due to its ergonomic design.


  • If you need a lot of buttons for MOBAs and MMOs, then you may feel limited by the five button setup.
  • After extended use, the pads that are positioned along the sides of the mouse can start to slide off.
  • The scroll wheel is a bit noisy.

2) ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse

Asus is another company that has become quite the force for computer gaming. Their ROG, or Republic of Gamers, series includes laptops, keyboards, and of course, mice. This Spatha gaming mouse has an angular construction but still manages to provide a comfortable and ergonomic level of gaming performance.

Asus is another company that has become quite the force for computer gaming. Their ROG, or Republic of Gamers, series includes laptops, keyboards, and of course, mice. This Spatha gaming mouse has an angular construction but still manages to provide a comfortable and ergonomic level of gaming performance.

First, if you need a lot of buttons, then this is a great choice. Many first person shooter players tend to run with just a few button choices, but if you like to play MMORPGs, sometimes you have five to ten different buttons that you’ll need to press in the heat of battle.

The ROG Spatha has 12 programmable buttons so that you can bind them to your key abilities and cooldowns so that they are always at hand. While it doesn’t have the highest sensitivity on the market, its 8,200 DPI still provides a very respectable performance for most games.

This is also a wireless or wired mouse; you simply can keep it plugged in when you need to charge it or unplug it when you want to be un-tethered. There’s even a magnetic charging dock that you can use to charge up the mouse when you aren’t using it.

Despite its edges and angles, this mouse is definitely designed to provide a very ergonomic experience. The tactile thumb buttons are easy to differentiate and also won’t cause thumb or finger fatigue/strain. Its wheel is also very smooth and provides a near silent, yet tactile performance that will help you scroll in or out with ease.

One of the best aesthetic features of this mouse is its customizable lighting effects. Whereas some peripherals with LEDs included can change color, most have a single color option. The ROG Spatha, on the other hand, has three zones that are customizable so that your mouse can shine brightly with different colors for each zone.

In Short: If you need a lot of buttons for an MMO like World of Warcraft or a MOBA like Heroes of the Storm or DOTA 2, then this is a great choice.


  • This mouse is guaranteed to last up to 20 million clicks. This is because Asus used durable Omron switches.
  • This mouse has built-in flash memory that allows you to save five gaming profiles.
  • This is an attractive mouse; Asus patterned it off of a Mayan style of design.
  • It has a magnesium alloy chassis that helps you glide smoothly over just about any surface.


  • It’s definitely a large mouse, which can be a turnoff for some gamers.
  • With 12 buttons, this isn’t really a mouse that is very compatible with a wide variety of game genres like first person shooters and third person adventure games.
  • It can be a bit heavy, which is something that first person shooter enthusiasts enjoy but may not be the best for MMOs.

3) Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech is one of the largest mouse producers in the world; in fact, the manufacturer has been producing peripherals since 1981 and has actually produced more than one billion computer mice.

The G502 Proteus is an excellent mouse that is clearly designed with gaming in mind. It even has 11 programmable buttons that make this an excellent option for your favorite MMOs or MOBAs. It even has weight tuning, which is a function that many FPS gamers prefer so that their shooting and moving seems more tactile and deliberate.

This mouse also has an exceptional level of sensitivity. Its DPI stands at 12,000, which means that you won’t lose performance no matter what kind of system you are working with. Additionally, you can also adjust the DPI settings from a base DPI of 200, which provides a high degree of customizability in your gaming experience.

Weighting is important to some gamers, having a heavier mouse makes you a lot less likely to overshoot a target when you’re aiming. With this in mind, the G502 Proteus comes with five weights so that you can better align your shots and have a more balanced, weighty mouse experience.

You can also tune the surface tuning calibration so that the optical sensor can provide the best type of tracking for your specific mouse pad. This customizability, once again, provides extra accuracy and performance with the weighting option.

Aesthetically, this is also a mouse that has a very attractive and unique design. It is primarily black but it also has light blue LED accents that work well in the overall design. Overall, the mouse’s design is also very modular-looking; there are many components that look separate, which adds a futuristic vibe to this mouse.

In Short: The fact that this mouse has five included weights for balancing and a full 11 programmable buttons means that this is an excellent product for first person shooters and MMOs.


  • With 11 programmable buttons, using spells in your favorite RPG like Mass Effect: Andromeda or popping cooldowns in WoW is easy.
  • This mouse has a very modular appearance, which is really cool looking at a LAN party.
  • With a fully adjustable DPI, you can customize the level of mouse sensitivity with ease.
  • The scroll wheel features dual-mode functionality and is very fast. In addition, it has a great tactile scroll operation.


  • This mouse doesn’t really have a place for your ring and pinky finger to rest, which isn’t very ergonomic.
  • The wheel locking feature is great for an FPS where you roll for weapon-change, but in an MMO, it gets a bit annoying.
  • You can’t customize the color of the LED.
  • There are ridges on the mouse that can irritate some hands.

4) SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries is another gaming oriented series of products that is designed for pro-level gaming. The Rival 700 is a nice FPS-friendly mouse that has some neat features that Counterstrike and Medal of Honor players will love.

So what’s this mouse’s defining feature that makes it a great gaming mouse? If you like to follow stats, then this might be your mouse because of the built-in LED display.

While it is monochrome, this display allows you to display .gifs along the side of the mouse. You can also have stats displayed in this area as well like total game time, your kill count, headshots, and healing in games like Overwatch.

In addition to this fairly revolutionary feature, the SteelSeries Rival 700 also has a RGB lighting display that gives you several color options to play within your games. The mouse wheel even has some of these LED lighting options along the size.

Insofar as sensitivity, this mouse incorporates a swappable sensor, which is the optical Pixart 3360 gaming sensor to be exact. This sensor is widely considered to be one of the best for gaming and provides a 16,000 CPI performance (for understanding DPI and CPI, check our buyer’s guide).

Gaming is quickly becoming a more widespread profession, so it’s nice that SteelSeries has included a custom nameplate option with this mouse. Simply design your own personalized design on a 3D printer and you can add it to the top plate of the mouse.

When it comes to button setup, the SteelSeries Rival comes with seven programmable buttons that make this a great hybrid mouse; you can use it for games with fewer button requirements or those with more.

As you can see, with the swappable nameplate and the replaceable sensor, this is a very customizable mouse. This makes it a great option for those gamers who want to have a unique gaming experience.

In Short: It has an onboard LED that can give you in-game stats. This is helpful when you want to count your headshots, the number of kills, or even deaths in your favorite PVP battleground.


  • It has seven programmable buttons; this makes it great for a wide variety of gaming genres.
  • You can track your gaming stats by way of the small monochrome display that is at the sides of the mouse.
  • This is a compact mouse that’s perfect for those who don’t want to have to stretch their fingers to find buttons.
  • This is also a very ergonomic mouse with comfortable side pads that ease fatigue somewhat.


  • The display isn’t as widely supported as it could be.
  • This mouse isn’t really designed for every type of grip style. Also, if you have larger hands, you may have issues with it.
  • The software has a tendency to lock up from time to time, which can be jarring during extended gaming sessions.

5) Razer Ouroboros Elite Gaming Mouse

Another Razer product, the Ouroboros gaming mouse is designed to provide an ergonomic experience for gamers who intend to game for hours on end. It’s also designed to be ambidextrous, which is a major plus for left-handed gamers who want to play like pros.

Functionality-wise, this mouse is designed to be used either wired or wirelessly. When wired, you can simultaneously charge your mouse and keep tethered at the same time. When wireless, you can enjoy a 1ms level of connectivity so that you never actually feel the lag that some wireless mice can cause.

One of the best features of this mouse is its ambidextrous design. The mouse itself is fully customizable in this regard; you can shift, remove, and add on the side panels so that you can find the most comfortable configuration for your comfort. This makes it compatible with any grip style, hand size, or finger orientation.

In fact, for those who prefer a larger mouse experience, the length of the mouse is actually adjustable. If you prefer a smaller sizing, then simply keep this ambidextrous mouse at its initial length and don’t deploy the attachable thumb rests. For height, the mouse also has a wheel that allows you to change the pitch of the back arch as well.

While there are definitely mice out there that have a higher DPI, the 8,200 DPI sensitivity of this mouse is bolstered by a 4G laser. This laser tracks incredibly precisely so that you will be able to move with ease, no matter your system configuration.

You can even adjust the DPI performance of this mouse as the situation warrants it. Simply utilize the DPI clutch trigger to select the sensitivity that’s best for your gaming application.

In Short: This mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind. It has a construction that is designed to provide a resting point for your hand and can be used with any mouse grip style.


  • It’s rare to find a gaming mouse that’s so customizable for hand type. This device is truly usable for any size of the hand.
  • The wireless tech can be used to charge the mouse as you play, or you can use the charging platform when you’re not playing.
  • Its ambidextrous design makes it so that lefties can enjoy some great gaming experiences.
  • It only takes a single AA battery to power this gaming mouse.


  • The LED lights on this mouse aren’t customizable, which is a feature that the best gaming mice typically will have.
  • This mouse doesn’t perform that well on surfaces that aren’t very smooth.
  • It’s also a bit heavy, which some gamers may not particularly care for.
  • The rubber pads on the sides can come off after extended use. Also, the material of the mouse can feel a bit cheap.

6) Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Gaming Mouse

The second Logitech mouse in this guide has some great features for just about any type of gamer. One of its defining features is its ability to be used ambidextrously. It’s also driven by one of the most accurate sensors available: the PMW 3366, which delivers a sensory range of 200-12,000 DPI.

Like the similarly ambidextrous Razer Ouroboros, this is a very customizable mouse. Logitech was kind enough to include extra button caps for the mouse’s buttons and even included a case for carrying them with you to your LAN parties.

Like Chroma devices, the LED system of this Logitech mouse can display up to 16.8 million colors and has a good level of brightness. While this is mostly an aesthetic consideration, it definitely beefs up the style of the mouse considerably; in fact, you can even adjust the light patterns if you prefer.

This is also a very MMO-friendly mouse; you can use 11 programmable buttons on the mouse’s body. This makes it perfect for popping cooldowns, quaffing potions, or just spamming your abilities when you need them.

Speaking of buttons, each of the buttons on the Logitech G900 is designed with a pivot design. This allows for a better overall click performance. For many gamers, this type of haptic feedback is useful, because it adds a tactile response that is lacking in some mice.

Like some of the current crop of mice that are on the market, the Logitech G900 has the capability to be used wired or wirelessly. Both uses are lag-free, which is excellent for fast-paced games like Overwatch. While plugged in, the mouse will also charge while you play, which is very convenient.

One of the most standout features that might appeal to many gamers is the fact that this mouse is actually approved by professional eSports gamers. This is an era where hardware matters, so this endorsement is something that should appeal to many enthusiasts.

In Short: This mouse is ambidextrous and has a smallish design that will fit most hands, no matter your grip style.


  • This is a very precise mouse; your hand movements will be perfectly tracked with a DPI range of 200-12,000.
  • This mouse is also very ergonomic, which makes it a good option for those who take their gaming into the wee hours.
  • The pads along the side are very comfortable and will give your fingers an area to rest in.
  • The mouse has a very impressive 32-hour battery life. This means that you can go a very long time between charges.


  • The rear hump of this mouse can be uncomfortable for some hands.
  • The LED functionality isn’t something that ever gamer may want to pay extra money for.
  • It can be a bit too narrow for some hands.

7) Corsair Gaming M65 Gaming Mouse

The final mouse in this guide comes from Corsair, which is a company that is known for crafting excellent PC components. This is a high sensitivity mouse that is capable of a 12,000 DPI performance level. The M65 is definitely designed for top-tier gamers who specifically enjoy first person shooters.

Aesthetically, this is a great mouse with a unique shaping and physical design. This mouse incorporates a modular design shaping that makes it look almost insect-like. It also has the fairly standard RGB setup that allows for a wide variety of colors configurations. In fact, there are a few different LED patches on the mouse so that you can have a multicolored gaming experience.

When it comes to performance, the M65 uses Omron switches that are guaranteed to last for 20 million clicks. This type of durability is especially useful in the world of competitive gaming that surrounds the first person shooter genre.

If customization is your thing, the M65 has eight fully customizable and programmable buttons so that you can have a fully unique configuration when you take it to compete. This programmability is also available in the mouse setup; using CUE technology, the M65 can let you program the mouse with double macros and even will let you have control of the lighting scheme per application.

One of the most FPS-friendly features on this gaming mouse is its “sniper button.” This button comes complete with a stylized crosshair/reticle and is designed to grant snipers a more intuitive feeling button.

One of the most FPS-friendly features on this gaming mouse is its “sniper button.” This button comes complete with a stylized crosshair/reticle and is designed to grant snipers a more intuitive feeling button.

This is also a well-built mouse. It’s crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. For those that don’t know, aluminum is one of the better metals for mice; it is both durable and very lightweight. Though, if you prefer a better balancing, there is also a weight tuning system for this mouse.

In Short: You can tune this mouse’s overall weight to the game through a few balanced weights that you can remove and install.


  • Having three different illumination points is very cool looking on this mouse.
  • With all of its unique features, if you enjoy sniping and shooting in first person shooters, this is the mouse that was designed for your type of gaming.
  • It has eight strategically placed buttons for exceptional key bind options.
  • 12,000 DPI is exceptional for gamers who seek smooth control.


  • There is no tilt wheel on this mouse.
  • Unfortunately, there is no built-in acceleration in this mouse.
  • The software that Corsair ships with this mouse has a tendency to be very buggy, some gamers might want to try a third party software option.
  • While it is a good mouse for larger-handed gamers, people with smaller hands might be uncomfortable using this mouse.


Gaming Mouse Buyer’s Guide


For many new gamers, this can be very confusing. While many people already understand that the DPI of a mouse represents its sensitivity, many have no idea why some mice have CPI rather than DPI. To understand this fully, let’s         take a look at each:

DPI – The DPI of a mouse is a measurement of sensitivity. Typically DPI refers to dots per inch and is exactly correlated to how your mouse cursor performs in relation to your hand. When you move your hand an inch, your mouse will move a certain amount of pixels on your screen, so the higher DPI setting, the more movement is transferred, thusly a higher sensitivity.

CPI – CPI, on the other hand, stands for cursor motion per square inch or counts per inch. Counts refer to the number of “counts” that the mouse sends back to the computer as it moves. If you read that you may note that this seems very similar to what DPI represents. In fact, DPI is the newer term for CPI. Still, many manufacturers still use the CPI system.

Grip Style

In gaming, a person’s style isn’t just reflected through their avatars. In fact, two different gamers on the same game may just hold their mouse in completely different ways. Let’s take a look at each grip style for gaming:

Claw Grip – The claw grip is an active style of mouse gripping that uses an arched shaping that looks like a claw. Users of this grip style require mice that are a bit shorter in order to have the optimal amount of contact points.

These mice also have a less pronounced back arch. If you place your hands in a claw formation, it’ll be easy to see that you will need a smaller mouse for this type of playing.

Palm Grip – The palm grip is also referred to as the classic form of mouse handling; and as a result of its classic nature, it is the most popular way to hold a mouse in gaming. This is a very relaxed way of using a mouse and has the maximum amount of contact points between the hand and the mouse surface. Palm mice have a tendency to be a bit less agile than claw and tip-style mice.

Tip Grip – As the name suggests, tip style has the least amount of contact points with the mouse because it’s only your fingertips that make contact with its surface. This is the fastest way to use a mouse in gaming, but it can be the most uncomfortable. Also, if the game calls for more gliding motions or motions that are slower, tip grip starts to lose its usefulness.

Button Layout

The button layout is very important simply because you want to have your buttons at the most ergonomic position possible. If your buttons are too far back, then you’ll have to crane your thumb back, which can directly affect your gaming performance and slow you do significantly. A good gaming mouse will have all of your available buttons in the easiest to reach configuration; no matter if the mouse has four or 12 buttons.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Repetitive stress injuries from using mice are a very real occurrence. To prevent these sometimes excruciating conditions, it’s important to have as ergonomic a mouse as possible. This means that a mouse should be supportive, comfortable, and have a good button layout so that you can avoid overly repetitive, straining movements as often as possible.

This means that the back arch should support your wrist, the two main clickers should conform to the shape of your fingers, and the arm should be able to rest in a natural position.

In addition, comfort is something that is sometimes overlooked. If you plan on gaming for a long period, it really doesn’t help to have a jagged mouse that doesn’t let you mouse naturally. It’s best to avoid mice with ridges or edges where you might rest your hand as these edges can cause discomfort, especially if you plan to game for a long time.

Top Brands

There are several great brands of mice out there, some of which we’ve featured here on this list. As a reminder, here are some of the best producers of gaming mice today:


  • Razer
  • Logitech
  • Asus
  • Corsair
  • SteelSeries
  • Mad Catz
  • Roccat

Each of these brands has a wider variety of gaming and general purpose mice, and for the most part, they all have excellent mouse options. For the brand with the most dedicated gaming mice, Razer makes the most.

Best Application

As you may have noticed from the reviews, not all gaming mice are designed for every type of game. Some mice, for example, are better for first person shooters, while some mice are designed for games that need more buttons like MMORPGs and MOBAs. With that in mind, let's take a look at what type of mouse each type of gamer might prefer:

First Person Shooters – First-person shooter enthusiasts love sensitivity, precision, and control. With this in mind, the buttons should have as much action as possible so that when you are “pulling the trigger” you know that you’ve made the shot.

Also, some FPS fans like to have a weightier experience. This is why some mice come with removable weights so that the game experience can feel more tactile. Heavier mice move more deliberately on the mouse pad and also play well with mouse movements.

Think about it this way: you want your lined up shots to feel aimed, so you don't want too much looseness on your mouse movement.

When a mouse has weighting options, a user can usually mix and match different weight types so that the mouse feels balanced for the gaming that it'll be used for.

• MMORPG's – If you've ever played a MMO or a MOBA, then you understand that sometimes you'll need a key bind for a potion, an ability, or a cooldown. Some people even use a dedicated button on their mice to engage their push-to-talk setting on a voice chat program like Curse, Discord, or Ventrillo.

In any situation, playing these types of games requires a lot of different buttons, and while many just bind these buttons to their keyboards, it's much easier to have your abilities and items available in thumbs reach.

This is why the MMO mouse has become very popular in recent years because it untethers a player from their keyboard and allows them to use their character's talents strictly from their mouse. If you're looking for a mouse of this type, look for one with at least six or seven buttons.

• 3rd Person Gaming Mice – While many gamers use controllers for these types of games, there are those who prefer to play with a mouse for games like Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher. When you want to play games like these, shoot for a mouse with at least six buttons. This way you will have access to your character’s commands.

LED Features

Many of the modern gaming mice that are currently on the market embrace LED technology. The most famous example of this is Razer's Chroma mice that have 16.8 million color choices that can even be influenced by the application that is running.

For the most part, this feature on mice is mostly aesthetic, but it can be helpful to have a color assigned to a specific character in some games. That being said, not every gaming mouse has configurable LEDs, but if this feature is something that you like, expect to pay extra cash for it.

Wired, Wireless, or Hybrid

Wireless technology is everywhere; in fact, even the internet is mostly accessed wirelessly. Wireless mice have had a stigma for years. The general consensus is that they either take too long to charge, don't have enough charge in general, or aren't quite as responsive (due to lag) as wired mice.

Fortunately, wireless tech has come a long way and many wireless mice suffer from very minimal lag. Today, what it comes down to is whether you want a wireless mouse for its convenience while traveling and its compatibility with gaming laptops or whether you prefer a wired unit that has no charging time but is tethered by a cable.

Wrapping it Up

Gaming mice have come a long way now that PC gaming has really taken off. While every mouse might not be perfect for every game, there is definitely a mouse for every type of PC gamer. The list of products that we’ve reviewed here in this best gaming mouse article are all excellent products. Take a look at our reviews, read our buying guide, and find the best mouse for your games so that you can crush the competition!

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