9 Best Carpenters Tool Belts

For all of you who work in carpentry, we know that you want the best equipment.

But finding the right tool is not easy because of the huge amounts of options available especially online.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best carpenters tool belts available right now.

Check it out below:

Occidental Leather 9855 Adjustable Fat Lip Tool Belt (Video)


1. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjustable Fat Lip Tool Belt – (Editor’s Choice)


This belt is constructed with quality and comfort in mind. The nylon tool pockets are ten inches deep and are lined with leather at the bottoms and corners. Neoprene, commercial nylon and leather make up the belt itself. Additional perks are a two-in-one tool and hammer holder, as well as a 2003 tool shield. It can be adjusted from a 31 inch to a 42 inch pant waist size. If you work rigorously, this high volume, durable tool belt is a great choice.


  • Occidentals are exceptionally long-lasting – 2-year warranty.
  •  Tool belts have an adjust-to-fit system.
  • There are 24 pockets and pouches.


  • Occidental products are expensive.

2. Gatorback Professional Carpenter’s Tool Belt Combo


Inspired by the skin of a living alligator, this belt is comfortable and supportive. It provides ventilated padding similar to the scales on the animal’s back. Handles make the tool belt exceptionally portable and easy to remove. Rounding out the tool belt combo are a tape clip, hammer holster and pockets for electrician tools.


  • Featured is a patented air channel ventilation system.
  • This tool belt is highly durable – 1 year warranty.
  • Box design pouches prevent sagging and keep pouches open.


  • The belt itself runs small.

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 5605


Suitable for a small or large job, this combo provides more than the bare essentials. All parts are interchangeable and removable. There are adjustable handles that allow for easy transport. The wide padded belt covers a generous range in waist sizes. It uses a heavy poly fabric that is both versatile and practical.


  • The belt fits pant waist sizes from 29 to 46 inches.
  • One of the features is a plentiful number of pockets and sleeves.
  • Parts are completely removable.


  • Belt loop placement is awkward.

4. Dewalt DG5617 Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt


Suspenderse belts like this one have unique added features to benefit you. It has a zippered pocket convenient for securing valuable or easily lost items. A pouch handle makes it easy to adjust the belt or make it portable. As one of the best carpenters tool belts, it is already fitted with adjustable suspenders. Last, it even has a cell phone holder.


  • The tool belt has a handy cabineer for keys.
  • There is an abundance of pockets.
  • Belts feature a comfortable and convenient design.


  • Plastic connections easily break.
  • The cell phone holder is small.

5. Magnogrip Carpenter’s Tool Belt


This belt takes security to the next level. It features magnetized nail pockets to prevent dropping or spilling nails and screws. The double –layered polyester material makes the tool pouches simultaneously sturdy and lightweight. Pockets are wide mouthed and designed to stay open for nice accessibility. Corners and other points of heavy strain are reinforced with rivets. A hammer holster is included for even more convenience.


  • This tool belt is very comfortable.
  • Magnogrip is attractively priced.
  • Carpenters experience reduced spillage of small tools and nails.


  • Magnets may attract unwanted metal objects.
  • Pockets are not as plentiful on this belt as opposed to others similar to it.

6. Bucket Boss Carpenters Apron


This tool belt is made with heavy suede leather that pulls double duty in durability and functionality. The main bag’s bottom is reinforced with diamond PCV. The system includes an adjustable metal or plastic belt. A stemmed roller buckle secures the belt and allows you to adjust as necessary. Store tools of all sizes in the spacious pockets. Stress areas are reinforced with rivets.


  • Suede breaks in quickly.
  • Material used in the belt and hammer loops is very strong.


  • Pockets are not very spacious or deep.
  • Velcro wears out.

7. TradeGear Medium Carpenter’s Combo Belt and Bags


Made from 1250 DuraTek nylon, this tool belt is made to be sturdy and lightweight. Based on the design of the aforementioned Gatorback, TradeGear delivers thick foam padding and a state-of-the-art ventilation system. The belt is reinforced with metal rivets along with bartak stitching. The number of pockets and pouches is quite generous. If you desire quality merged with comfort when you work, this is one of the best carpenters tool belts for you.


  • The belt and bags are of excellent construction and thus quite durable.
  • The speed-square pockets do not sag, providing easy access.
  • This belt has great storage capacity.


  • There is inordinately fast cracking in the leather of the belt piece that fits into the buckle.
  • The tape measure clip is not an exact fit.

8. Task Tools T77265 Carpenter’s Apron


For the professional who likes leather, this is the perfect tool belt for you. Constructed of oil-tanned split leather, the Task Tool Carpenter’s Apron is not just attractive; it is very strong and long lasting. It comes with a roller buckle and reversed, rounded pockets. The hammer holders are rust-resistant with their nickel plating.


  • Pockets stay open with a wide mouth.
  • Tool belt lightweight and comfortable.


  • Capacity is not as great as some of the other belts.

9. Dickies Work Gear 57077 4-piece Carpenter’s Rig


Suspenders are a built-in feature of this sturdy and versatile carpenter’s tool belt. The suspenders are padded for additional comfort. Moreover, the waist belt is also comes well-padded and has a steel double-roller buckle. It is mesh and therefore made to wick moisture. If you are looking for durability, the heavy canvas material should instill confidence.


  • The canvas fabric is rip resistant.
  • Mesh has a cooling effect.


  • There is no specific pocket for a speed square.

10. CLC Custom Leathercaft 2617 Framing Master


Whether you are a professional homebuilder, or a homeowner who dabbles in craftsmanship, this tool belt will suit your needs. It is comprised of a double layer of tough, ballistic poly fabric. The pockets are reinforced with PVC material and the belt is padded and equipped with a steel roller buckle. Suspenders are also supplied. They are padded and adjustable.


  • Pockets are spacious and generous.
  • Strong and sturdy materials help this tool belt last a long time.


  • Smaller customers struggle to fit the belt.


Carpenters Tool Belt Buyer’s Guide

1. How do you pick out a good tool belt?

The best carpenters tool bags are going to pay attention to quality and craftsmanship. A good tool belt should use sturdy materials, reinforce stress points and suit your needs as far as a number of pouches and special holders. It should be spacious and strong enough to hold all the tools you need. Online reviews or advice from seasoned carpenters provide excellent guidance.

2. When would I need shoulder support?

Some people opt to wear tool bags over their shoulders rather than around their waists. Padded shoulder straps and even distribution of tool weight is vital to making this effective. The tradeoff is less strain on the back.

3. Do I need suspenders?

Suspenders are a personal choice. If you need to relieve back strain or you have a heavy tool belt, suspenders provide nice benefits. They evenly distribute the weight of tools. Suspenders also save wear and tear on tool belts and keep them from sliding.

4. Why do I need a carpenters tool belt?

Carpenters tool belts are vital for jobs requiring multiple tools. Jobs become much more efficient when you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips. It is so much more professional to be organized at a work site.

5. What does a speed square holder do?

Since a speed square is awkward and triangular in shape, it does well to have its own holder. You can make on or but one that will fit most carpenters tool belts.

6. How are you supposed to wear a tool belt?

Carpenters tool belts are traditionally worn with the pockets facing forward. However, the pockets can be moved to the moved to the rear when bending over for extended periods. Others even like the pouches off to the sides. Always keep safety in mind; the bags need to be positioned where they are most comfortable and where the weight will not pull you off balance. The belt itself needs to fit where it does not ride too low or too high.

7. How should I organize my tool belt?

Again, tool belt organization is a personal preference. Tools used the most should be the nearest dominant hand and minor tools nearer the other hand. Hammers usually work towards the rear and tape measurers in front. Vary this to be most efficient for you. Also, a great practice is to only carry tools you will need for the job at hand. Distribute tools as evenly as possible within the parameters of the above recommendations.

8. How do I care for my tool belt?

Leather needs to be conditioned regularly. Use a mild soap and special dressing for this material. Clean other materials with plain water. Make sure to dry thoroughly, but do not expose to extreme heat or direct sunlight. Check your tool belt regularly for damage and address any issues immediately. Pay special attention to loops and buckles.

9. How do I use suspenders with my tool belt?

The braces of the suspenders should cross your back and come up with your chest and attach it to the front of your pants. Many suspenders come with D rings.

10. How do I find a tool belt that fits me?

The best way to ensure your new tool belt will fit is to measure from end of the buckle to the hole you use. Select a belt whose midrange measurement matches the number you produced. An alternative method is to add four inches to your pant waist size. You can also ask the supplier before shipment.

11. What are the basic tools needed for my tool belt?

The bare essentials you will need for a carpentry job are Irwin 9-in-1 driver, duck-bill vice grips, speed square, pro-scraper, mini hacksaw, nail nippers, cat’s paw/molding bar, utility knife, hammer, wire cutters and measuring tape.

12. Should I always wear a tool belt when doing carpentry work?

The short answer is yes – using a tool belt is the best way to keep tools with you at all times. An exception would be in tight areas during finish work. Even then, the tool belt ideally would lay on a nearby surface.

13. How much will my tool belt weigh?

A fully loaded carpenters tool belt weighs anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds. It will depend on what type of tools you have, how many tools and the tool bag itself.

14. How would I make a custom tool organizer for my tool belt?

Use two-inch Styrofoam and contour to fit inside the bottom of your tool belt backs. Place the individual tools into the foam, via direct puncture or drilling. The tools remain upright and in their own space within your tool bags. You may also purchase custom inserts online.

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