Best Cordless Phones

Having a cordless phone around the house is incredibly useful and economical.

In this post, you’ll basically find everything there is to know about cordless phones.

We’ve created a list of best cordless phones below, after searching for almost 130 hours and testing out 23 different cordless phones mainly considering price, features, ease of use, functions & a few other factors.

Best Cordless Phones

Cordless PhoneHandsetsBluetooth ConnectivityBattery 
Panasonic KX-TGE474S
(Editor's Choice)
4Yes2 AAA batteries Check Price
Panasonic KX-TG7875S
5Yes2 AAA batteries Check Price
VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone
(Editor's Choice)
2No2 AAA batteries Check Price
AT&T CLP994834Yes4 Nonstandard Check Price
Gigaset-S820A-DUO2Yes2 AAA batteries Check Price
AT&T CRL823123No3 Nonstandard Check Price
VTech DS6671-32Yes1 Nonstandard Check Price
Panasonic KX-TGE433B 3No6 AAA batteries Check Price
Clarity XLC3.4+1No2 AAA batteries Check Price
Clarity E814CC2NoN/A Check Price


1. Panasonic KX-TGE474S – Overall Best Picks


As a great all-around cordless phone system, the Panasonic KX-TGE474S provides the features you want as the best cordless phone with answering machine. The phone system gives you 13 hours of battery backup, four cordless handsets and linking to two cellular phones. This phone stores your cellular contacts in its system, making those available through any of the handsets. Vocal alerts tell you when you receive a call or text message. You can even find your lost cell phone through the cellular locate feature.

Keypads on the Panasonic KX-TGE474S to aid those with vision or dialing issues. Amplified volume means you set the ring to the volume meeting your personal needs, perfect for those with hearing problems. The Panasonic KX-TGE474S’s advanced telephone answering device provides alerts to let you know you missed a call, whether you are near the phone or far away. When away from home, your registered cell device or office telephone receive message alerts. At home, you hear an audible beep as a message alert. The unit also features background noise reduction and caller voice enhancement, so you hear your caller better.


  •  Link up to two cellular devices for talking caller ID, alert to text sender and text message receipt
  • Cell locator, big buttons, amplified handset volume, 13-hour backup battery and Bluetooth connectivity provide major convenience


  • Bluetooth feature leaves some buyers frustrated, with 10 to 15 feet of use from base
  • Cell linking causes infrequent static on line and contact list entries require editing after database download

2. Panasonic KX-TG7875S


The Panasonic KX-TG7875S is a smart system featuring five handsets, class 1 Bluetooth, seamless cellular phone integration, 3000 entry contact list and talking caller ID. The device also features an answering machine.

Use the Panasonic KX-TG7875S for a home land line or use it to exclusively link your cell phones when at home. Cellular linking provides a wide set of features you will use every day. A simple feature that goes a long way is the phone’s built-in USB port for charging your cell phone. Save your cell phone battery and make home use more convenient by using the Link2Cell feature for placing and answering of your cellular calls on the Panasonic KX-TG7875S handsets. The Panasonic phone alerts you on cordless handsets when you receive text messages on your cell.

With the Panasonic KX-TG7875S you get superb sound quality for a long range. You can use the handsets inside or even in the far corners of your backyard. The units work on a 1.9GHz frequency, eliminating crossing of router, wireless keyboard or microwave signals.


  • Interference-free, wide range use through DECT 6.0 Plus Technology (1.9GHz) with 3-line backlit LCD display and adjusting tilt
  • Three-way conferencing, Bluetooth Link2Cell, answering machine, phone charging USB port and five handhelds ensure convenience for the busiest of lifestyles


  • Many functions to learn, so this device may be too complex for some users to gain maximum benefit
  •  No call hold button, intermittently poor sound quality and limited handset volume frustrate some users

3. VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting


This best cordless phone without answering machine is just about everything you need without extras you do not, all in a budget-friendly package. The VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting is a best-seller that includes DECT 6.0 digital technology for improved range with interference-free, premium sound quality. Without an unneeded answering machine, the VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting allows setup for direct dial to your cell phone or digital voicemail box, then alerting you when a message is left.

The VTech CS6719-2 DECT 6.0 Phone with Caller ID/Call Waiting is expandable for up to five handsets and two handset conference calling to an outside line. Press any key to answer the phone and enjoy added features like volume control, handset intercom communications, trilingual prompting for English, Spanish or French and last ten number redial. Wall mounting bracket included. This great phone has enough features for those wanting a simple 2 line phone without answering machine, expandable as more handsets are needed.


  •  The entire keypad illuminates along with the LCD screen, allowing for easier viewing in dim light
  • Ringer silencing on the handset and base unit immediately, or for an extended period of time


  •  Phonebook function only allows entry of up to 50 caller contacts and phone numbers for limited listings
  •  Not having its own answering machine means you need carrier-provided voicemail or a cellular voicemail link
  •  Caller ID small lettering is problematic for elderly, also not accessible on free handsets when phone is in use

4. AT&T CLP99483


For the tech savvy, the AT&T CLP99483 provides ultimate cell phone integration using Bluetooth technology. Androids enable home phone system receipt of text, email or social media update notifications. AT&T CLP99483 handsets beep according to the type of message, so you know byB00F5DRQRC ear whether it is a text, email or social media update.

Your cell phone’s calendar reminders also come through the phone system, even while charging your cell on the built-in USB charging port. One feature sure to make your life easier is the ability to download up to 6000 cellular phone contact listings.

Although you are using a home phone system, the AT&T CLP99483 provides excellent coverage at long ranges, thanks to its unique antenna design. This coverage comes with top notch call clarity and noise filtering. The included speakerphone function also provides the excellent sound quality you need to make this model a no-brainer.


  •  Excellent long-range quality for use throughout your home and yard with exceptional call clarity and noise filtering
  •  Make and receive cell phone calls on your this system while charging your cell at the same time
  •  6000 entry cell phone contact list easily downloaded onto the cordless handsets with unique Android mobile text, email, calendar and social media alerts
  •  Works with up to two cell phone lines linked to the landline cordless phone system, with all three lines usable at once


  •  The phone handset design provides instability in the handset stands, falling over upon slight shaking or bumping
  •  Message waiting alert delivered by audible receiver tone only, not through blinking light or visual cue

5. Gigaset-S820A-DUO


The Gigaset-S820A-DUO features 55 minutes of answering machine time, a large 2.4” touchscreen, a wide variety of call management functions, 20 hours’ talk time and 250 hours of battery charge. Enjoy call silencing, call blocking and message forwarding for the ultimate control over which calls you answer, when and how. The phone book stores 500 contacts and Caller ID lists the last 20 callers.

The Gigaset-S820A-DUO connects to your computer, syncs with your MS Outlook and enables you to assign photos or images to each contact. Sync with your cell and receive text messages. Calling functionality matters and the Gigaset-S820A-DUO delivers a lighted keypad for easy use even in the dark.


  •  Up to 55 minutes of answering machine recording time means you spend less time deleting old messages
  •  Silence calls based on timeframes or anonymous caller status, block callers and forward text messages
  •  Fully sync your MS Outlook listings and cellular contacts through Quick Sync and Bluetooth technologies


  •  Pressure-sensitive plastic touchscreen feels different than touch sensing glass of cell phones, making use an adjustment
  •  Some customers report touch screen failure after one to two years of typical household use

6. AT&T CRL82312


The AT&T CRL82312 is among the best cordless phones for seniors. This convenient three- to 12-handheld phone provides simple call answering, message retrieval and information storage. Up to 50 contacts are easily stored in the phone’s internal memory and the last 10 calls remain retrievable for one-button redial.

Cordless handsets provide excellent long-range use with high quality sound of DECT 6.0 technology. This technology makes sound 45 percent clearer than for phones without DECT 6.0. The AT&T CRL82312 ringer’s visual indicator light and hearing aid compatibility ensure the hearing impaired do not miss calls. Added convenience from Caller ID announce helps people with poor vision know who is calling without even having to read the extra-large text LCD display with high contrast black text. Dialing is made easier with extra-large keypad buttons.


  •  Extra-large display with high-contrast text provides visible Caller ID; large keypad buttons enable easier call functioning for visually impaired users
  •  Visual ringer indicator, hearing aid compatibility and DECT 6.0 technology help hearing impaired users gain value from the phone system


  •  Phone firmware is difficult for some people to understand and navigate, particularly during phone setup
  •  The phone’s on board phone book only holds up to 50 Caller ID contacts

7. VTech DS6671-3


If you need convenient, hands-free phone usage, the VTech DS6671-3 phone system provides two cordless handsets and a cordless volume-adjustable headset. Sound quality is excellent and your communications are free of interference, thanks to DECT 6.0 technology. Linking your cell phone is easy. iPhone users enjoy carry-over benefit of their personalized ringtones for up to 2000 contacts, so you know who is calling from the unique contact’s ringtone.

Answering functions include Caller ID for up to 50 calls, speakerphone, remote voicemail access, message indicator light and 14 minutes of answering machine recording time. Expandable up to 12 devices for complete mobile convenience. Intercom functionality between the handsets and headset make internal communications a breeze, while teleconferencing with outside lines and up to four handsets at once streamlines family and business calls.


  •  DECT 6.0 technology on the cordless headset and handhelds mean you receive excellent call clarity and tone in HD audio
  •  Perfect for small business or home use with Caller ID, Call Waiting, speakerphone and headset features


  •  DSL Subscribers may need to us a DSL Filter to ensure call quality and clarity
  •  Phone batteries must be charged for 16 hours before the phone’s first use, delaying out-of-the-box use

8. Panasonic KX-TGE433B


The Panasonic KX-TGE433B provides three handsets, answering machine and a full duplex speakerphone with baby monitor mode out-of-the-box. Make announcements or communicate with others across all devices in your home or office through the Voice Paging feature. Talking Caller ID in English and Spanish lets you know in advance whether each call should be answered, just as the 250-call one-button blocking feature on every handset enables you to stop telemarketers, robocallers or other pests from getting through. The handy backup battery enables you to make calls during power outages. Headset jacks make keeping busy while talking much easier with built-in noise reduction.

Other positive features include expandability to up to six handsets, making this phone perfect for large households or small businesses. Phonebook programming and extensive voicemail storage take the guesswork out of receiving, making and passing calls onto voicemail.


  •  Phone features fit your lifestyle, including available headphone jacks, baby monitor mode, call blocking, talking Caller ID and handset Paging
  •  Answering machine and full duplex speakerphone capabilities enable versatile use for your home or office


  •  Handsets feature LCD displays for Caller ID and other functions, but the phone base does not
  •  At maximum volume, many customers complain that the speakerphone does not deliver optimal sound quality

9. Clarity XLC3.4+


This Clarity XLC3.4+ provides handy calling features for people with special hearing needs, just as the Clarity phone brand is known for providing its users. The phone features DECT 6.0 technology for interference-free communication and four tone settings to customize voice comprehension and the listening experience. The ringer features an extra loud 95 decibel adjustable ringtone. For call quality and clarity, the Clarity XLC3.4+ amplifies incoming sound by up to 50 decibels for better sound from even soft voiced callers. Outgoing sound is amplified by up to 15 decibels for call recipients’ better hearing, too. Both hearing aid compatible and compatible with TIA-1083, this phone includes dual-power battery so calls take place even when the power is out. The high-contrast Caller ID screen features large font for easy visibility and call recognition through talking Caller ID.


  •  Well suited for use by people with hearing and vision limitations, particularly with customizable sound quality and clarity settings
  •  Talking Caller ID, high-contrast and large font Caller ID screen make understanding Caller ID easier for those with vision problems


  •  Custom sound settings may make the audio too loud for some users at other household users’ comfort level
  •  Some customers find operating the phone and its functions difficult, particularly when first adapting from a standard model phone

10. Clarity E814CC


Perfect for the elderly or people with slight to moderate hearing or vision loss, the Clarity E814CC amplifies incoming sound by up to 40 decibels. Tone settings include four customizations for better voice clarity. The amplified digital answering machine also improves listening experience and phone functionality for people with specialized hearing needs. For people with vision problems, the Clarity E814CC features a large format, high contrast Caller ID display. The keypad is also enlarged, with high contrast numbering and incoming calls trigger the Caller ID display to light up as a bright visual call alert.

The Clarity E814CC includes an answering machine and four cordless handset expandability. The phone’s speakerphone function works well for those wanting hands-free communications, particularly with extra loud sound clarity. Five speed dial buttons enable storage of important or emergency contacts. The ringer permits use of ten loud melodies at six volume levels for added comfort and convenience.


  •  Clarity E814CC provides helpful features for people with specialized hearing or vision needs, making phone communications more accessible
  •  Amplifies call volume by up to 40 decibels for voice clarity, amplifies answering machine messaging and features ten loud ringtones


  •  Despite other useful audio and call clarity features, the Clarity E814CC does not feature background noise reduction for incoming calls
  •  Despite expandability for use with up to four handsets, the Clarity E814CC only comes packaged with one handset

Best Cordless Phone Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Top-Rated cordless phones suited to your precise needs? The above ten options are our picks for the top cordless phones

Below are helpful questions and considerations, to improve and simplify your ultimate cordless phone shopping experience.

How does the cordless phone compare to others, in regard to voice quality?

Today’s cordless phones provide clear voice transmission. But many achieve improved voice sound and clarity through features and enhancements, such as DECT 6.0 compliance for call clarity. If you need a cordless phone for use by someone with hearing problems, many phones provide sound amplification and tone adjustments.

Does the phone feature interference-minimizing technology?

Static-laden, spotty phone calls are irritating at the least. You need a phone with minimal interference and optimum sound quality, such as provided by DECT 6.0 technology. This technology at best eliminates interference from cell phones, microwaves and other electronics, keeping your phone calls crisp and clean.

Does the cordless phone provide background noise reduction?

Another important feature for most users is background noise reduction. This simple feature gives you an improved listening experience with less annoying noise from your caller’s environment. You hear your caller’s voice better and with less uncomfortable strain.

Does the cordless phone provide the call range you need for use throughout your home and other spaces?

With cordless phones the last thing you want is to feel tethered to particular locations in your home. Ensure your phones of interest can be used at long range. Longer range allows you to move around while talking, such as taking out the garbage without having to end a call. Get to know the size of your home or property and find a cordless phone that best meets your long range needs.

Is the cordless phone’s design functional for your personal needs?

Particularly if you have vision or hearing problems, you need a phone to meet your personal needs. But anyone should feel comfortable using their own cordless phone, such as through easy-to-read buttons and displays. Simple features like lighted keypads make calling at night or in dark spaces easier. Maybe you want a voicemail indicator light, so you do not have to pick up the phone to know if a message is waiting. Other people prefer Talking Caller ID, so they choose which calls to answer without having to see the phone’s display screen. Consider your own needs and find your best possible cordless phone to meet those needs.

Does the cordless phone feature long back-up battery life for phone use during power outages?

Cordless phones use less power than smartphones and this makes having a cordless phone important during power outages and other emergencies. But the average cordless phone lasts about eight hours between charges, while some offer much longer back-up battery time. If you live in emergency weather zones or have health needs, you may need to search for a cordless phone with maximum back-up battery use time for those power outage emergencies. As an option, check to see if your corded landline phone base runs without power as long as the phone cord is connected to standard landline analog copper wire service.

How long is the charging time of the cordless phones you are comparing for purchase?

Most cordless phones need between seven and 12 hours on their power base to fully recharge. Does the phone you are considering require more or less time to recharge? Consider that time spent on the charging base is time you are not using the phone. If the recharge time is lengthy, does the cordless phone feature multiple handsets so you still have other handheld capabilities while one or more are charging?

How many handsets do you need for your living or workspace?

Before going shopping for your best cordless phone, you need to know how many handsets you need and whether the phone you select offers compatibility for those handsets. Does the phone come with enough handsets or do you need to purchase additional handsets individually? Ensure the phone is capable of multi-handset expansion beyond what is included with the base unit.

Do you need a built-in answering machine on your cordless phone?

Not all cordless phones feature a built-in answering machine. That is fine, if your telephone carrier provides its own voicemail service. But some carriers charge a monthly fee for voicemail and you may benefit from cost savings of having your own answering device.

Does the built-in answering machine provide the features you need?

Most cordless phones feature a single-mailbox answering system with time and date stamping of each message. But this is often not enough for full use of your answering machine. How many messages will the answering system store or hold at once before you must delete old messages? Also find out whether the answering machine allows for single-message deletion, instead of only bulk deletion, so you can choose which messages you keep and which you throw away. Finally, check reviews about answering message sound quality for playback, and whether the system has an indicator light alerting you to new messages waiting for your playback.

Do you need specialized caller identification and screening capabilities?

No one enjoys receiving unwanted calls. It is a hassle, at the least. If you want to screen unwanted calls and know who is calling you before you take time out of your life to answer, ensure your cordless phone selections offer Caller ID, Call Waiting and Call Blocking. Some provide unique ringers for specific contacts, so you know by sound who is calling you before approaching your phone. Others feature Talking Caller ID, with the phone making an audible name announcement of who is calling. Finally, consider whether you wish to screen calls or silence them at particular times of day. Some phones are programmable for specific silent hours, such as at night or when your baby is sleeping.

Do you need hands-free capability through a headset for your cordless phone?

Some cordless phones come with a headset, enabling you full mobility around your space while talking. Other phones feature headset jacks, for which you supply the headset at additional cost. Whether you prefer to buy a pre-packaged compatible headset with the cordless phone or buy one separately for $20 or more, ensure your cordless phone is compatible with headsets to fulfill this need. Also make sure the handheld your headset attaches to, if applicable, provides a belt clip so you are not stuck holding the handheld during headset use.

Do you need Bluetooth connectivity to link your cellular phone to your cordless phone?

Some cordless phones provide Bluetooth connectivity. This links your cordless phone to your cellular phone so you can use the cordless to make and receive cell phone calls. This feature is particularly great if you have poor cellular reception inside your home or building. You simply leave your smartphone in a high signal spot and use your handheld cordless phone to move around while talking.

Do you need a cordless phone suited to multiple phone lines?

Some cordless phones only operate on one phone line, while others provide support for multiple lines at once. Additional features for multi-line cordless phones include distinct ringtones for each line. This is particularly helpful for home businesses or multiple family members, especially when long-winded family members occupy more than their share of phone time.

Do you need three-way call conferencing capabilities with third parties?

For big families or businesses, having three-way call conferencing can be very handy. Multiple handsets can operate together on the same call, speaking with an outside caller or recipient.

Does someone in your household have special hearing or vision needs?

Some cordless phones offer helpful features for people with hearing loss or vision problems. Others provide elderly-friendly features and easy use. Phones vary in their attributes, but some offer hearing aid compatibility, extra-large buttons, lit keypads, talking Caller ID, sound amplification and other services.

Will you be able to understand how to use your cordless phone?

One big complaint of new cordless phone buyers is that they chose a model too complex for everyday use. Your home calling needs will differ from a business’ calling needs. So check to make sure your phone purchase is easy to program, understand and use. You can check the phone’s package or review the instruction manual on the manufacturer’s website for more information.

Should you keep one of your old phones, after replacing it with your new one?

Cordless phones use technology like many other devices today. But sometimes technology fails or users struggle to understand functions. For a short time after you start using your new cordless phone, you may want to keep your old phone in case anything malfunctions or proves incompatible. This is particularly important for people who may have an emergency health problem or other needs while getting used to a new phone. Just to be safe, keep your old phone handy until you have adapted to your new one and you see everything is working as it should.

Do you recognize the manufacturer of your cordless phone options, or are they well reviewed by customers?

Cordless phones use advanced technology. So you want a cordless phone that works and has a reputation for quality. Find out the brand of your prospective phones. Do you recognize the name, like Panasonic, VTech, AT&T or Clarity? For unknown brands, check their online reviews to ensure they are worth the money you are spending on them.

Does your new cordless phone offer a return policy and warranty?

Like other electronics, cordless phones are not cheap and they have many working parts. Parts can fail or you may change your mind about your purchase, after trying to use your new phone. Does the phone you are interested in have a good return policy and warranty? If so, get to know the rules and inclusions of these policies before buying your phone.

Does your prospective phone have a corded base?

Cordless handsets need a power supply when they are not in use. Do you need batteries for the handheld’s operation or does it use household AC through a power cord and outlet?

Does the base or handset feature an LCD Screen for Caller ID and other functions?

Cordless phones differ in whether the LCD screen, if there is one, is on the phone base or individual handhelds. Think about your phone usage and whether you want to know who is calling or access other features like redial or contact lists while away from the phone base. If the handhelds have LCD screens but the phone base does not, does this make using the base more difficult for you?

Do you need a hold or mute button on your handheld or phone base?

Many people need to put calls on hold or mute a call for privacy without dropping the active call. Does your chosen cordless phone have a hold function or mute button on the phone base and handhelds? Or does the phone have this capability only on its base, if at all?

Does your cordless phone of interest have Call Blocking capabilities that suit your needs?

Do you need a call blocking button on every handheld or just the phone base? When you block the call, does it ring once with each subsequent call, or does the call block from your line entirely? These are important considerations, particularly if you receive many robocalls or telemarketing calls at inconvenient times. The best option for most people wanting to block calls is to have a Block Call button on each handheld and as part of the phone base features.

Does your cordless phone of interest provide speakerphone capabilities?

Sometimes you need to put a phone down without losing a conversation, such as when you are working. Having speakerphone capabilities makes this quick, easy and convenient. This is especially helpful when you spend a great deal of time on hold awaiting a connection to customer service representatives. Base speakerphones also let you dial or answer calls without using the handset.

Does the base of your cordless phone selection feature a keypad?

Handsets make dialing calls easy, with their available keypads. But what about your base unit? Does it feature a keypad, too? Having a keypad on the base is actually important to most people, as it helps you more easily navigate menus on the LCD display. Some phones feature backlit keypads you can use in the dark or low light conditions.

Is your cordless phone multi-lingual?

If you have household members or people in your business who speak other languages, will the cordless phone you purchase support their language skills? Some phones are bilingual with English and Spanish. Others are trilingual with English, French and Spanish. This can be important when people who speak other languages need to navigate menus and phone prompts. Whatever the languages spoken, ensure your new cordless phone meets your users’ needs.

If your cordless phone features an answering machine, how many mailboxes does it support?

Most households only use one answering machine mailbox for the whole family. Others prefer to operate like businesses, with each party having their own voicemail box. Or your phone may be used for both personal calls and business, so you need to route your messaging according to caller needs. These are things to consider when looking at cordless phones with answering machines.

Do you need advanced playback controls on your answering machine?

Some cordless phone answering machines provide handy controls for quick organization of your messages. You can skip messages, repeat messages and even speed up the message for faster playback than it was left in real time. Check the answering machine’s advanced playback functions to determine if these features and others meet your needs.

Does the phone system gain positive reviews online from other customers?

One helpful way to know the good, bad and ugly of any product is to review online comments left by real customers who have purchased the item. Did it meet their needs? Were there consistent negative remarks experienced by multiple buyers? If so, are these problems you can live with or will they harm your user experience?

Remember that many people become frustrated and leave negative reviews without understanding the purchase, to start. So read between the lines and consider the ones that seem factual and legitimate. Remember that virtually every product has some negative reviews left by customers. Almost all technology-driven products also experience glitches or problems in a few buyers’ experiences.

As you shop for your new cordless phone, be mindful of how you will use your devices and what your specific needs are for your best phone experience. By giving these things a little thought, your final purchase will last a long time and give you plenty of good use.

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