Best Dual Shower Heads

Update: The best dual shower head for most people is the Ana Bath Combo Shower head. It offers an excellent showering experience and features saturating spray, bubble spray, and massaging spray water flow functions. Available in brushed nickel finish, the shower head offers an incredible water saving option. Plus, it gets an excellent rating on Amazon which makes the Ana Bath stand out from the pack.

If for some reason the Ana Bath Shower head is unavailable or sold out, the Hydroluxe 2 in 1 shower head is our runner-up. It is a bit cheaper but is also one of the bestsellers in this category of showers.

All the products selected for this post are based on User Satisfaction, Buying Trends and Overall Rating of the product in most retail stores.

Check out the quick comparison table below.

Best Dual Shower Heads

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double shower head
Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower-Head
PowerSpa Dual Shower Head + LED (Shower Combo)
HotelSpa® 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 way Rainfall Shower-Head/Handheld Shower Combo by Top Brand Manufacturer
LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7-Color Led 24-Setting Shower Combo
AKDY® Bathroom Luxury Rainfall Style Dual Shower Head Set Handheld & Over Head Shower Combo
Shower Head Out of Stock **

Although there are other good retail stores out there that offer great bath products, however, we always recommend Amazon if you considering to purchase a shower because it offers you a great variety and provide you with great after sales service and customer support.

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What is a Dual Shower Head?

A Dual shower head is simply a combination two shower heads to give you even better showering experience and more flexibility when it comes to cleaning yourself. Dual shower heads are also preferred by people who want to clean their pets as most of these shower heads have a ‘handheld’ head.

Advantages of Dual Shower Heads

  • Double shower heads offer more coverage so you can get better cleaning. You get the more amount of water in same time. This is helpful to people who want to get a quick shower and save time.
  • Gives you more water pressure: The water flow allowed according to EPA is only up to 2.5 GPM but with a double shower head, you can double the water flow if you have low water pressure. Alternatively, if you want a shower head for low water pressure, check out this guide.
  • Great for couples looking to shower together: Yes! – A dual shower head could be used by two people as they have two heads. This is great for couples who want to have a romantic shower together to enhance their passion.
  • Provides you more diversified options while showering: As there are two separate heads, you can also alter the setting of the two. For example, you can turn one head to rain mode and the other to massage option.

Things to consider before buying your first double shower head

  1. Design and built quality: Does the shower head stands out from all those ordinary shower heads. Most notably, the ‘Ana bath’ provides the best quality double shower heads.
  2. Water pressure: Only buy a double shower head if the pressure of the shower head is good enough. Most cheap quality double showers lack water pressure although they may seem okay.

Reviews of the Best Dual Shower Heads

Ana Bath SS5450CBN Double shower head

The Ana Bath SS5450CBN is definitely one of the finest double shower head in the market today. It gets an outstanding overall user rating on Amazon and offers a good balance of price.

Update: the shower head is currently on discount, view more details on Amazon.

Ana Bath SS5450CBN is a dual yet rainfall style shower head. Plus, it is also a high pressure shower head. However, the pressure drops a little when both the heads are used as once ( The drop in pressure is almost unnoticeable)

If you are someone looking for a high pressure shower head with rain shower head pattern spray, this shower is an excellent choice for you.

The shower head weighs around 2.5 lbs and the finish of the product is of Brushed Nickel. The flow rate is 2.31 Gallon per minute – which is pretty good. The Shower head is also one of the top rated + best selling shower head in Handheld Shower heads Category.

Neptune Dual Shower Head review

The Neptune dual shower head gets the top spot in the double shower head category.

The reason why this gets the top spot is the price point at which the manufacturers are selling the Neptune shower head. You get a luxury top notch head with a reasonable price tag. Although the Neptune dual shower head is not the most luxurious head out there, still is one of the best selling products. It is definitely a really excellent investment.

Some notable keypoint:

  1. 3 Position Spray Pattern
  2. Could be installed quickly and with ease – no expertise needed
  3. Solid Brass Shower Head Manifold
  4. Chrome Color
  5. 9.2 x 6.3 x 4.8 inches in dimension

Overall, this shower head provides great value for money.

PowerSpa Dual Led Combo Shower Head

If you want an even better shower that offers an addition LED, you might want to check out PowerSpa Color-Changing 3-way LED-Shower-Combo.

The PowerSpa offers a chrome face plus pressure boost technology for even more pressure when you are showering. Also, no need to put batteries or use external power to light up this shower head. The LED lights up with Running water! Each of the head of the shower head offers 4 outstanding settings which include massage setting, water economy setting, Rain setting & Rain plus Massage Mix Setting.

The colors of the LED change every couple of seconds and the LED has a very long life of almost 10 years! The product comes with a one year warranty. Looking, at the reviews on the store, almost all of the buyers were completely satisfied with their purchase.

HotelSpa Ultra Luxury 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo

All right, so another great shower head that comes at a lesser price and without LED is the HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury 30-setting 3-way Rainfall-Shower.

The shower head is manufactured from HotelSpa ( Which Sounds like PowerSpa – Probably both of the shower heads are from the same supplier with different brands names )

Anyways, who cares! – they both are outstanding shower heads. The HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury shower head is really a dual rainfall shower head.

The shower head offers the following water spray patterns:

  • Power Rain
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Rain/Mist
  • Water-saving Economy Rain
  • Hydrating Mist
  • Rain/Massage

Just like the above PowerSpa shower head, this shower head also comes with a full 1-year warranty. The shower is totally adjustable plus it’s really easy and intuitive to install – Takes almost 20 mins to install and even less if you know a thing or two about shower heads. Moreover, you don’t need any tools. And no need to pay a plumber to do the job.

What’s unique about this shower is the two different type of heads. One that is 6 inch which sprays water in rainfall pattern while the other shower head is a hand shower that is 4 inch in diameter. Both of the heads offer 6 different settings listed above.

Grohe Freehander Shower System

If you are looking for a premium dual or double shower head, the Grohe 27007000 is perfect for your bath. The price will depend on the color you choose. The Grohe 27007000 is actually available in 5 beautiful colors. ( See Amazon for more details )

More Details:

  1. 180 Pivoting Arm
  2. 18 Shower Spray Pattern
  3. GROHE DreamSpray
  4. GROHE StarLight
  5. SpeedClean anti-lime system
  6. Modern Style
  7. Chrome Color

Peerless 76311D Dual shower heads

Update 2016: We’ve just added the Peerless 76311D shower head to the list as we saw a huge demand for this particular product. The peerless double shower head most notably offers the following features that convinced us to add to this list:

  • Three function 2 in 1 shower head
  • consistent spray pressure from all head holes
  • Soothing, pulsating spray

Disadvantages of Double shower heads

The only disadvantage of buying a double shower head is the slightly higher price than its regular counterpart. As there are two shower heads attached therefore the price is slightly higher. However, the price is not significant and some models even cost the same as the regular shower heads.

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Did you find the content related to dual shower heads useful? If yes, give us a quick feedback using the comment section below also tell us your favorite among the reviewed above. If you think that a great shower head is missing from the above list, just send us an email using the contact form using this link. Cheers! Have a Great shower 🙂

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