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Best Gaming Desks

ItemConstructionKeyboard and Mouse Tray/Platform?Best Feature
Atlantic Gaming Desk
(Editor's Choice)
Metal/Carbon FiberNoHas a cup, headphone, and speaker holder
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner DeskMetalYesHas a powder coat finish that won't rust
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk
(Editor's Choice)
Metal/WoodNoThe height and the splay of the feet are adjustable
Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Desk
(Editor's Choice)
Metal/WoodYesThe desktop stand is very elegant
Origami RDE-01 Computer DeskMetal/WoodNoIt's designed to be folded up in seconds
Convenience Concepts Modern No-Tool Student DeskMetal/WoodYesLower area for game storage
ApexDesk Elite Series 71" Electric Height Adjustable Standing DeskMetal/PlasticNoElectrically controlled height adjustment

1) Atlantic Gaming DeskBest Gaming Desk Reviews


The Atlantic gaming desk is a great option for a gamer who does not want to spend a lot on a computer desk. It has a steel rod frame that is durable and designed with feet that are not going to mark or damage your floor in any way. It has an elegant looking carbon finish on the surface of the desk, and it can even hold a monitor that is up to 27 inches, as long as it does not weigh over the recommended 40 pounds.

Since this is a gaming desk, many of the tools that you will need for gaming can be stored right at your fingertips on this desk. There is space for up to five games and two controllers on the desk so that you can play your favorite games in minutes. There is also a hook under the desk where you can keep your headphones as well as a drink to keep you hydrated during those long gaming sessions.

To make your gaming experience even better, there are two speaker holders on the sides of the desk to help create more of a surround sound experience. With this desk, you can easily keep all of your devices charged at the charging station while you are gaming. There is also a small drawer under the desk that can be used for storage.


  • This desk is easy to assemble; you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, but otherwise, it’s simple to put together.
  • This desk has a lot of accessories that are great for gamers like a cup holder and a controller stand.


  • There is not a dedicated keyboard tray, which can be useful for a gamer using a desktop computer.

2) Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


If you are looking for a corner computer desk, then the Walker Edison Soreno is a great three-piece desk that will look great in your home or office. The desk is L-shaped so that it fits into the corner of your room with ease and it takes up very little space. In fact, the three pieces consist of two rectangular desks that are 51 inches wide and 21 inches in depth as well as a quarter-circle desk that completes the L-shape.

This desk has a simplistic style that does not have a lot of drawers and hidden storage space. It does come with a stand for your computer to rest on, but you can clearly see the entire frame of the desk as well as the tempered safety glass top that has been polished and beveled to add sophistication to the look.

If you need the desk in two different areas of the room, then this L-shaped desk can easily be separated into two desks, and the quarter-circle section can be turned into a surface that can be positioned in the corner of the room. There is also a keyboard tray on this desk that can be mounted to either side of the desk.


  • This desk is quite sturdy, which means that it can support multiple monitors without an issue.
  • It has a design that will look great in a professional office or a gaming room.
  • The glass surface is high-quality, so you will not need to worry about scratching, chipping, or breaking it.


  • The keyboard tray on this desk is small; it can accommodate a keyboard but not a mouse as well.
  • Since this is a large desk, it may be difficult to move the desk when it is fully assembled.

3) Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is a great option if you are looking for a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors. The desk has a simple design that does not have a lot of accessories that take away from your monitor space, and it has a black and red design that any gamer will enjoy. The desk is also available in a few other colors, so if you don’t like the red and black design, you can choose a color that better fits your style.

The desk is five feet, three inches in width, and two feet, seven inches in depth, so you will have plenty of space for up to three monitors as well as your mouse and keyboard. In addition, this desk comes with a matching mousepad that will look great with your setup. It has a microfiber surface and thick padding to make using your mouse more comfortable.

Your comfort is important when you are gaming, especially since gaming sessions can often last for hours. With that being said, this desk is adjustable so that you can raise or lower it to make it a comfortable height for you. In addition, there are also cutouts on the desk to help you hide your wires; once they are beneath the desk, there is a net where you can store everything to keep the area around your desk mostly wire-free.


  • The cable management system is quite impressive; in fact, you will only see one plug going into the wall.
  • There is quite a bit of surface area; in fact, you will even have space for other gaming systems.


  • The height adjustment is a nice concept, but it is difficult to manage without help from another person.

4) Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Desk


This L-shaped desk from Best Choice products is another great option to consider if you are trying to save space by positioning your desk in the corner of a room. The desk has a very simple design that does not include a lot of drawers and storage space, but it does sport a very professional look that is ideal for an office space, especially with the matte finish.

The frame of this desk is very sturdy, so it will be possible for you to have multiple monitors, a printer, and other office essentials on this desk. Since this model has all of this space, you can use the other portion of the desk for your additional gaming systems and thing that you may need during your gaming sessions like a drink or even a snack.

This desk does have a tower stand that you can use to keep your computer off of the floor. It also has a keyboard tray that will make it easier to game for a while without getting hand fatigue from holding your hands up at desk level for an extended period of time.


  • Assembling this desk is easy; it does take a bit of time, but the directions are easy to understand.
  • This desk has a very durable frame can accommodate heavy computers and several monitors at once.
  • The L-shape makes it great for a small room because it does not take up a lot of space.


  • The keyboard tray is much too small for both a keyboard and a mouse to be functional.

5) Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


When you think of Origami, you think of folding and this Origami computer desk is designed to do just that, which makes it ideal for gamers who are always on the go. It is a lightweight desk that only weighs about 38 pounds, but it is still quite sturdy, which means that it will be able to accommodate even the heaviest computers without issue.

This desk is designed to fold to a nearly flat unit in under a minute. In fact, all you need to do is remove the top and push the center of the frame upwards so that it collapses on itself, which will make it much smaller and much easier to carry. Assembly of this desk is just as simple as folding it for storage; in fact, no tools are required to assemble the desk.

There is a location at the base of the desk that is designed to store your computer with ease, and there is plenty of space on the surface that can be used for other gaming essentials that you may need. The shelf is designed to accommodate at least 250 pounds on the shelf, so don’t be afraid to use a few monitors to complete your set up.


  • This desk’s folding design makes it a very portable desk that can be taken with you when you travel.
  • There is very little assembly required with this desk, so it can be ready to use in 15 minutes.


  • There is no cable management included in the design of this desk, so zip ties may be needed.

6) Convenience Concepts Modern No Tools Student Desk


The next desk, which is the Convenience Concepts Modern No Tool Student Desk, is a great option for someone who needs a desk that can be used for their studies as well as their gaming needs. This desk has a very simple design that will look great in any room. The frame is a durable enough to hold your computer and all of your gaming needs, and the surfaces are a matte black design that has a subtle elegance to it.

One of the biggest advantages to this desk is that it is very simple to assemble. You will not need any tools to put it together, and you will be able to construct it in less than 15 minutes. This means that if you are a student, you can easily disassemble the desk and take it home with you at the end of the semester.

When it comes to storage, you will find that this desk has quite a few options. There is no enclosed storage, but there are two shelves on each side of the unit as well as a shelf that is located under the main surface so that you can have easy access to all of your gaming peripherals.


  • This desk is very easy to assemble, so you should be ready to use it in a matter of minutes.
  • This desk is quite sturdy; in fact, it can hold a computer, books, and several other accessories with ease.


  • This desk does not have a very wide surface, so it may be difficult to have anything in front of the keyboard.

7) ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Sitting all day at a desk is not the best for your posture or your health, so with that being said, our next computer desk is one that is designed for standing while you do your work or enjoy playing your games. Starting with looks, you will notice that it has a very simplistic design that is designed to last. The frame is constructed from a solid piece of steel that will hold quite a bit of weight, and the top is a laminate material that is available in a few different colors as well.

This desk starts at a height of about 29 inches, which is ideal doe sitting at your desk, but it can also be raised to about 48 inches high. This means that regardless of your height, you will be able to stand at the desk comfortably if you chose to do so. The height of the desk can be adjusted using the two button control; the desk actually rises at about 1.3 inches per seconds.

Assembly of this desk does not require a lot of effort; in fact, it even has a screw-less design that should not require more than 30 minutes of assembly. In addition, there are two cutouts on the surface material that is designed to help you keep your wires under control.


  • The desk can be raised up to about six feet, which makes it comfortable for taller individuals as well.
  • The top of the desk is quite spacious, which means that you can use multiple monitors for your gaming setup.


  • When the desk is fully extended, it tends to wobbles a little bit more than expected.

8) Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table


If you are on a budget, then the next desk can be a great option for gaming, especially if you need a spare desk that can be used when your friends come over for a gaming session. The frame of this unit is quite sturdy, so you can have more than one monitor on it easily. The surface is made from high-density polyethylene, which adds more durability to the desk, but it is white in coloration, which may not be attractive for some.

The desk has a width of 48 inches and a depth of 24 inches, so you won’t have to worry about space for your gaming needs. This is not just a unit that can be used for computer games; in fact, if you like to play strategic table games, then this could be a great option for you to have.

This table is also adjustable, which means that you can lower the table to sit down and play, or it can also be raised up so that you can stand and play. There are three settings to select from; 22 inches, 19 inches, and 36 inches. The unit also has a handle that makes it convenient to carry if you need.


  • The adjustable height makes it a very versatile desk that can be used for gaming and other needs.
  • It folds up making it easy to take with you on the go; it even has a travel handle.


  • The surface is not smooth, so using a mouse and writing on the table directly can be difficult.

9) DXRacer DGD/1000/NE Newedge Edition Gaming Desk


This DXRacer gaming desk is designed with ergonomics in mind. As a gamer, you often spend hours in the same position during a gaming session, and this desk offers ergonomic support to prevent you from getting stiff and sore as you play. The desk has a durable build that is going to last for years of use. The legs have a double triangle design that is perfect for adding strength to the base so that it can hold a laptop with ease.

This desk is designed for laptops because there is not much additional space for a keyboard or a mouse to be used comfortably. However, a laptop will fit perfectly, and the desk has a 10-degree slope that makes it easier to type for long periods of time. If you are not comfortable at the angle that you are sitting at, the desk can rotate a full 360 degrees to help you find the angle that works best for your comfortability.

Wires always seem to be an issue with portable desks, so this gaming unit has a mesh net in the back of the desk that is designed to keep your wires where they need to be.


  • This desk has a very sturdy design that is not going to buckle under too much weight.
  • The desk is designed to give you ergonomic support as you play, which makes it ideal for MMORPG players.


  • This does not have any of the gaming peripherals that a traditional gaming desk should have.

10) Studio RTA Producer Station


One of the best features about the Studio RTA Producer Station is how complete it is. Not only is this a very robust product that provides a lot of room for a PC gamer to really get set up, but it also provides ample space for multiple console platforms as well. In fact, there are even two spaces that you can place a desktop in with the Producer Station.

The Producer Station also has a fairly supportive and ergonomic construction; the base platform has a recess cut out so that you can get close to the desk, which will allow for better posture. Additionally, the desk also has a steel frame base, which provides ample support and overall durability.

For your disc-based media, the Producer Station has a dual 20-space rack setup that allows you to store game, music, and movies with ease. When it’s time to move the desk, the Producer Station has wheels along its base that allows for easy transport across carpeting or standard flooring.


  • The surfaces are all constructed of maple, which is a high-quality and attractive wood that is strong enough to last for years.
  • The metal legs on this product are also very strong and have a pattern on them that’s very attractive.
  • There’s a slide-out shelf at the top that can be used for devices like smartphones and tablets.


  • At 140 pounds, this product is definitely not very easy to heft during a move. Fortunately, it does have wheels to help things along.

How much weight should a good gaming desk bear?

This depends on the usage of the desk. For a laptop-friendly gaming desk, you’ll only need about 150 pounds of desk weight capacity. If you’re planning on using the gaming desk for desktop gaming, then your desk should have a weight capacity of at least 200 pounds so that you can easily store various components like extra monitors and the gaming rig.

What are some common materials that are used in the construction of gaming desks?

Computer desks come in a wide variety of materials. If the manufacturer is going for a lightweight construction, then you might find that some are made of ultra-light aluminum. For a more sturdy design, some are made of various types of wood materials. Never sacrifice quality materials if you’re planning on using a desk for a long time; good materials are definitely worth the extra expense.

Is there a place to hold a drink?

On some desks, this is definitely an included feature. When you’re gaming, it’s easy to work up a monster thirst, which is why a desk with a cup holder can be very useful for some gamers. If this is something that you’d prefer, you can find cup holder options for both your gaming chair and your desk.

What are some popular accessories for a gaming desk?

If you’re going to invest in a gaming desk, then you should definitely consider a few key add-ons like cable ties if the desk doesn’t have a cable management system. In addition, you should also consider clamp-lamps that attach to your desk and a good pad for your mouse.

Are there easy to transport models?

When you’re a gamer, you never know when you’re going to a LAN party, so with this in mind, there are desks that are designed to be quickly folded up and carried with you. These are typically made of lighter woods and many also are constructed of lightweight aluminum. Just remember, these are going to be desks that may not be as sturdy as others.

Can there be dedicated places for peripherals?

Computer desk manufacturers often will include various nooks and shelves for objects like speakers, extra mice, compressed air, etc. While every desk isn’t going to have the same peripheral management systems, these can be very useful for the average gamer because they provide spaces to place DVDs and Blu-Rays, devices, and other peripherals.

What makes a good desk for gaming different from a standard computer desk?

This depends on the type of gaming desk. A good gaming desk can have many extra features or it can be a relatively nondescript table that is designed for load bearing and multiple monitors. While some computer desks work very well for gaming, a LAN party-style desk won’t necessarily make for a good standard computer desk.

Are there foldable variations?

There definitely are foldable gaming desks on the market that can be broken down and carried when needed. Having a foldable gaming desk is definitely great for those gamers that have a tendency to take their gaming on the road with them. Usually, these are made of light materials like aluminum or carbon fiber.

Can a gaming desk’s height be adjusted?

This depends on the model, but there are definitely gaming desks on the market that are designed with height adjustability. Height adjustability is useful for stand desks and for gamers that like to have the most ergonomic gaming experience possible.

How important is cable management?

No one wants to have their cables splayed everywhere, which is why it’s very useful to find a desk that has included cable management options. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the desk comes with cable ties, it can simply come with holes in the legs that are designed to accommodate cabling so that wires aren’t all over the place. Overall, this is a fairly important feature that many gamers prefer in their dedicated gaming desks.

Are some desks better for laptops?

There are definitely laptop-oriented gaming desks. As a rule, these gaming desks will come without a keyboard tray, a tray for a mouse, or a desktop platform. These also tend to be somewhat lightweight but may have space allocated for an additional monitor.

Which kinds are best for desktops?

When you’re looking for a gaming desk that is best for desktops, shoot for one that includes a keyboard and mouse tray, some dedicated accommodation for a tower desktop, and space for multiple monitors. Additionally, try to find a gaming desk that can manage the extra cables that tend to come with desktop gaming.

Can some desks be used for multiple gamers?

There are multiple-gamer friendly gaming desks on the market. If you and your significant other or friend like to play team-based games in tandem, this can be an excellent option for you. Additionally, some gaming desks are large enough to accommodate two gamers, though one may have to place their desktop directly on the floor.

Are there budget-friendly options for gaming desks?

It’s very possible to find a desk at a low price-point, but don’t necessarily expect a wide array of features on the best gaming desk under 100 dollars. To save on cost, some manufacturers may just cut down on features, but fortunately, the important gaming-specific features will still be present in a gaming desk at this value level.

Do some gaming desks have wheels?

For ease of transport around your living space, some gaming desks do indeed have wheels at their base. Having wheels at the base of your gaming desk can definitely add some convenience to your gaming experience, so if you may need to move your desk around your space from time to time, seek this out.

How can one of these desks grant a gameplay edge?

Just like with anything else, having the right features that support your activity can add a lot of benefit to your gaming. When you have your mouse in an easy to use position, have speakers set up for an immersive experience, and have your monitor at the right distance and height for the benefit of your field of view, then a good gaming desk can definitely get you more kills in your favorite game.

What kind of space will be needed for a good gaming desk?

For the most part, gaming desks can certainly take up a lot of floor space in your home. Dependent on whether your desk is L-shaped or standard, you’ll need varying amounts of space. For a standard desk, you should start with a three to five-foot area. If you’re thinking of getting an L-shaped desk, then you may just need a five by five foot or greater space.

What features should a gaming desk possess for long gaming sessions?

Ideally, your gaming desk should be designed with epic gaming sessions in mind. As a result, there should at least have some ergonomic features so that you can game comfortably. This means that there can be various shaping features that can help you keep your back straight and your spine aligned. Additionally, space for your feet to rest comfortably is also very good for long periods of gaming.

How long will one of these desks last?

Depending on the quality of the materials, you can expect a gaming desk to last for years if not decades. Sometimes, if the materials are cheaper, the desk can start to warp under the weight of the items that you have sitting on it. For this reason, try to select a product with high-quality wood and metals so that you can game on the desk for a long period of time.

Which form factor is best?

This, of course, is up to your personal preference. For the most part, there isn’t a massive amount of difference, but if you prefer a more gaming station feel, then go for an L-shaped product. Also, L-shaped desks can actually work very well in a corner for general space saving.

If you just want to have everything in front, then a standard desk will work fine for your needs. There are also U-shaped computer desks that can be decent for gaming but tend to be a bit constricting, especially if you need to move a bit during your session.

How important is maintaining a good posture and activity when sitting at a gaming desk?

One of the most important things that you should take into account during your gaming is your posture. You can develop herniated disks, repetitive stress injuries, and deep vein thrombosis if you spend hours out of a day gaming without good physical habits.

What are some good practices for long gaming sessions at a gaming desk?

When you’re gaming, keeping your back straight, using products like lumbar pillows, and getting up periodically are very important. The best gaming desks for extended gaming may just be stand desks due to the fact that they keep you in a good gaming posture that prevents DVT and spinal issues.

How do stand desks work?

As you might expect, gaming stand desks are designed to be used while you’re standing. That being said, there are also convertible products that can rise to a standing height or be used with a standard office chair. The adjustable height can be managed electronically or via a manual system.

Should you invest in a gaming chair as well?

If you’re going to be spending hours out of a day gaming, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a dedicated gaming chair because they are designed to provide comfort and support for the long haul. These work well in conjunction with a good gaming desk because both will support you ergonomically so that you don’t develop back issues.

Should you invest in a gaming desk with room for multiple monitors?

There are many games out there that work better with multiple monitor setups, and many gamers find that having this kind of setup can actually deliver a competitive edge. If you’re playing games that support multiple monitor setups like World of Warcraft, multiple flight simulators, or Overwatch, then having a gaming desk with space for a dual or triple-screen setup can be advantageous.

Can a gaming desk be used for VR gaming?

There are definitely some virtual reality games that can be played at a desk. For example, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Lucky’s Tale, and Thumper are just a few of the many VR-based games that can be played sitting at your gaming desk. Also, a standing desk can also be used for VR gaming – just make sure that you’re gaming at a safe distance without obstructions.

Is there surround-sound friendly gaming desks?

There are desks out there with areas set aside for those that like to play on 4.1 or 5.1 systems that use multiple speakers. Usually, these desks have a few strategically placed areas to insert your speakers, and the amount of audio immersion gained can be very useful for a gamer.

Can these types of desks be used for console gaming?

There are desks on the market that actually have areas set aside for gaming consoles and their controllers. These gaming desks are perfect for students that want a gaming area for their dorms or for those that just want a dedicated console gaming-oriented desk. Those desks that are designed this way also often have slots available to store your Blu-Ray and disc-based games as well.

Will some gaming desks support full-sized televisions?

While you may need a desk with a higher weight capacity, there are definitely gaming desks on the market that have the capability of supporting full-sized HDTVs. While you may not want to go much larger than 36 inches or so due to the field of view, there are many gamers out there that prefer the larger screen experience that can be present on TV.

What kind of assembly time can be expected on a gaming desk?

As with just about any type of home or office furniture, there may be some assembly time for your gaming desk, so get ready to use an Allen wrench. Fortunately, some manufacturers design desks to limit the amount of assembling needed, but this will, of course, be on a case-by-case basis. For a simpler gaming desk like the Arozzi Arena desk, you may not have to do much assembly at all.

Wrapping It Up

When you’re spending your time gaming, it’s just a good idea to use a good gaming desk to support your hobby. Finding a product like this will mean that you’ll be able to game comfortably, competitively, and with an overall enhanced in-game experience. You can even find a product a relatively cheap gaming desk that’ll provide these benefits and help you stay in-budget.

The products that we’ve reviewed here in this guide will provide you with an excellent gaming experience, so take a look at the products, re-read our buyer’s guide, and you’ll be gaming pro-level in no time.

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