Best Gaming Mouse Pads

In this (Updated) guide, We’re going to show you the Best Gaming Mouse Pads.

When you’re gaming, finding systems that can improve your overall performance is all you need to gain an edge over the competition.

As a result, competitive gamers need the best gear possible.

Here are the top gaming pads right NOW.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads

ItemThicknessMaterialForm Factor
CORSAIR MM300 - Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad
(Editor's Choice)
20 hoursTextile weaveMouse only
SteelSeries QcK+ Limited Gaming Mousepad20 hoursMicro-woven clothMouse only
ROCCAT TAITO Control - Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad
(Editor's Choice)
12 hoursAdvanced cloth textilesMouse only
Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad
(Editor's Choice)
24 hoursHard polymerMouse only
Cougar Accessory CGR-BXRBS5H-ARE ARENE Gaming Mouse Pad15 hoursClothMouse and keyboard
CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad25 hoursMicro-textured surfaceMouse only
SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad30 hoursClothMouse only
Beyme Large Gaming Mouse Pad40 hoursNatural rubberMouse and keyboard
Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Mat 10 hoursPolycarbonateMouse only
Redragon P001 ARCHELON Gaming Mouse Pad12 hoursSilk-pressed clothMouse only


1) CORSAIR MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


The First gaming mouse pad that we are going to look at is the Corsair MM300, which is a cloth mouse pad that is designed with durability in mind. The surface of the mouse pad is constructed out of high endurance cloth that is meant for gamers that like to have their mouse set at a high DPI. In addition, the edges of the mat are actually double stitched so that the last longer without the chance of the pad fraying or pealing as it is used.

This mouse pad is only about three millimeters thick, so it gives you comfort and accuracy when you need it. The textile weaved surface is designed to have very low friction, which means that your accuracy will also be improved when you use this pad. The base of the mouse pad is also designed with a non-skid surface to ensure that it does not move as you are using it.

The black and grey design of this mouse pad is great for a gamer. It is not an excessive design, but the simplicity of it means that it will easily match your gaming rig.


  • The design on this gaming pad looks great; in fact, even the logo in the bottom right corner is subtle.
  • The cloth surface has a high thread count that makes it easy to glide your mouse across it.


  • If you are gaming on a wooden surface, this mouse pad can slide a bit.

2) SteelSeries QcK+ Limited Gaming Mouse Pad


The next mouse pad for gaming comes from SteelSeries, which is a company that has been invested in manufacturing gaming mouse pads for over 15 years. Upon your first look at the mouse pad, you will notice the triangle and trapezoid patterning in different shades of grey. The pad itself is black, which means that it should match the majority of your gaming peripherals.

This mouse pad is crafted from micro-woven cloth, which gives you a smooth surface that allows the mouse to easily glide across it. In fact, the thread count on the surface of this mouse pad is high so that it can optimize the accuracy of the sensors that are located on your mouse. The edges of the pad also feature a bit of understitching so that the edges remain intact for the duration of its use.

The bottom of the mouse pad is designed with a non-slip base that helps you have a solid surface whether you are playing games of a competitive nature or those that are a little less intense.


  • Your mouse will glide across this mouse pad perfectly because of the high-quality fabric that is used in its construction.
  • The mouse pad grips the desk quite well, so you never have to worry about it moving.
  • Though this model features a mouse only design, it’s quite large so it’s easier to maneuver in some games.


  • The edges of the mouse pad will become fuzzy where the mouse wire and your wrist touch it.

3) ROCCAT TAITO Control – Endurance Gaming Mouse Pad


The Roccat Taito Control is a gaming mouse pad that was designed specifically with gamers in mind, especially when it comes to the durability of the pad. This mouse pad has a surface that is designed after the original Roccat Taito mouse pad, but it was redesigned to give you more control and accuracy as you game. In addition, the mouse pad uses high-quality cloth material to help your mouse glide when you need it to.

The edges of the pad are also stitched with a heavy blue border that will prevent it from fraying or becoming damaged with daily use. When it comes to size, this unit is about 3.5 millimeters thick, which means that you will have a little padding under your wrist when you use it. In addition, the bottom of the pad is rubber so that it never slips or moves when you are in an intense moment of gaming.

Insofar as the style of this gaming pad, you will love the fact that it is mainly black, which means that it will match your gaming devices without any issue. The logo is white and blue and the edges are blue as well, but the pad still maintains a simplistic design.


  • The stitched edge adds a lot to the design of the mouse pad, and it keeps it from fraying.
  • The mouse pad has a wide size that makes it great for games that require a lot of mouse movement.


  • The mouse pad does not stick to all surfaces as well as it should.

4) Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad


The Logitech G440 is one of the best hard mouse pad options that you can get for gaming. The design is simple, yet attractive, with a black background and the Logitech logo on the bottom right corner. The multi-layered construction of the pad gives it a thickness of three millimeters that is perfect for gaming, and the hard surface will help you perfect your accuracy and aim because the tracking with this mouse pad will be improved.

This is a polycarbonate mouse pad, so you can expect to be able to glide across the surface with ease. In fact, the low amount of friction on the surface is great for gamers who enjoy using high DPI for their mouse settings. If you are used to a cloth pad, you may need to adjust your mouse sensitivity when you first use this mouse pad.

The bottom of this mouse pad is still designed with a rubber base that will keep the pad in position as you play.


  • The surface of this mouse pad gives you a lot of control, which will make your gaming experience even better.
  • This is a great mouse pad for gamers who use high DPI settings while they are gaming.


  • This mouse pad has a great design, but small amounts of dust can be felt on the surface of the pad at times.

5) Cougar Accessory CGR-BXRBS5H-ARE ARENE Gaming Mouse Pad


The next gaming mouse pad that we are going to review is one that features an extra large design that easily fits under your keyboard as well as your mouse. The first thing that you will notice about this gaming mouse pad is that it is designed with a bright orange surface, so if you have a lot of orange on your gaming rig, then you may be able to make your mouse pad match your set up.

This wide surface area gives you much more space for your gaming, and it also helps to ensure that the pad does not move around on your desk. This mouse pad is also designed with a five-millimeter thickness that you will love, especially if you often game for hours without a break. You will easily get all of the support that you need for your wrist without feeling like you are holding it above the pad as you play.

The surface of this pad is quite durable, but as a gamer, you will really appreciate the waterproof surface of the pad because it means that if you spill something on the pad, all you need to do is wipe it clean.


  • The waterproof design helps to ensure that you can keep this mouse pad clean.
  • The size of this mouse pad makes it perfect for gamers who need a lot of space to move their mouse.


  • This mouse pad’s bright orange, which is great for some, but if you want another color, that’s not an option.

6) CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad


The Corsair MM800 is a great option for a gamer that likes to customize their mouse pad. It features true PWM lighting technology that utilizes LED lighting around the edges of your mouse pad. There are 15 different sections or zones that you can set to display the same color or create a rainbow effect using any color that you’d like.

The surface of this pad is has a micro-textured design that makes it easy to move your mouse without any issues. In fact, this low friction design may take a bit of getting used to for some. In addition, the base of the pad is constructed of rubber to ensure that it does not slide all over your desk.

This mouse pad does require power to function, but there is also a USB that is located directly on the mouse pad so that you can plug in your mouse and use it via USB pass-through. In addition, the cord of this mouse pad is braided so that it is more durable.


  • This has a five-millimeter thickness that makes it very comfortable to use during long gaming sessions.
  • The LED design makes it so that your mouse pad can light up like many gaming mice and keyboards.


  • The mouse pad doesn’t have a built-in memory, so if you unplug it, you’ll need to reset the LED lighting.

7) SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad


SteelSeries is one of the more reliable brands that is known for producing top-tier products. The second SteelSeries product in the QcK+ series that we’ll be featuring in this guide is designed for quick and controlled functionality in your gaming.

Having a problem with a sliding mouse pad experience? This version of the QcK+ has a rubber base that grips almost adhesively to just about any desk surface. Additionally, it has a very smooth cloth surface that provides just enough grip for anyone that’s in the need of quick stopping during combat.

Sometimes, when you’re traveling with your gaming rig, you find that you’re required to play on less-than-optimal gaming surfaces. Fortunately, when you’re gaming at these types of LAN events, this mouse pad has enough thickness to make your gaming sessions feel as smooth as they do at home. Insofar as this product’s dimensions, it is an XXL mouse pad that measures in at 17.72 x 15.75 inches, and it is two millimeters thick.


  • This is a larger mouse pad that provides more than enough space for you to not feel constricted during play.
  • Its cloth surface is very comfortable on the hands due to the unique materials that SteelSeries has selected for the top.
  • This mouse pad is designed to not move on any surface; this gives this pad a very firm usage that works well for games where you need a lot of control.


  • This mouse pad has a tendency to curl up over time, which can really reduce its viability in high-end gaming.

8) Beyme Large Gaming Mouse Pad


One of the best features of this Beyme mouse pad is its non-slip surface. If you’re in a game that requires that competitive players have high levels of control for sniping, standard targeting, and movement, then a pad that is too slippery can really hinder performance. This pad is specifically designed to reduce slippage and even has stitched edges for reduced fraying and your gaming comfort.

As an XXL product, this pad is designed to rest comfortably on your keyboard and provide a soft rest for your hands between matches. It can even be used as a rest of tablets or game systems if you prefer. In addition to these construction features, this product also is waterproof, which can be a real bonus for those that have sweatier palms or have spilled a drink.

This mouse pad is also available in 17 different graphical designs, so just about any gamer can find the perfect product for their preferences. It’s even about 2.5mm thick, which means that this is a product that’s thick enough for LAN party usage.


  • This mouse pad will accommodate both a keyboard and mouse combo or can even be used for tablet gaming.
  • There’s a version of this mouse pad for just about any gamer; you’ll be able to select from 17 different graphics.
  • This mouse pad is also fully waterproof, which makes it perfect for gaming with an energy drink ready.


  • The stitching has a tendency to be somewhat messed up on certain sides; this is usually an artifact of the manufacturing process.

9) Razer Sphex V2 Gaming Mouse Mat


The Razer Sphex V2 is a gaming mouse pad that was designed specifically for gamers. It features an ultra-thin design that is only 0.5 millimeters thick so that you feel like you are playing on the surface of your desk, but you still have a surface that is great for gaming. In addition, this is a mouse pad that is designed with an adhesive surface so that your mouse pad stays exactly where you position it.

The surface of the mouse pad was designed with a polycarbonate finish that is durable enough to endure most daily gaming sessions. In fact, no matter how much speed or force you’re using with your mouse, the pad will not rip or tear under the stress of gaming.

The mouse pad also has a great design that offers you plenty of space. In addition, the rainbow coloration of the mat is subtle, but it adds a splash of color that will look great with any Razer mouse or keyboard.


  • The thin design of this mouse pad is great for gaming, especially if you’re looking for a streamline pad.
  • The tiny textures on this mouse pad make it nearly effortless to glide your mouse across the surface.


  • Since the bottom of the pad is fitted with an adhesive, it tends to get dirty really quickly.

10) Redragon P001 ARCHELON Gaming Mouse Pad


At first glance, one of the coolest things about this mouse pad is the iconic dragon design that sits on the lower right corner of this mouse pad. It looks great and will definitely elicit some envy from your fellow gamers. Additionally, the entire mouse pad is bordered in red, which also adds a lot of class to the overall aesthetic of this product.

Insofar as functionality, this mouse pad, which is the final product in this guide, has a surface that is constructed of silk-processed cloth that allows you to quickly glide over the surface. The mouse pad is also very dense, which means that stopping on a dime is easily done when the need arises. At the base of the pad, Redragon used foam rubber, which is designed to provide a strong degree of steadiness so that your mouse pad won’t slip during your gaming sessions.

Redragon also crafted this product to never curl, and the pad itself is waterproof so that the occasional spill or sweaty palm won’t shorten its lifespan.


  • The graphics on this mouse pad are very attractive and gamer-friendly. The entire pad is bordered in red and you can quickly read the Redragon logo and model.
  • This is an ultra thick mouse pad. From top to bottom, it measures a full 5mm in thickness.
  • The mouse moves very smoothly across the surface of this mouse pad, which is perfect for fast-paced games.


  • For some reason, this pad can struggle with sitting flat on some surfaces.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Buyer’s Guide

Do you need a mouse pad for gaming?

Some folks prefer to game on their keyboard tray. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, a keyboard tray is far from an ideal surface for gaming.

First, when you sweep your wrist across the surface of a wooden keyboard tray, the oils from your hands and the friction of your movements will gradually wear down the wood, which can make the mousing surface coarser. Secondly, mouse pads provide a thick surface that can actually be more ergonomic for your hand, which can prevent things like repetitive stress injuries.

Gaming Chair Pro has a great article about mouse pads. If you need supplemental info, check it out.

Do you want a mouse pad for just the mouse or a mouse and keyboard combo?

Did you know that you can buy a mouse pad that pretty much covers the entirety of your keyboard tray or even a giant mouse pad for desk surfaces? These larger mouse pads are designed to accommodate your entire range of motion, and some gamers swear by the convenience. The best extended mouse pad can definitely help you play with fewer limits.

On the other hand, a mouse pad that fits just the mouse’s range of motion provides a much tighter control experience, which is advantageous for anyone that needs tighter aiming function for games like Overwatch or Counterstrike. The type that’s best for your type of gaming is highly subjective, so try out both before making a decision.

What kinds of games do you play?

Similarly to the size of the mouse pad, the types of games that you play will also affect your mouse pad experience. If you need tighter controls, some mousepads will help you have a more controlled sweep of the mouse. This means that if you play a sniper class, you’ll have an easier time zeroing in on the target. If you play a game like World of Warcraft that has a click-to-target system, then you may not need as much control, so a faster mouse pad may be best.

What kinds of graphics options are available?

One of the coolest things as a gamer is having an accessorized gaming setup to show off to your fellow gamer friends. This means that you’ll have LEDs inside your rig, chroma-key keyboards, light-up mice, and you can also have a graphically cool-looking mouse pad. There are a plethora of graphics options for mice, so shop around before you make a decision.

What does it mean if your mouse pad has USB pass through?

Simply put, mouse pads with this feature will allow you to actually plug your mouse directly into the mouse pad. This means that you won’t have to have a taut mouse, which can free your play up with a wider range of movement.

What kind of fabric is best?

This is completely subjective, but many gamers love cloth mouse pads that are designed for a lot of glide. On the other hand, there are also gamers that prefer a thinner plastic mouse pad that allows for a more controlled playstyle. Whichever you pick, always consider the type of gaming you do and the speed requirements of your gaming.

Why does glide matter?

Glide is how fast your hand can progress across the mouse pad surface. Friction and material have a lot of influence on the glide of a mouse pad, and how much glide you want will vary based on preference. Glide definitely matters because being able to move your mouse quickly can definitely make the difference between a win and a loss.

Are waterproof mouse pads an option?

Some gamers have sweatier wrists and palms, which is why waterproof mouse pads are a great option for these types of gamers. These pads will make it so that excess sweat doesn’t give your pad too much glide.

Can you get a mouse pad with an adhesive surface?

Sometimes, during a game, you can inadvertently knock your mouse pad off of its tray. To counter this, some pads have a semi or fully adhesive surface at their base in order to give you a more controlled experience.

Will an adhesive mouse pad ruin your keyboard tray?

Many manufacturers produce adhesive pads that are designed to be removable if needed. Having said this, always do a bit of due diligence so that you can know if your adhesive pad is removable.

What does mouse pad thickness have to do with gaming?

On average, most mouse pads come in around 3mm in thickness, but it’s pretty easy to find pads that have 5mm or more. In any situation, the thickness of your mouse pad is typically another one of those preference things – some prefer thicker because they can feel the surfaces of their desks less, and some prefer thinner because of the glide-friendliness of thin pads.

What kinds of mouse pads are best for MMOs?

If you’re a player of World of Warcraft, Everquest, or Destiny, then seek out a mouse pad that grants some precision, but also allows you to quickly click mobs when you need to burn down adds.

What kinds of mouse pads are best for MOBAs?

When you’re pressing lanes, you need the ability to change targets quickly on the fly. For this reason, MOBA enthusiasts tend to prefer glide-friendly, faster mouse pads.

What kinds of mouse pads are best for first-person shooters?

While this depends on your role, precision is usually the name of the game when you’re playing a shooter. With this in mind, less glide and more control can easily win you the match.

Should you consider a mouse pad for a tablet or a laptop?

Tablets like the Nvidia Shield K1 and the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 are excellent for gaming, and there are definitely Android and iOS games that support mice via Bluetooth. If you play games like WolfQuest or Starship Survival, then try using a keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad.

What type of mouse pad is good for LAN parties? (heavy thickness)

When you’re traveling to a LAN party, definitely consider a mouse pad with a higher thickness – at least 5mm. These will provide a good amount of padding for your matches and will also be thick enough to withstand the rigors of travel.

Can a mouse pad have built-in LED lighting?

LED lighting is very popular in modern PC gaming, and with that in mind, there are many USB-connected pass-through mouse pads that also feature LED lighting that is great for darker rooms.

Are mouse pads easy to clean?

This depends on the material of the pad. For the most part, you can typically just clean your mouse pad using a damp cloth or paper towel, but there are machine-washable mouse pads out there.

Is a multi-layer construction best for gaming mouse pads?

Many gamers prefer a multi-layer construction for their mouse pads due to the fact that these tend to be somewhat more comfortable for gaming. It simply provides better cushioning for your wrist and reduces hand fatigue.

Why would you want a rougher-textured mouse pad?

Believe it or not, some gamers prefer a rougher texture on the tops of their pads. For this reason, the major brands definitely produce pads that have dimples and woven surfaces in order to appease these gamers. These are preferred by many e-sports enthusiasts because of the fact that the mouse’s feet experience less friction due to reduced contact, which means a faster glide.

Why do some mouse pads have a thick border around the edges?

When you’re gaming, it’s useful to have a tactile indicator that tells you that you’ve reached the edge of the pad. This is one reason why some manufacturers produce pads with thicker borders around the edges. Additionally, these borders prevent the edges from fraying.

Should a mouse pad be soft for your wrists?

While some like flat plastic pads, softer cloth pads definitely can be better for marathon gaming sessions. They simply make your wrist feel more at ease and won’t lead to calluses in that area either.

Will a mouse pad stick to a glass top?

Rubber mouse pads with adhesive surfaces should definitely adhere to a glass top desk when you’re gaming. Additionally, a mouse pad is very useful for this type of setup because most optical and laser mice won’t work on a glass-topped desk area.

Why would you want a hard pad?

Hard mouse pads that are typically made of polycarbonate or another form of plastic are more slippery. This means that you can quickly whip your character around in-game and have much faster reaction time. As a result, you may find this type better for a fast-paced game like Overwatch; check out this Youtube video on the subject.

Does my DPI affect the type of mouse pad that you should get?

As a general rule, if you set your gaming pad to a higher DPI setting, you may want a pad that offers you a more controlled experience. This way, you’ll be able to stop quickly, even though your speed experience in-game will be much faster. This type of combination can really help in games that require quick controls.

Conversely, if you game with a lower sensitivity, shoot for a larger pad that can accommodate your more nuanced movements.

Should you think about a hybrid mouse pad?

These definitely provide a “best of both worlds” style of experience. Hybrid mouse pads are durable like a hard pad, but can also have the same type of flex as a soft product as well. This means that these pads can definitely employ a wide array of mouse pad materials in order to provide a genuinely varied gaming experience.

Many gamers prefer these types because of the combo of speed and control that they grant, but be aware that these are also the more expensive mouse pads to choose. That being said, their incredible durability can definitely make them well worth the price of purchase, especially if you go to a lot of LAN parties.

Is a wrist rest on a mouse pad a good idea for gaming?

If you go to a gaming tournament, you may notice that some gamers use a mouse pad that has a wrist rest or use a wrist brace. These features are designed to reduce the chance of a repetitive stress injury because they make using a mouse more ergonomic for your wrist. Gaming for hours on end can definitely cause your wrist, fingers, and palms a heightened amount of stress, so if you’re going to game for marathon sessions, consider the best mouse pad with wrist rest accommodations.

What else can a mouse pad do for gaming?

A good mouse pad can be excellent for your overall comfort. When you’re playing with a bunch of your friends on a larger LAN party desk, then you’ll notice that due to the key presses and mouse clicks, your desk will vibrate. A thicker mouse pad will definitely reduce these vibrations, which can quickly add discomfort to your gaming.

Additionally, a mouse pad can help you quickly determine the control area of your game. If you feel the edges, you can quickly lift and readjust so that you can have a larger control area.

What are the top brands for gaming mouse pads?

Interestingly enough, many of the big names in gaming and gaming control are also some of the big names in manufacturing mouse pads. Here is a list of some of the best mouse pad producers in the gaming world:

  • SteelSeries
  • Logitech
  • Razer
  • Corsair
  • Hyper X
  • Glorious
  • ZowieGear
  • Puretrak
  • Mionix

Each of these brands produces hard and soft mouse pads and also have a wide array of textures for your gaming experience.

Will all mouse pads work with all mice?

In the past, not every mouse pad has worked with every type of mouse. During these times, laser and optical mouse technology weren’t quite as advanced as it is now. Fortunately, the majority of today’s mice can now work fine on most mouse pad surfaces, so unless you’re working with an older mouse for your gaming, you should be able to choose any mouse pad that you prefer.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re playing Counter-Strike: GO, World of Warcraft arena matches, or League of Legends, you really should consider the best mouse pads for your gaming needs. Each of the pads that we’ve reviewed in our guide is excellent for gaming. Reread our guide, decide whether an oversized mouse pad is best or a standard, and you’ll be gaming top-tier in no time.

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