Best Gaming Headsets

Having a good gaming headset can make a big difference in how you experience your favorite game.

When choosing a new gaming headset, you want to make sure you have the audio requirements you need, that they are durable, and that you can wear them long periods of time.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll find everything there is to know about gaming headsets.

Let’s take a look at the best gaming headsets.

Best Gaming Headsets

HeadsetsWired or WirelessWeightDimensions
HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset
(Editor's Choice)
Wired12 ounces9.2 x 8.2 x 4.7 inches
Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450Wireless11 ounces9.5 x 3.9 x 10 inches
V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphone
(Editor's Choice)
Wireless10.4 ounces7.2 x 4.1 x 9.3 inches
SteelSeries Siberia 800Wireless1.1 pounds7.5 x 7.6 x 3.9 inches
Razer ManO’War Gaming HeadsetWireless2 pounds4.3 x 7.2 x 7.8 inches
Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming HeadsetWired1.38 pounds2.4 x 2.5 x 9.2 inches
Razer Overwatch ManO’War Tournament Edition Wired1.74 pounds8.59 x 4.74 x 9.26 inches


HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset


After more than 90 hours of research and testing out 23 gaming headsets, we found that the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is the best choice (for most people) because it offers the best balance of price, features and functions.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is a great gaming headset that is designed to give you exceptional audio as you play. The drivers (or speakers) have a dual chamber design that reduces the distortion that you would hear in regular headphones and creates a clear sound that is truly immersive. There is also a control on the side of the cord that makes controlling the volume of the headset easy.

Insofar as durability, this headset has an aluminum frame that is designed to be used on a daily basis. The cord is braided, and the band on the headset is a durable leather material that is also pliable and comfortable on the head. In fact, both the band and the earpieces have memory foam padding that is very comfortable, even after a few hours of gameplay.

The microphone is easy to bend so that you can move it from your mouth when you are not using it, but it can also be removed if you prefer. This headset also has a noise cancellation microphone so that you can play in a room with others without them being heard in TeamSpeak or Discord. The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro is compatible with PC, most consoles, and other platforms that have a 3.5 mm port that you can plug into.



  • It has a superb sound that features a noticeable difference between it and its competitors.
  • This is a great value for the price that is really comfortable and snuggles around your head canceling out any noise.
  • Build quality is really sturdy and the memory foam headband and leatherette ear cushions are very comfortable.
  • The headset has a stylish red and black design that is not overly gamer.
  • The extension cable is nearly seven feet in length, which makes it perfect for console gaming.


  • The cord on this headset tangles easily, which can be annoying while you are gaming.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450


Understated and unassuming, the Turtle Beach Stealth 450 features glossy black back panels that include light up Turtle Beach logos. Constructed of matte black plastic, the Stealth 450 have elliptical ear pads that comfortably envelope your ears and a headband that has tension that makes them a little tight, especially on the sides. Despite the plastic construction, this headset doesn’t feel clunky or cheap,but it also doesn’t feel as solid as one would like with padding that is thinner and stiffer than some of its competitors.

At the end of a movable metal arm is a small black plastic tab that connects the removable boom mic. On the right ear cup, you will find all other controls and connections including a 3.5 mm jack and a micro USB port that charges the headset. The wireless USB receiver will light up when you connect the headset, and it will function as a stereo headset when it is connected to a PlayStation 4.

You get solid music sound with the Stealth 450 which can handle bass tracks without distortion. The sounds from the Stealth 450 lean heavily towards the low-mids with some of the higher frequencies getting some sculpting to balance out the music giving it a typical audio profile for a gaming headset. Games will also sound full and forceful when you use the Stealth 450, and this headset will bring out the creepy low ends and creature sounds as you play. The Stealth 450 is not only affordable, but it functions well as a wireless gaming headset.



  • This is a very affordable wireless headset that works with several game systems including PlayStation 4.
  • The headset stays connected and the sound is great for either gaming or music, plus it has great mic quality.
  • Battery charges last a long time and the battery also recharges very quickly, even while you are wearing the headset.


  • The design is uncomfortable for some users who found the design to be tight with very little padding.
  • The headset lacks the high-frequency sculpting that is needed for balance and the surround sound isn’t very effective.
  • The vocal mode change and auto-shutdown prompts are loud and obnoxious and the worst part is you can’t disable them

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphone


When you pair your Bluetooth device with the V-MODA Crossfade Headphones, you can actually enjoy your headphones up to 33 feet away. You can also use the headphones with two different sources when multitasking for work. With the hidden built-in microphone, you will have voice capabilities that are optimized and specially tuned for voice recognition and phone calls.

You get up to 12 hours from the lithium-ion battery giving you continuous entertainment, calls, and music. You can also completely recharge in 100 minutes due to the included V-Micro USB cable giving you unlimited music in the analog wired mode. The dual-diaphragm driver is 50 mm and is a refined version of the Crossfade M-100 that is perfectly balanced for air flow and offers speaker consistency that is unrivaled.

The V-MODA is constructed with a combination of new vegan leather and steel to meet military-level standards, plus it features natural noise isolation and a memory foam headband and cushions for a comfortable experience during long periods of use. This design went through years of accurate engineering and tune wireless electronics to retain V-MODA’s iconic shapes and materials while also setting the bar by providing an improved signature sound for either wireless or wired playback.



  • They have great sound quality with the bass signature that you want in a headset, plus the mids are decent and the highs are heard well.
  • They are not too heavy allowing you to wear the headset for quite a few hours without discomfort and they don’t get too hot that they are annoying.
  • This headset is awesome looking and is also sturdy. You know you are getting a quality headset from the steel hinges and leather headband.


  • This is a pretty expensive headset, especially when compared to its competitors, so you need to be prepared to pay for the quality you are getting.
  • The push buttons have very specific timing with the next track and previous track that causes you to pause when you want to advance.
  • There isn’t an active noise canceling feature on this headset and the noise isolation features are only decent.

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset


Featuring three Dolby surround sound technologies, the Siberia 800 gives you professional audio that has low latency and is lag free. Working on pretty much all platforms, the Siberia 800 has a stunning OLED display and features LiveMix and Chat Mix to give you customizable control to get the right balance between chat and audio. And, for unlimited play time, it has two batteries that are hot-swappable batteries, plus a built-in charger, so you will never run out of battery life during a gaming session.

The Siberio 800 also gives you more versatility among game systems, plus it features a shared port when you want to play with your friends. The continuous frequencies feature hopping technologies that stop any interference, plus the Siberia 800 gives you the lowest latency on the market with a fixed audio stream that provides smooth and consistent audio delivery.

The Siberia 800 also features a stunning design with a stylish matte black look and a glossy finish on the ear cups. The inner ear cup and the stitching feature orange highlights and memory foam padding on the ear cups and headband for comfort during long periods of play. Plus, you can make adjustments from the couch with the earcup controls that are quick and intuitive allowing you to fine-tune settings from your seat.



  • This headset has a good feeling and sturdy design that feels like a really expensive pair of headphones.
  • With great range, they have incredible sound with good lows, mids, and highs. Plus the directional sound is a great advantage in games.
  • It has a really clear microphone with a flexible boom that won’t get it the way.
  • The lithium-ion batteries that are included with this headset will give you 20 hours of playtime.
  • The microphone makes it very easy to know when you are muted so that you can always be heard.


  • The 7.1 surround sound is not designed for music, so the bass is a bit weak.

Razer ManO’War Gaming Headset


When you immerse yourself in a game, you want the total freedom that the Razer ManO’War gaming headset can provide. You want to hear all the little details and your enemy’s every position. The Razer ManO’War gives you lag-free wireless technology at 2.4 GHz to 50 millimeter, high-performance Neodymium magnet drivers, plus 7.1 surround sound that is completely immersive.

If you are up for seven days of gameplay or fourteen hours of uninterrupted play with just a single charge, the Razer ManO’War provides that critical communication you need with your teammates. Featuring a digital microphone that is retractable and an ear cup with Quick Action Controls, this headset has Chroma colors that are customizable and you can easily adjust your volume levels and mic without the need to touch onscreen controls.

The Razer ManO’War also features 12+2 meter range capability with a simple plug-and-play element that uses a USB transceiver that is compact and wireless or you can use the included extension dock for an extended range of fourteen meters. You will find the microphone boom hidden in the left ear cup that is unidirectional and versatile, plus you can pull it out if you want to adjust it to the exact position you want. The ManO’War also comes equipped with a formula that gives you a more natural clear sounding voice reproduction surpassing the typical analog mic capabilities.



  • Excellent sound with nice highs and plenty of bass that make them nicely tuned for games and music.
  • Also very comfortable for long gaming sessions that have a lot of room for your ears that don’t crack and squeak like the old ones did.
  • The battery life is awesome and you can get a longer playing session from these compared to their competitors.


  • This headset has a poor product design that puts a lot of stress on flimsy plastic.
  • There are a lot of issue with mic bleed that even happens when the microphone is muted.
  • Technical support could be improved as you spend a lot of time waiting for warranty replacements.

Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset


The Sennheiser Game one is a gaming headset that comes from a company that has over 70 years of experience in the audio industry, so it is no wonder that these made our list. It is a lightweight headset that is perfect for anyone who does not want a lot of tension in their neck as they game. In addition, the black and red style of the headset is quite pleasing to the eye; in fact, it even has a somewhat professional look aesthetically.

The earcups feature an open design that is meant to be comfortable on your ears, even during long gaming sessions. There is even a velvet plush padding on the interior of the earcups so that the headset does not press against your ears and cause discomfort. The Game One is designed to be compatible with PCs, consoles, and even mobile devices like tablets; all you need to do is switch the wire to fit the proper connection.


  • The open ear design is perfect for long gaming sessions because it keeps your ears from sweating.
  • The cable can easily be removed from the headset when you are storing it away to prevent damage.
  • The headset is quite comfortable, and it remains that way after wearing it for several hours.


  • The open design of the earcups makes it so that you can hear what is going on around you.
  • If you wear glasses, the frame of this headset may be uncomfortable for you.

Razer Overwatch ManO’War Tournament Edition Gaming Headset


This Overwatch ManO’War gaming headset from Razer has a unique design that is black and yellow with the Overwatch logo on the earcups. Since team chat is an important part of this game, the headset that was designed for a tournament is one that a gamer would love. The drivers are designed to give you the best sound possible, so they feature a closed ear design that will isolate the sounds in the room that you are in to give you a fully immersive experience.

The padding on the cups are plush and can be rotated to better fit your ears, and the headset itself is designed to be lightweight so that you are always comfortable while you are playing games. You can easily control the sound from the dongle, and the microphone can be retracted when you are not using it to chat with your gaming buddies.


  • This headset is designed for long gaming sessions, so the level of comfort is amazing.
  • The Overwatch design is remarkable; in fact, if you’re a fan of the game, you’ll love the look.
  • The sound quality of this Razer headset is great, especially in games that have a lot of ambiance.


  • The wide band on the headset feels a little flimsy when you first put it on.
  • A full charge does not last as long as it could, which means that you need more batteries to keep playing.

Corsair VOID Gaming Headset


Innovative and exciting, the VOID is part of a Corsair’s family of advanced gaming headsets. Featuring great fidelity, fast forward design, and innovative features like CUE control, the Corsair VOID works with a USB, wireless, or audio gear that is stereo powered. This is a zero hassle headset featuring 2.4 GHz, sixteen hours of battery life and wireless capability up to forty feet.

Featuring true multi-channel audio with built-in 50 mm drivers and Dolby 7.1, Corsair VOID also comes equipped with CUE Control that enables you to control and command the game’s soundscape without having to hit pause. With RGB Dynamic multicolor lighting, you have almost unlimited lighting customization and the InfoMic let you instantly know everything you need to know about your audio status.

With memory foam ear pads, you can play comfortably for long periods of time and the oversized 50mm neodymium drivers give you incredible precision and range. You also get an advanced, noise canceling unidirectional microphone so that you will always be heard loud and clear.



  • You get clear audio for conversation and a comfortable headband that isn’t too strong for extended gaming time.
  • The RGB color is pretty cool and is really obvious for those that use it for gaming and editing videos.
  • Quickly connects to a USB receiver, has a high-quality build with sturdy materials and a good microphone.


  • The mic isn’t adjustable and you can’t actually see the status light without forcing the mic to bend.
  • Audio quality isn’t awesome and there is no warning light on the battery so it will just die.
  • There is a lot of crackling and popping when you use these which makes it hard to watch a movie or video.

Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset


Featuring Pro-G Audio drivers, the Logitech G533 adds a new level of audio performance to your gaming experience. Featuring X 7.1 Surround Sound technology, it has the incredible capability to recreate in-game effects and positional audio that gaming designers wanted you to hear. You also get up to fifteen meter or wireless range, plus it includes lossless digital audio transmission.

The Logitech G533 also includes up to fifteen hours of battery life on just one charge with a replaceable and rechargeable battery. It also features a lightweight and durable design that is comfortable enough to wear for hours. The noise-canceling microphone includes a boom that extends and folds allowing you to have clear chats, plus it has a volume control on the ear and a mute button for easy adjustments as you play.

The Logitech Gaming Software is also customizable and allows you to adjust your audio experience with fine-tune equalizer settings and microphone levels. It also includes an integrated micro pop filter that lessens breath noise and popping so that you always have clear communications without unwanted noise. The headset also has a configurable “sidetone” allowing you to tune your voice’s volume that you hear in the headset which prevents you from speaking louder than you mean to.



  • Great sound for gaming and also listening to music which you can also do which you play a game.
  • This is a great headset has deep bass and lone signal coverage without worrying about interference.
  • Awesome battery life and has a great connection that won’t disconnect after using it for awhile.


  • The microphone is too quiet and you have to pretty much put your mouth on it to be heard clearly.
  • The surround sound doesn’t have any fidelity and sounds like you are walking around an empty room.
  • It’s a just ok headset as the sound for the game effects, especially in surround sound, is not very good.

Turtle Beach Z300 Wireless Headset


High-performance and unsurpassed comfort are just two ways to describe the Turtle Beach Z300 Headset. With wireless audio for PC/Mac, the Turtle Beach Z300 features dual-band Wi-Fi wireless that is interference-free that is designed to increase your gaming enjoyment. It also features Bluetooth technology so you can answer mobile calls and stream music while you play.

The rechargeable battery gives you up to fifteen hours of play from just one charge. You can completely immerse yourself while you wear the Turtle Beach Z300 with its amplified stereo feature that lets you hear sounds that would normally get compressed or lost in the speakers. You also get wireless freedom without worrying about interference while you play with the Dual-Band Wi-Fi that scans automatically across two bands of wi-fi for a clear and disturbance-free connection.

You will also experience unsurpassed comfort on those long days of play with big ear cups that have mesh cushions that are breathable. While enjoying the maximum level of comfort, you will also appreciate the versatility you get with this headset that works mobile devices as well as your PC or Mac.



  • Great headset for different tasks so you don’t have to switch them out, nice to have a headset that can do it all.
  • Really comfortable to wear all day and is great at blocking external noise with the padded ear cups.
  • Surround sound is really convincing, the wireless feature allows you to wander around, and the battery life lasts a long time.


  • Sound quality is pretty flat with no bass and there is no control over the auto-power-off feature.
  • Plastic headband adjusters were disappointing as you usually get metal in this price range.
  • No sound EQ control over game mode presets, no noise cancellation, and no skip track controls.

Other Gaming Headsets we Tested for this Guide

ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset


As part of an evolution of headsets, the ASTRO A50 features 5.8 GHz technology and three varied EQ modes that will fit any of your audio needs. With a uni-directional microphone, you can easily deliver your communication to your fellow players by keeping your voice separate from any background noise. This headset was designed to be easily adjustable and lightweight for maximum comfort during long playing sessions, plus it comes with its own stand for easy storage.

With clarity at every frequency, the ASTRO A50 features construction with premium materials that allows you to immerse yourself completely in your game. This is a durable headset that can withstand long hours of game playing. It also won’t hurt your head if you play for hours with its high-level comfort.

The Dolby Digital 7.1 allows you to hear every footstep and gunshot so you know exactly where the action is. This headset operates at a higher frequency than other wireless devices and uses a range with less interference.



  • The surround sound is ideal for FPS gaming, this can be overkill for those that are interested in other styles of gaming.
  • Great fit and comfort for playing for a long period of time. It is easy to adjust and lightweight so your head won’t start to hurt at all.
  • Good looking headset and it is made of solid plastic so it doesn’t feel like it would break if you drop it.


  • This headset is on the expensive side and the features are the same as the previous generation.
  • The only difference in this version from the previous version is the color and small chat dongle for Xbox one.
  • It does not come with Bluetooth or noise cancellation. It has a low number of presets, and it doesn’t have voice feedback in some settings.

Skullcandy PLYR1 Gaming Headset


Constructed for high-volume home theater experiences, the PLYR 1 uses the immersive precision of Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound with the best functionality in gaming functionality. This includes the Flip-Up Mic Mute system that flips up, wireless freedom, onboard Voice Balancing, and compatibility with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs. It features 2.4 GHz technology uses the 2.4 GHz spectrum to give you cordless and interference-free freedom.

This headset also has fully embedded controls onboard that allows you to control setting without having to pause your game. The Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound also allows you to experience movies and your games with the best Surround Sound possible. The PLYR 1 also features Dolby Headphone Encoding that lets you hear your opponent approach from any direction provide a precise and immersive experience while you play.

Also featured on the PLYR are sound equalization settings for music, games, and movies that include Precision Mode, Base Mode, and Supreme Mode. The adjustable mic is easy to position and can flip up for instant muting. This versatile headset is also not only compatible with various game systems but you can also play your music with an attacking bass and enhanced audio.



  • The simulated surround sound adds directionality to the sound, plus the controls on the headphones are easy to use.
  • Good sound quality and amazing bass and the charging port also acts as a stand.
  • Good noise canceling capabilities, the headset is extremely comfortable, and it will work with all your systems.


  • There is an annoying beeping noise when the battery is low and can last up to 1.5 hours.
  • Lacks normal volume controls and the volume isn’t loud enough for some users.
  • Ear cups are too small for some users, the mini USB is dated, and the build quality of the headset is not very sturdy.

Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone


The Logitech G433 Gaming Headset is an exceptional gaming headset with a lightweight design that will be comfortable for hours at a time. The material on the headset is made from a breathable fabric that will help keep you from sweating as you play, and the material is even stain-resistant to help protect and help them last longer.

This headset is designed with surround sound audio that will give you an immersive experience; in fact, you will be able to pinpoint movement 360 degrees around your in-game position. This realistic sound experience will also be impeccably clear because of the audio drivers having both analog and digital sound. In addition, the mic has noise canceling features that will give you clear communication that is not distorted in any way, and when you are done using the mic, it can be disconnected if you’d like.

Though this is a wired headset, the wire can be removed and switched so that it is compatible with the console or the platform that you are playing games on.


  • This headset is extremely comfortable; in fact, it can be worn for hours without causing fatigue.
  • The sound that you experience while playing games with this 7.1 system is quite impressive.
  • The microphone is great for reducing the ambient noise that can be heard through party chat.


  • Though the mesh material is great, it may not be an aesthetic design that everyone enjoys.
  • The highs are a bit too high, and they tend to bleed into the mids a bit.

Razer Thresher Ultimate – Xbox One Wireless Gaming Headset


The Razer Thresher Ultimate is one of the best gaming headset Xbox One has available. This is a headset that is designed exclusively for the Xbox One, so it is designed to be comfortable and provide an immersive experience that you will love. The Leather band and the earcups are padded with lightweight memory foam so that wearing this headset can feel more natural.

The audio features a 7.1 surround sound experience that creates the perfect balance of highs, mids, and lows without distortion and interference. There is also a quick control dongle on the cable that allows you to control the volume and mute your voice if you need. The retractable microphone is designed to work at a distance of 20 feet, so if you need to run and get a drink, you can let your teammates know.


  • The microphone is fully retractable, so it will not be in front of your face at all times.
  • The surround sound is amazing, especially when you’re playing games where you need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • The sleek black and green design looks quite stylish next to the Xbox One.


  • If there is no in-game sound for a little while, the headset can turn off while you are still playing.
  • There does not seem to be a convenient way to control the volume of voice chat.

Turtle Beach – Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset


The next headset, which is the Turtle Beach Elite Pro, is a true gaming headset that was created from the ground up with gaming in mind. Starting with the speakers, they provide a clear, crisp surround sound experience that truly makes you feel like you are immersed in the game. The mic is also designed to give you clear chat options that are not distorted or muffled in any way.

This headset is also designed with comfort in mind; as many gamers will tell you, long gaming sessions can make headsets uncomfortable, but that is not the case with the Elite Pro. It is designed with Aerofit cushions that are made from cooling memory foam to keep you cool as you play. The headband is floating so that it does not add stress to your neck, and it can be adjusted with ease to give you a more personalized fit.

Many gamers who wear glasses have a difficult time wearing a headset, but this Turtle Beach headset is designed with a small channel in the earcup that accommodates glasses. This headset is designed to be used across multiple platforms, so that may make it a great option for someone who wears glasses.


  • The sound quality that you get from this headset is quite impressive, especially for gamers.
  • The cooling gel that is inside of the padding in the ear cups is great for long gaming sessions.


  • There’s no way to mute the microphone on this model, which can be inconvenient if you have a cold.

LucidSound LS30 – Wireless Universal Gaming Headset


The final headset that we are going to look at in this guide is the LucidSound LS30, which is a lightweight headset that is compatible with PC and console games. The audio quality is quite good, so you will be able to have an immersive experience that allows you to hear in every direction. The volume of the game and of the chat function that you are using can be controlled on the right and left earcup, and you can even mute one or both of these aspects.

This is also a very durable design that is designed to last without sacrificing your comfort. The close designed ear cups are soft and comfortable on your ears, and the band can be adjusted to accommodate any head size. Since this is a wireless design, you can easily sit on a couch or a chair that gives you more comfort during your gaming session.


  • The wireless range of this headset is great; in fact, you should have a connection throughout your entire home.
  • The dials on the earcups are convenient because it gives you easy access to the volume controls.
  • The design of this headset does not shout, “gamer,” but it is still very stylish.


  • The fabric on the earcups does not let your ears breathe, which can make gaming uncomfortable.
  • The pairing button is recessed, which makes it inconvenient to use on multiple systems.

Gaming Headset Buying Guide

What is a Gaming Headset?

Designed specifically for gaming, a gaming headset allows you to hear key details while playing competitive and multiplayer games and have the ability to communicate with your teammates. Available for both computers and consoles, a gaming headset is more customizable than a typical headset and includes more software personalization and more setting options. You may also see other style features that include bright ear cover colors and LED lights that flicker.

What should you look for when you’re searching for a gaming headset?

Well, you want to start by looking for a headset that is manufactured using high-quality materials. You do not want to invest in a headset that costs a few hundred dollars to find out that the material is not as durable as you thought it was. You need your new gaming headset to last, so that should be the first thing that you look at.

You are also going to want to ensure that the headset that you select is comfortable on your head. Not everyone has the same head shape, so a headset that may be very comfortable with your friend, may not work that great for you. Your ear needs to fit inside the plastic ear covers so that the headset does not give you ear fatigue or a headache.

Don’t forget about quality; you need your new gaming headsets to sound great as you are gaming. You also need a microphone that does not create a lot of feedback or distortion when you are trying to communicate with your teammates.

Should you consider stereo or surround sound headsets?

Since you are getting a headset for gaming, you are going to want as much surround sound as you can possibly get. This may not be important in some games, but if you are playing a first-person shooter, being able to hear footsteps coming up behind you can mean the difference between a fair fight and being caught unaware of where your enemy is.

Now, you may be wondering how surround sound is so much better than stereo when there are only two speakers. The speakers in the headset and the software that comes with it will essentially fool you into believing that the sound that you hear in your right ear is actually coming from behind you. This type of awareness is essential for gamers, and in games like Halo and Overwatch, surround sound could even give you an advantage over other players.

Here’s a great guide on HowtoGeek that highlights the advantages of virtual and “true” surround sound in a gaming headset.

Are wired gaming headsets or wireless best?

Typically, whether you get a wired or a wireless headset will depend on your personal preference. That being said, hardcore gamers will almost always lean towards wired headsets because wireless technology does not always accommodate long gaming sessions.

If the batteries die while you are playing the game, you are likely to lose communications with your team, which could cost you the game. If you have time to switch the batteries, you are wasting valuable game time that you would have with a wired headset.

This is true for computer games, but is wired the best gaming headset PS4 or other consoles? Well, since you are not going to be sitting right in front of the television like you would be your monitor, you don’t want to be tethered to the console.

What are the Advantages of a wireless gaming headset?

You get a wire-free experience without having to deal with long wired connection to your gaming machine

They are very convenient and comfortable so you can wear them for long periods of time

They let you easily change position on the couch while playing a game or run to the bathroom without having to put your headset down.

You no longer have to worry about accidentally pulling out annoying headphone cables and damaging them.

What are the Disadvantages of a wireless gaming headset?

Gaming headsets come with batteries that need to be charged, this can be annoying if you have been playing for hours and you have to stop and recharge your headphones.

Batteries also eventually become less effective by emptying faster than they have been and they eventually die.

Is There Any Lag with wireless headsets?

Most people are concerned about the lag that can come with wireless headphones. They may not be as fast as cable, but those headsets that come with Bluetooth or other wireless technology may have a small difference that you probably won’t notice.

Most wireless technology these days is pretty much as fast as cable technology is so there really isn’t any speed difference in how the sound is transferred. This means that wireless gaming headsets are just as fast as a wired headset when you compare their speed.

Why is Wireless Gaming Headsets More Expensive?

Because of the battery and the added circuits that are needed for wireless technology, a wireless headset is going to cost you more money. It is possible to get a good wired headset for an affordable price, but if you want the wireless feature, it will cost you more. You will also find that the sound quality tends to be a bit lower, however, they aren’t that much worse than wired headsets when it comes to sound because they use super-fast technology instead of Bluetooth.

Since Bluetooth gaming headsets don’t provide fast transfer of sound quality over the air, you will find that gaming headsets use an altogether different technology. Plus, you will find that it’s hard to compare wireless gaming headsets to high-quality audiophile headphones due to the better sound quality that audiophile headphones have. This wireless technology is perfect for gaming purpose but it isn’t very good for music.

What Type of Headset Should You Buy?

  • Analogue headsets – This type of headset uses one or more 3.5mm headphone jacks to send audio to and from the headset. They are usually compatible with consoles, PCs, and mobile devices with sound quality that won’t support surround sound right out of the box. Since PCs have a separate mic and headphone jacks, you will probably need a splitter which will come with some headsets so make sure to check and see if you need one when you purchase your headset.
  • Digital headsets: – With an integrated DAC (digital-to-analog converter), a digital headset will give you higher volumes, software integration, and cleaner sound. They are connected via USB and will work with PlayStation consoles and PC/Macs. Optical-based headsets work with PlayStation consoles, Xbox, and PCs that are equipped with optical ports on the internal sound card, USB sound card, or motherboard.
  • Wireless headsets – By using a transmitter that connects to your console or PC, a wireless headset gives you gaming audio that is hassle-free. They do need charging, are more expensive and are heavier than wired headsets. Make sure they are compatible with your console as they do not support all consoles.
  • Virtual Surround Audio – This type of headset uses stereo drivers that use intuitive software to recreate multi-positional audio and provide surround sound in your ears. This headset gives you the advantage that it is less expensive and lightweight when comparing to headsets with multiple drivers. Keep in mind though that the effect is usually less precise than a ‘true’ surround headset.
  • True’ Surround Audio – Some people want the most authentic surround sound which requires a headset with multiple drivers in each ear cup. Sound fires from each speaker from different places and you are in the center of the action. These headsets tend to be more expensive with a heavier and larger design.

Are analog or USB headsets good for gaming?

There are two ways that your headset will connect to the system that you are playing games on. Whether you get an analog headset that utilizes a 3.5 mm jack or a digital headset that connects via USB, in most of the modern gaming headsets that you can purchase on the market today, you will get a quality connection. The most important thing is that you purchase the type of connection that your console or computer uses because if you cannot connect the headset, it’s useless.

What frequency response is best for gaming?

Some gamers feel that a normal frequency response is fine for gaming, while others believe that it is better to have a higher range. The frequency of each headset will vary, even if the frequency is the same, so you will need to test out different headsets to see which frequencies respond best to. Most of us cannot hear anything above a 20 KHz frequency, but it may change the sound signature of the headset slightly.

How do I Choose a Wireless Gaming Headset?

  • Design and Comfort – You obviously want a headset that fits your head well without breaking the first time you use it. Read some reviews and make sure that you are getting a headset that was designed well to provide comfort for long gaming sessions and doesn’t cause any type of pain after wearing them for a few hours.
  • Performance – The most important performance feature is with games, but some people also want to use them to listen to music or movies. Again, by reading reviews, you will get a good idea of how well each of these headsets will perform.
  • Microphone Quality – Intelligibility is a high priority for a good gaming headset as you want your teammates to be able to hear you clearly in the middle of a game. Make sure the headset you are considering has a good broadcast quality for your voice.

What’s Your Budget?

The price of a good gaming headset can vary, but they are definitely not a cheap purchase. Most high-end gaming gear is going to require you spend a little money. Try to figure out ahead of time what your requirements are in a gaming headset and what your budget is as they will help determine what which direction you will go with your purpose.

What Price Range Should You Expect?

Most gaming headsets will start around $100 although they are some in the $20 to $50 that generally function as gaming headset replacements that are standard with controllers and gear. If you are looking for good gaming sound, you should start in the 70 to $100 range, but the really good headsets that include extra comfort, mic features, and digital surround sound run in the $200 to $300 range.

What are the benefits of a noise canceling and a noise isolating headset?

Noise canceling headsets listen for the ambient sounds around you and create a wave at a frequency that will cancel out the sound so that you do not hear it. This is great for when you are riding in a car, on an airplane, or on a train, but it is not perfect. This means that sometimes sounds bleed through or there is a delay in the cancelation.

A noise isolation headset creates a physical barrier between the ambient sounds that you want to drown out and your ear. Noise isolation headsets are less common because an over-ear design does not create the perfect seal for noise isolation, but they can work perfectly if your headset has a snug fit on your ears. Both of these options are great for when there are other people in the room while you are gaming.

What are the Top Brands for Gaming Headsets?

Some of the top brands for gaming headsets include Turtle Beach, Astro, and SteelSeries that feature many advanced headset options. Other more traditional brands like Razer and Logitech have promising options while newcomers to the market like Mad Catz are introducing models using new technology to distinguish themselves in the market.

Can you plug a gaming headset into a console controller?

If you have the right connector, you can often connect your gaming headset to your controller, but because of limitations with the software, you will not be able to play in surround sound. In addition, when you plug your headset into the controller, you are using the power from the controller, which means that it will need to be plugged in to charge before your gaming session is over.

What are some technologies that can be used with a gaming headset?

Wireless headsets can connect to your mobile gaming systems via Bluetooth, which can be a very convenient technology that you can use whether you are traveling or at home. Bluetooth functionality will typically enable when you turn on the headset, so you will want to ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your devices before you start up your game.

Another technology that you can use with your new gaming headset is inductive charging. Wireless headsets with Qi functionality can easily be placed on an inductive charging stand, and it will recharge in no time. Typically, these chargers are shaped like headset stands so that you can put them on your desk near your computer without taking up a lot of space.

What are You Gaming On?

Most gaming headsets are pretty versatile and will work on a PC/Mac, Xbox, or PS4. However, there are some that are wireless gaming headsets Xbox or wireless gaming headsets PS4 so make sure the headset you purchase works with the gaming systems you have at home.

What Extra Features Should I Look For?

There are several extra features you may also want to include in your new gaming headset besides desired wireless connectivity like adjustable headbands, retractable mics, indicator lights, ear pad game controls, long battery life, and the ability to tweak EQ settings.

Do I Need Surround Sound?

Even though you will find that most high-end gaming headsets state their products offer some type of surround sound, this is really accurate. You will find that stereo drivers are used in most of the surround sound headsets (typically just one 40 mm driver for each ear) produces the sound. Because of Dolby and DTS processing technology, the surround sound claim was developed as this technology also gives the impression of audio that is 360-degrees. It actually isn’t possible for true surround sound to be produced in this type of headset as there isn’t enough space for the sound to resonate and to create the impression of accurate directional audio. The stereo driver can, however, improve your ability to track the direction of the sound and add an immersive quality to your sound.

What Should I Consider About Compatibility?

If your headset has a 3.5mm audio jack, then it can hook up to a PS4 controller, a PC, an Xbox One controller, and a mobile device. You will find that wireless gaming headsets PC will only connect to your computer with a USB and other that have optional USB dongles will have physical volume-control buttons. So make sure that the headset you are considering hooks up to the consoles you will be playing.

When you are looking for the best wireless pc gaming headset or other gaming systems, remember that wireless gaming headsets are a great option for true gamers who aren’t as worried about high-resolution audio but prefer the freedom that the wireless option will give them. Make sure to read reviews and do your research as you can find the best gaming headset for you.

Do you need a microphone on your gaming headset?

Using a microphone to communicate is crucial in many games. In fact, if you do not have a microphone in some games, your team is going to be at a disadvantage. That being said, you need a mic that is going to cancel unwanted noise and make your voice sound clear to those who are on your team.

If you do not like having a microphone near your face as you play, there are headsets that have mics that you can move away from your mouth when you are not using it, or there are also microphones that can disconnect from the headset altogether. There are also stand mics that you can use if you prefer to get a headset without a mic altogether.

Are platform specific headphones better than universal ones?

If you play on one console the majority of the time, then yes a console specific headset is a great option. However, if you play games on multiple platforms, you will need a headset that is universal or else you will need one for each system, which can end up costing you more money in the long run. The best gaming headset PC is not going to be the most optimal option for a PS4 or an Xbox One, especially if you need to get an adaptor because you purchased a headset with a USB connector.

Can you use a gaming headset on a tablet or a smartphone?

Not all of these types of devices have jacks that you can plug in a headset, so before you purchase a headset specifically for mobile gaming, make sure that your device is compatible. There are Bluetooth headsets that can be used for gaming, but they are often lower quality headsets that do not have a noise cancellation feature.

How can you ensure that your headphones are comfortable?

Comfort is very important, especially considering that many gamers spend hours at a time with their headsets on. You need something with padding around your ears, and you need your ears to fit comfortably inside of the padding. Having fully enclosed padding may make your ears sweat, but quality materials will be breathable enough to make it bearable, and the sweat will be absorbed to help keep you comfortable.

You also need a soft, lightweight headphone band that adjusts to your head, because wearing headsets that press into your skull as you play will be uncomfortable. Try on the headset before you purchase it if you have the option, and don’t forget that most headsets need to be broken in, so don’t expect perfection right out of the box.

Are there control system options in gaming headsets?

On most gaming headsets there is a dongle that allows you to control the game volume, the chat, volume, and a few other functions. Some of the dongles on the higher end gaming headsets may also have buttons that you can use when you want to enable push-to-talk mode or in the event that the phone rings while you are in the middle of a heavy fire. There is even a mute button that can be useful if you need to sneeze or cough when the mic is open.

is a built-in sound mixer something that is needed for gaming?

Well, that depends on the type of games that you play and whether you use the headset for sounds coming specifically from the game or you are going to be using a few programs in the background. If you are a serious gamer, you will want to have a built-in mixer in every gaming headset that you purchase. This is a great way to control the master volume, but a sound mixer can do much more than that for a gamer.

A built-in mixer allows you to turn up the in-game music while decreasing the ambient sounds of weapon slashes as you power through a dungeon. You can also adjust the volume of those who are in a chat program like Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, or Discord. Some built-in mixers will even allow you to listen to music from another device or take phone calls while you are in the middle of your gameplay, which means that you do not have to stop and make others wait.

Why is it important to make sure that your gaming headset is not too heavy?

When you have a headset that is too heavy, it will weigh on your neck, especially if your posture is bad when you play. This will give you a lot of tension in your neck, which can eventually lead to a headache that will make your gaming session much less enjoyable. You should always try to find the lightest headset possible so that you can enjoy gaming with your friends without causing yourself any discomfort.

Should you consider branded headsets?

No, branded headsets are not better than the best budget gaming headset options. In fact, since these headsets typically cost more to manufacture, the cost is managed by using materials that are not quite as good. This means that the sound may be a bit muffled, the microphone could make you sound distant, or the wires could malfunction, which means that you will have to purchase a new headset sooner than you should have needed to.

Can gaming headsets be used for activities other than gaming?

Yes, they can also be used for watching movies and enjoying music. Though, if you are planning on using your new gaming headset for music, you may want to consider whether or not it is best to get surround sound. This is a great feature for gaming, but music typically sounds best with stereo.

Wrapping It Up

The right gaming headset can really make the difference in your gameplay experience, especially if the quality of the headset gives you a slight advantage over players who may not have the best headset.

Take a look at our reviews of the best gaming headsets to find one that is ideal for your needs, don’t forget to consider our buyers guide as well to help you make an educated decision on the product that you’ll be able to use for years.

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