7 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers

Do you forget to take your medications on a daily basis?

Perhaps you have a loved one who has several medicines that they take each day.

Whatever the reason, an automatic pill dispenser can help you make sure that the medications are taken each day correctly.

Set Up a Pill Dispenser (Video)


Check out the list of the best automatic pill dispensers below.

Best Automatic Pill Dispensers 2019

Brand and NameCapacityLocking Mechanism 
E-Pill Medication Reminder
Automatic Pill Dispenser

One WeekYes Check Price
LiveFine Automatic
Pill Dispenser

28 DaysYes, Optional Check Price
MedELert Locking Automatic
Pill Dispenser

28 DaysYes Check Price
GMS Med-e-lert Automatic
Pill Dispenser

28 DaysYes Check Price
Med-Q Single Beep
Pill Box Dispenser

Two WeeksNo Check Price
TrustWell Automatic
Pill Dispenser

28 DaysYes Check Price
E-Pill Medication Reminders
Automatic Pill Dispenser

4 to 28 DaysYes Check Price
MedReady 1700 Medication

28 DaysYes Check Price
MedTime XL Automatic
Pill Dispenser

28 DaysYes Check Price
7 Day Large Capacity
Vitamin Pillbox Dispenser

One WeekNo Check Price

1. E-Pill Medication Reminder Automatic Pill Dispenser


This pill dispenser comes with a tamper-resistant design. You can load up to seven days worth of pills, and it can dispense the pills up to four times a day. It has an alarm that sounds if the box is tampered with. You also get two keys to open or lock the box.


  • There is a loud alarm that sounds if you tamper with it.
  • This box is very durable and resistant to damage.


  • The computer display and keypad have outdated technology.
  • You may be able to get into this box without the key.

2. LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser


This compact pill dispenser can hold up to 18 pills per day. You have to fill it every 28 days. You can program six different dispense times. Also, you get audio and visual reminders 30 minutes before the pills dispense. There is an optional safety latch to prevent overdosing.


  • You can set six different alerts throughout the day.
  • This unit comes with an optional safety latch mechanism.


  • The lid is solid, and you can’t see what you have to take.
  • The alarm can be difficult to switch off or lower the volume.

3. MedELert Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser


This pill dispenser comes with the ability to hold up to 504 pills on a 28 day cycle. You can choose from a solid or a clear cover. It has six programmable medication dispenser times. You can also program flashing lights and noise each time it’s time for your medications.


  • The unit has flashing lights and alarms you can set.
  • You only have to load your pills once every 28 days.


  • The lock may wear out after you use it for a few months.
  • It can be difficult to set up the first time.

4. GMS Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser


You get a year warranty when you buy this 28 day pill dispenser. You can program up to six different alarms at different points throughout the day. It has a sleek flat and compact design. You get six dosage rings and one key when you purchase this item.


  • The unit comes with six different dosage rings.
  • You can fill up to 28 days worth of pills in single setting.


  • If water falls on the dispenser, all of the medications will get wet.
  • The battery casing can loosen up when you move the dispenser.

5. Med-Q Single Beep Pill Box Dispenser


This automatic medication dispenser runs on two AA batteries. You can set this unit up for two weeks at a time. It’ll flash and alarm around the specific box when it’s time to take your pills. The alarm won’t stop until you’ve removed the box, taken your pills, and replaced it.


  • The box alarms and flashes when it’s time to take your pills.
  • You can load up to 14 days of pills at a time.


  • There is no lock on this automatic pill dispenser.
  • The alarm on this device is very high-pitched.

6. TrustWell Automatic Pill Dispenser


This dispenser comes with 38 compartments that can hold up to 18 pills each. It will dispense pills up to six times a day for 28 days before you refill it. The alarm will sound and lights will flash for 30 minutes when it’s time to take you pills. If you flip it over, the alarm will stop.


  • This unit holds up to 28 days worth of pills.
  • You can choose from a solid or clear lid and a lock.


  • It might not fully open the tray when the alarm sounds.
  • The lock isn’t high-quality, and it’s prone to breaking.

7. E-Pill Medication Reminders Automatic Pill Dispenser


You can use this pill dispenser at home or at an institution. It tilts forward when it’s time to take your medications. The pills slide out into the medication cup. This is a medical-quality pill dispenser with a durable locking mechanism. It also has a clear medication tray.


  • You can set up to six alarms at specific times each day.
  • The blue handle tips the box forward so the medications slide out.


  • Part of the lock is made out of a thin plastic.
  • The alarms on this dispenser may not be loud enough.

8. MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser


Each of this unit’s 28 compartments hold up to nine different pills. It plugs into an outlet for power. There is also a battery backup feature. The lockable lid secures with a metal key. The device will have several flashing lights when it’s time to dispense the medication.


  • This unit plugs in but has batteries for backup.
  • Each of the 28 compartments holds up to nine pills.


  • This dispenser only comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It can be easy to slide the tray around to get to the medications.

9. MedTime XL Automatic Pill Dispenser


This locked medication dispenser comes with two medication trays, two keys, and one pill sorting and filling tray. It holds up to 28 days of medications. This unit is very user-friendly and easy to set up. You’ll hear a loud alarm when it’s time to take the medications.


  • This unit comes with two medication trays and a sorting tray.
  • It has a lockable design that secures your medications.


  • The smaller medications may get stuck in the slots.
  • The mechanism that locks this dispenser isn’t secure enough.

10. 7 Day Large Capacity Vitamin Pillbox Dispenser


You can dispense medications three times a day for up to one week on a single fill. It has a very sturdy and durable design. Each medication container has a label with the day of the week and AM, Noon, and PM. The red lever makes it easy to dispense the medications.


  • You can attach this dispenser to the bottom of a cupboard.
  • Each medication container is clearly labeled with the day and time.


  • You can only dispense medications up to three times a day.
  • This box doesn’t come with a locking mechanism to secure the medications.

Automatic Pill Dispenser Buyer’s Guide

An automatic pill dispenser is a great tool for people who take several medications, the elderly, or someone who has an addiction to pain pills. There are several things that you want to look for when you’re shopping for your new automatic pill dispenser.

Alarm System

Are you worried that you’ll miss a dose of your pills? If so, getting an automatic pill dispenser that has a visual and auditory alarm might be a good idea. Some brands have an alarm system that will alarm for up to an hour after the set time if you don’t dispense your pills.


You want your automatic pill dispenser to hold all of your pills for at least a week. Ideally, it would hold your pills for up to a month. Most models can hold up to 18 pills per day, but you want to double check the device’s capacity.


This can be a more expensive investment with prices ranging from around $50 up to over $100 per device. You want it to be durable enough to withstand accidental drops or spills without breaking or malfunctioning. It may be worth it to pay more upfront to buy a more durable device.


A lot of people use an automatic pill dispenser, so they don’t accidentally take more than the required dose of their medications. You want to make sure that your device comes with a solid locking mechanism and one or two sets of keys to keep your pills secure.


Does your device run on batteries or does it plug in and run on electricity? You might also be able to get a device that plugs in but has batteries as a backup in case the electricity fails. Also, if the device plugs in, the cord length will restrict where you can place your device.

Programming Capabilities

How often do you need your device to dispense your medications? Several different devices can dispense medications up to six times a day. Make sure that the model that you choose has enough programming capabilities to dispense your medications as many times per day as you need.

Automatic Pill Dispenser Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an automatic pill dispenser?

This device is a device that helps you organize your medications. It reminds you to take them, monitors them, and dispenses your medications.

2. How many days can one box hold?

Many medication dispensers can hold up to 28 days of pills. Others hold two weeks, and some only hold a week.

3. How do the medication dispensers remind you to take your medications?

Many devices will have flashing lights or a high-pitched alarm when it’s time to take your medications. They may flash and alarm for 30 to 60 minutes.

4. Do all pill dispensers lock?

No. Some pill dispensers lock, some have optional locks, and some don’t lock at all.

5. Do you need the internet to operate your pill dispenser?

No. Most pill dispensers run on batteries or by electricity with a battery backup.

6. Will the automatic pill dispenser dispense pills several times each day?

Yes. You can set up most of these devices to dispense pills up to six times each day.

7. Are they waterproof?

It depends on the device. Most of them are not waterproof. This means if you spill water on the device, all of the pills can get wet.

8. Can you tamper with the dispensers?

A lot of the pill dispensers are tamper-resistant. They’ll lock or stop working if you try to force them open.

9. What if you miss taking your pills?

The device will typically stay open until you dispense your pills. It may also alarm until you take them as well, so it’s difficult to miss a dose.

10. Do you put as-needed medications into the dispenser?

If the dispenser locks, no. They’re typically only used for scheduled medications.

11. Can you take the dispenser when you travel?

Yes. The dispensers are usually very lightweight. However, you do want to take the keys too.

12. Is there built-in monitoring with my dispenser?

It depends on the system. Some medical-grade dispensers have optional monitoring systems. For the most part, there are no external monitoring capabilities.

13. How do you clean the automatic medication dispenser?

You do want to rinse out and dry the medication rings between uses to clean out any residue.

14. Are automatic pill dispensers easy to set up?

Most of these devices come with very clear instructions and a step-by-step guide. This makes them easy to set up and maintain.

15. Do the settings automatically save?

If the batteries fail, some devices will automatically save your settings. You may have to reprogram other devices each time you change the batteries.


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